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  1. We are booked on Empress of Seas Montreal to Montreal. I live in rural PA and it is about a 5 1/2 hour drive to Montreal. We are leaving two days early and will drive back when we get back to Montreal. Might be worth looking into something like this. When we did the cruise you are referring to Boston to Montreal we flew to Boston and then rented a car when we were int Montreal and dropped it off at airport where we left our car. There is a higher fee for driving a car one way from Canada to US but it was worth it for us since we had 2 kids with us at that time.
  2. I booked 9146 based on Twangster review. He said anything under the spa area would be the quietest rooms.
  3. I have a question, we are going on the Empress of the Seas leaving and returning to Montreal but at different piers. If I do the parking at the pier does the port have a shuttle bus to get you from the T1 pier to the parking area, they appear to be far apart on google maps. Leaving from T3 back to T1. (October 5) I am thinking of booking the Hotel Nelligan or the Le Saint Sulpice Hotel. We like to stay in small boutique style hotels and these both look nice on line. Anyone have any input on these hotels or a suggestion of another small boutique style hotel in the Old Port area? We are only staying 2 nights and it is an anniversary trip so i don't mind spending a bit more. Planning on enjoying the scenery, dining and night life. We have been to Canada many times and love returning.
  4. Bring the champagne in your carry on. I have never had a problem with it in my carry on. If you want to be extra cautious get a Jetbag. Which is essentially a sealed diaper for the bottle in case it breaks or pops it cork. You can buy a very nice bottle for about half the price the ship charges.
  5. We went to Jamie's Italian, a great way to start the cruise. It was very quiet in there, no crowds and by the time your relaxing lunch is over the rooms are opened.
  6. It is much quicker to get out if you pay in cash. When we went they had two lines at kiosks one for cash and one for credit cards we didn't even have to wait to pay and the line for credit cards was about 10 people long.
  7. We also go to Jamie Oliver's you can sit in the restaurant and watch the crowds of people stream by while you have a nice relaxing lunch. Great way to start a vacation for only $25 each if you book prior to cruise on cruise planner. By the time you are finished eating the rooms are open.
  8. I just put together and did an Anthem of the Seas bar crawl. Because they are so many bars we had a pre crawl on sailaway which consisted of all the upper bars: North Star Bar, Sky Bar, Pool Bar and Sunshine Bar in Solarium. Then on the first sea day we did the rest in the afternoon. We didn't bother with the windjammer bars. I had 20 people from cruise critic sign up for it and 12 actually showed up.
  9. Thank you for the tip on the restaurant The Bicycle Thief in Halifax, we just returned from our Canada/New England cruise on Athem and stopped there for a delicious lunch. Our server, Mary, I think was the best waitress we have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Thanks again for your excellent review.
  10. Can't speak to all muster stations but on Anthem last year we were in the theater for muster drill.
  11. Hope you have a wonderful day! Thank you for the very informative posts and beautiful pictures.
  12. Thank you both. Didn't know I could ask for a bucket of ice at a bar, makes sense.
  13. I have two questions: 1. Where can I get a bucket of ice for stateroom on first day? We are in a balcony room and are not high enough in cruise ranking to have access to lounge area. Last year our cabin steward was on a well deserved rest until 6 PM after doing all the first day cleaning. The little fridge in the room isn't really good at cooling down a bottle of champagne and the champagne did not have time to get cold prior to our taking it to dinner. The waiter in MDR did get it cool but I wondered about this. Any suggestions? 2. Can I bring 4 half bottles of champagne on board instead of two normal size bottles? A half bottle is 375 ml and a regular size bottle is 750. Do they look at size or only number of bottles? This just keeps champagne fresher if you don't want to drink a whole bottle with dinner. We always like to have champagne when celebrating our anniversary. Thank you for your responses.
  14. She was outside the dining room as a hostess and not by anyone's table.
  15. We had one hostess in the main dining room who would joke and laugh with us each night. Her manager told her to stop because her laugh was annoying and said she sounded like an animal. On the survey I mentioned her by name and how lovely her laugh was and how we looked forward to seeing her each night. I too agree that the cabin stewards are overworked, they have a very hard job.
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