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  1. Congratulations to you both, have a lovely weekend.
  2. Looks fantastic, did you get there independently or on an excursion?
  3. G is for: Gaudi, Parc Guell Geysers (Iceland) Glacier (Briksdal 2004) Glass House Grand Prix (Monaco baby!)
  4. Watford (obviously) - that's what everyone used to tell me when I went to work in London.
  5. I thought a Fumarole and Feluccas would take some beating but I think you've just done it!
  6. That's given me an idea, could they move Southampton further North in time for our next cruise? I don't mind if it is only temporary while we go and come back 😀
  7. Hey Graham, has Sunderland relocated to avoid restrictions?
  8. Flags Acapulco Le Havre Oriana Cadiz
  9. F is for: Fish Market (Bergen) Fish Market (Cadiz) Fizz (a waiter "did us a deal" and sold us this bottle for £18 departing from Southampton!). Flowers (Alghero) Folk Museum (Oslo) Formal Nights Funnel & Father Christmas (Oriana)
  10. "Fumarole" - a completely new word to me which I had to look up. Great start to the "F's", let's see if anyone comes up with a more unusual word (it won't be me!).
  11. You forgot to mention the (just as annoying) "cheeky offers" due to the often spurious reason "the property needs some work on it."
  12. Welcome to our thread! It's amazing what posters are displaying isn't it? A lot of my photos don't feel that exotic compared to some but it doesn't matter, they're all cruise memories in one way or another. Some letters are more challenging than others, I didn't have many today but have a lot for tomorrow (F) and I'm not sure how the website server is going to cope when we get to "S" (sail away, sea, sunset etc.)!
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