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  1. Absolutely, I used to work in Glasgow and/or Edinburgh 2/3 times per year and always took the train when most other employees would fly. The sea views from Northumberland upwards are spectacular.
  2. Me neither, besides whatever you have paid there will always be someone who will boast about paying less.
  3. Our other neighbour (in his 80's) has COPD but has now started going out and today has been to the garden centre. I know that it's his business and none of mine but it annoys me, especially when my in-laws are still remaining patient and haven't been out for 10 weeks now. Well done to you and everyone else still following the guidelines.
  4. It feels the same to me in our part of Leeds. Our hypocritical senior citizen neighbours were grumbling (over the garden fence to me) about people not respecting the social distancing guidelines just a couple of days after they had three different sets of family visiting with kids all welcomed inside their house. I go out to pick up the bulk of our shopping on a Thursday then to a different store on Fridays for us, neighbours and in-laws. This morning I thought our local M&S got their customer numbers badly wrong and it was overcrowded inside. I picked up a few items and intended to get out of there as quickly as possible but all 6 self-checkouts were occupied with 2 waiting and there were long queues at the tills. 8am to 9am on a Thursday is for senior citizens so I arrived just after that and should have known what was coming as I was more or less allowed to go straight in. They are usually very good with their queue control and limiting the numbers inside so hopefully this was just a one-off.
  5. Ha! Tom O'Connor was on one of our cruises (2008 I think) and his show was great! He was also very visible around the ship and seemed a friendly chap. I still remember him queueing up at reception like any other passenger and chatting to others in the queue with him.
  6. I think you are referring to Sewerby Hall, we visited last year and really liked it.
  7. Yes, at last! Let me send you both a celebratory drink. Sorry it's not your favourite brand but I think that wannabe queue jumper lady I mentioned previously nabbed it all in our local Sainsburys.
  8. I cancelled our July cruise and took the offer to have the deposit refunded as a FCC. As such I am not personally affected by waiting for a refund yet I find myself so annoyed by the delays that you and many others are suffering. My wife asked why I keep reading this thread and it is simply to see it through to the time when you, Andy and everyone else gets what they should have had weeks ago. Fingers crossed for you all.
  9. Sorry for the thread drift everyone! I don't suppose anyone has good news of a refund even though it is a bank holiday?
  10. Thanks Graham, same as many others her NHS treatment has been deferred for the time being but the good thing is that her condition not life threatening. Cheers Damian
  11. Your meal looks fantastic Brian. It brings back fond memories of being ashore in Italy, finding a nice trattoria off the beaten (tourist) track & having a fantastic meal with drinks for circa €50/€60 (usually for 4 adults and 1 child). Thanks for posting the pictures. 👍
  12. I knew years of singing hymns at mass in church would pay-off one day! Next step is to come up with a name. I was trying to think of something to include Pando but nothing came to mind. Instead I'll suggest "The Ludlows" 😉 Any other suggestions?
  13. Yes, years ago a colleague of a similar age to me was checking some work supposedly finished and said straight away "What's this? Half a teacake that!" The young employee who thought they'd finished the task had no clue what she was saying but I fell about laughing. We then always used that phrase for any job half-done.
  14. Hey, no apology necessary, keep the humour coming! 😁
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