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  1. Even though I have plenty of forehead available (more than most being "follically challenged") I perish the thought of the barcode tattoo! I much prefer the passport idea even if you'd need a new stamp for every renewal.
  2. I think they serve Peller Estates onboard such as this example: Nv Ice Cuvée Sparkling, PELLER ESTATES, Niagara/Canada, chardonnay, pinot noir, SPARKLING WHITE: Amazon.co.uk: Beer, Wine & Spirits
  3. I've heard that the Carabinieri want a word with you about your driving and have put out this video 😉
  4. Given how many posters appear to have booked with the same TA as me using their FCC as deposit I sent an email asking why they insisted that I make a cash deposit (despite having enough FCC to cover the deposit for our booking). Here is an extract from their reply: P&O have now decided that we do not take a deposit if the Future Cruise Credit covers the amount of deposit which in this case it does. This has only become clear in the last few days.We have been told that in the next few week that P&O are automatically refunding all deposits that were taken where th
  5. Agreed but doubt the school trust would go through with it as they'd probably be afraid of an unfair dismissal claim (which would cost even if they were proven to be justified).
  6. I didn't know anyone until now either but we've heard our neighbours coughing for at least 2 weeks and today they've come out of isolation and confirmed that they'd tested positive. They're good people but for a long time we suspected they were possibly being a little careless given the number of different visitors we'd noticed going in their house. I know it's hard to change from normal routines (such as having family or other visitors in your house) but in their case they seem to have paid a heavy price.
  7. Best wishes Josy and to Pete, you both have my utmost respect for helping out with the trials. Fingers crossed for your niece as well.
  8. Blimey, I've not been in here for a few days and am so sorry to hear this (and also for other poster's relatives mentioned). Fingers crossed for your speedy recovery Graham.
  9. I can top that, one of the cooks signed in for her shift at my son's school on Tuesday using an electronic screen which required you to confirm that you have no COVID 19 symptons. She then went in the kitchen, started coughing and cried. She said that she was having trouble breathing but it would be okay as she had already booked a coronavirus test for the following day. The staff screamed at her to get out and alerted the office staff who then made her leave the premises immediately though of course it was too late. On Wednesday the test came through as positive and all the school kitche
  10. Poor isn't it, but as I said I'm not surprised. I did ask the question as well so it's not as if they assumed I'd want to pay a deposit and not use the FCC. Anyway I'm happy with the booking, the deposit was affordable and I ensured it was on my credit card so if the cruise is cancelled I'm confident of getting it back one way or another.
  11. Ditto, I mentioned the county as I had it in the back of my mind that you used the same agent. Same TA, different call operator, different day, one says you can't use FCC for your deposit, another says that you can. Typical, but I'm not surprised.
  12. Yes, fair point John and I'm aware Jean's TA would do the same. On the plus side our Derbyshire TA inadvertently gave us a discount on the child fare when they quoted us then tried to retract it but I stood firm and eventually they honoured the quote so swings and roundabouts.
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