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  1. they have ample blantons or just a couple bottles? I guess when I go in a few months I’ll just buy my allotment the first day and then if I find anything in ports that I want then my wife, her mother, and my mother will be “buying bottles” also. Haha
  2. That was my biggest question I was going to ask. Are you allowed back in your room when everyone else is not allowed beyond the wall. Im not a huge fan of embarkation day as the crowd on deck is usually huge. I would eat some lunch then go take a nap.
  3. Thanks for the answers. Sounds pretty common and easy.
  4. When you do back to backs they don’t make you get off and check back in? I know there are a lot of people on here that talk about them but I’ve never read those topics as up until now it’s never really been anything that’s interested me. Now being older, having more money, and more time off it might be something nice to look into.
  5. I’d pay that and wouldn’t think twice.
  6. I want a bottle of sazerac but thats a unicorn here in St. Louis. Its amazing how some places have bottles all day long and others you can’t find.
  7. Well I would hope the blantons comes in a box to help protect it. I’ll be on liberty in May and if they are 70 a bottle I’ll probably buy 5 bottles for myself and 5 for my wife....or however many they have and will let me buy. I buy them when I can and give them away as gifts.
  8. Blantons is good and is worth 60-70 a bottle if you can find it for that. Anything more and I’d pass. Angels envy and the whistle pig old world are probably my two favorites there.
  9. Here’s my little collection. Few good ones in there.
  10. Antique is good but not worth 150 as a drinker. To have the bottle in your collection I’d say yeah it’s worth it because it looks cool and if you have anyone over who knows bourbons will be surprised to see it. Put it in your collection....serve a few ounces here or there....and don’t put it into regular rotation. So many more that you can get for cheaper that are just as good if not better.
  11. Did you ever get answers to this? I have done searching of the forums and the only thing I can find are the oasis class ships have extended hours and Adventure doesn't have a nursery. Didn't see any topics that talk about the Liberty nursery. I will be on Liberty next May with a 1 year old so kind of curious about the nursery on that boat.
  12. Someone said earlier in the thread st marteen is good for the whiskey/bourbon and the western side of the gulf for tequila and rum. To me that kind of blows because I don’t drink tequila and rum and my next cruise is western.
  13. Local liquor store here in St. Louis has the boss hog available for tasting but I believe they want like 25-30 dollars for a .75 ounce pour or something like that. Whatever it was I thought it was a rip off and am not going to pay it. I’d rather eat the 500 if it’s a bad bottle and have the whole thing than get reamed by tasting prices.
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