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  1. I found it and can see the pricing. 49 a day...to bad I can’t buy it because I refuse to give them more towards the cruise when they already have over 6k of mine tied up in fcc.
  2. I put that information in there the other day and the only cruise still showing up is the cancelled May one.
  3. Damn. That makes me think they know they won’t be sailing so they are just trying to get people to buy a cheap package for cash flow.
  4. Our May 17 cruise was cancelled and we have a hold on an end of september harmony cruise now. Unfortunately until we get our fcc from the cancelled cruise I will not get to see pricing for drinks and dining which sucks. I’d like to purchase both again but I refuse to give them more money as a deposit with them Already holding 6k of my money.
  5. Are those suites bookable on regular website? I’ve looked at several harmony cruises and can’t see them.
  6. hey beach. On the webinar did they mention at all when cruising could possibly resume? I know my May 17 cruise will be cancelled but don’t want to put more money down on a last week of sept/first week of oct cruise if those won’t happen either. I’d rather just eat my airfare and call it a day.
  7. Guess I’ll have to look into them more in depth then because I didn’t see many besides VOOM.
  8. Ah my bad. Thought by diamond you meant cruise line status. We probably will still buy the beverage package since we drink mostly liquor and not much beer and wine.
  9. Thanks for the reply there. I’ll have to look into the CK. We have never sailed on royal before so aren’t diamond.....always have done carnival or ncl.
  10. Only different thing I saw was the complimentary VOOM per person.
  11. Thanks biker. I didn’t see it on the list so wanted to make sure.
  12. I see that the suite perks are different on the harmony from the liberty. On liberty being in the panoramic room you got free room service. Do you get that on the harmony also in the 1 bedroom grand suite? It doesn’t list it as a peek on their new royal class suite page.
  13. Hmmm. So if a cruise gets canceled or you cancel your cruise through the cruise with confidence you have to pay more cash out of pocket as a deposit and can’t use your fcc as the deposit? That’s just wrong if that’s true. I will not give Royal more money besides the difference of cruise fare if there is one for the switched cruise.
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