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  1. Will be sailing on the Reflection...Have eaten in Tuscan Grill but not in Murano (menu looks intriguing) This will be our 50th wedding anniversary so want it to be special, if possible Would appreciate your comments... thank you Joe
  2. We have done over 20+ ocean cruises and I have dealt directly with the cruise line and made all the reservations myself. I read host Jazzbeau article on why I should use a travel agent. The only time I have used travel agents was for a complicated journey. We are looking at taking a Tauck river cruise and was wondering if can set everything up with Tauck or do I really need to go through a travel agent. Would appreciate comments from those who dealt directly with a river cruise company thanks
  3. thanks to all for your replies Nice it is
  4. Our cruise next Sept stops at VilleFranche. We intend to DIY by taking the train to either Monaco or Nice. We are torn between the two as both sound great, but we only have one day for the visit. Was wondering if anyone could help making the choice...... We are not interested in art museums
  5. Staying post cruise in downtown Vancouver. Have an 8 AM flight on a Monday to return to the U.S. and we are citizens of the U. S. How early do you suggest we arrive at the airport and approximately how long will the drive be? Thanks
  6. Wondering about the condition of the Caribbean Princess after the recent dry dock. I'm not talking about the technical issue with the reduced speed. I'm asking about the vacuum system past issues with flushing of toilets and possible ac problems Anyone care to comment
  7. Just off the Eclipse The hot glass show was on . They are presently rebuilding their equipment on board which will take several days, which means the show will go on for at least a few more sailings. But, alas, they did state the the show was coming to an end, they just didn't know the exact date.
  8. Its the AMACerto Doing the Danube Discovery from Budapest-Prague in Sept 2019 (I know Prague is a land portion)
  9. Looking at a river cruise on AMAWaterways Our preferred Danube cruise is on a 2012 brought into service ship as opposed to a 2017 ship for our second choice. Concerned that the "older" ship make lack a few of the amenities of the newer ship and be a little more worn My question is...Do they upgrade/update ships similar to drydocks on the major ocean going cruise lines
  10. First time river cruiser Does it make any difference as to the direction of travel on the river. Same ship, basically same ports. a Danube cruise in Sept 2019 Appears only difference is direction
  11. Castro1n3 We will be in port on Friday January 26, 2018 Could you please reserve two chairs for us. We expect to get to the beach sometime around 10 AM since our plan is to walk from the port Thanks in advance. Joe and Carol
  12. Experienced Ocean cruiser (20+) wanting to try river cruise for first time, Have narrowed choice to AMA Danube I notice that the prices for late July are lower the mid Sept., 2019. We have ocean cruised in Sept and have no issues. Can anyone comment on taking a Danube cruise in late July 2019 as opposed to Sept. Thanks in advance for your repliy
  13. I know you can book a future cruise while on board. I have three cruises scheduled for the future and need to cancel one of them. I would also like to transfer the deposit from that cruise to a payment for one of the other cruises Can this be done on board so that I can show the rep the reservations I am referring to, or is it best to just "call" Celebrity and handle everything over the phone Thanx
  14. We are in St. Petersburg for two days. An option we are looking at is taking the grand city 2 day tour. Day one runs from approximately 8:30 AM to 5 PM, and day 2 runs from 7:30 AM to 5 PM. We are also considering taking the evening option on day one which would get us back to the ship at 10 PM, so that would mean going from 8:30 AM to 10 PM without returning to the ship Has anyone done the day and evening tours and if so, was is too much to do...i.e. how you felt on day 2, would you recommend doing it?
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