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  1. Yes, used it for water and Bogo Dinner 1st night.
  2. This will be a good test to see how valuable your TA or PCC really is , to find comparable cabins for all .
  3. On embarkation day (both New York and Southampton) the price is $14.50 rather than 19.50. Does this mean that dinner for all nights, the price is discounted if booked on Embarkation Day?
  4. Contact your TA to let them know that you would accept (not just consider) a move over if offered . Couldn't hurt ?
  5. We booked a very reasonable $293 1 way fare from Tampa to London using Cunard for our 9/26/19 QM2
  6. Jade was the perfect size ship for us . We are booking away from the Amusement Park ships on NCL , CCL and RCI lately.
  7. The original Cruise line Sale perks that you received will be removed and replaced by any perks included with the re-fare . Princess OBC from FCC , Mil and Share will not be affected but OBC and goodies from your TA may change.
  8. Op did not mention a Group but I these 30 people are booked as their own Group there is a Group Coordinator for every ship that may reserve a public space/time .
  9. Generally no savings above what Sale is currently available shoreside . Just purchase a Future Cruise Certificate onboard which gets you OBC and covers your reduced deposit on the future cruise.
  10. I want to do a solo cruise as a writing retreat for myself, so mainly I'll be hanging out writing in the quieter spaces (although I do like being outdoors in the shade) Just wonder why you have chosen 2 giant amusement park ships ? There are still some quieter ships out there .
  11. Cruising from your closest port (s) is fine if you enjoy the cruise experiences more so than itineraries. Take from a long time Florida cruiser , the itineraries can get boring but we love the shipboard experiences of all the different cruise lines/ships cruising from Florida.
  12. This made the local news here in Florida. CCL says all items have been corrected and they wish a re inspection . Too late , damage is done . That separating silverware as clean from used is a new one on me 🤮
  13. Never heard of this ? Many CCL cruises under my belt. Is it something new ?
  14. I have it booked @ $149p/p Cunard Shore Tour for our 9/26/2019 QM2 crossing .
  15. If you are still in the same ME cabin , then it is most likely a Glitch . Perhaps you were upgraded ??????
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