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  1. The date has been extended to July 31 2021 https://www.carnivalcorp.com/static-files/50351a91-4dc0-4f6b-bfec-684647e6129f
  2. Nov is not the Season for visiting Bermuda , Oct is the Season for CA/NE
  3. This new Princess Plus Sale has me concerned ? I always counted on Princess allowing Stacking of OBC's . Princess Plus and its parts are non-transferable, is not redeemable for cash at any point, and may not be combined with other offers or other onboard credits.
  4. Someone on the Cunard Board posted that the Shareholder Benefit end date has been extended and is now July 31, 2021.
  5. How could an Adult Pool, that does not exist, look heavenly ?
  6. Only Princess can bend the rules for the OP at this point . I wonder if the bookings had been with a Cruise Specialist TA with Internal Contacts @ Princess , to get it done ?
  7. I believe that is Super Bowl Weekend , Tampa 2021 .
  8. Again , it is your "request" , never locked in . Yes, TA's can see it in their booking system .
  9. My worse fear , a large affinity group on my sailing . It can really interfere with daily activities onboard .
  10. I have read about these Elite Upgrades before . Why and how they choose you for it is a mystery but it is only for the current cruise. We received a Club Class Upgrade out of nowhere during our most recent cruise .
  11. Good choice . You will see much more of Alaska with the N/S route combined with a tour . Cruise Tour $$$ will be pricy compared to the Inside Passage R/T that you were looking at. Deciding on the tour portion can be overwhelming with or without research. Good time to contact a Cruise Specialist TA who actually books a lot of Alaska Cruise Tours and has done them his/her self. Always Interview new TA before proceeding.
  12. That could be the reason the OP is not getting the deal ? Sailing date instead of “ in the next few weeks “ would help .
  13. Presidents Day Sale Fare Code: RGA Notice: ************** IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING THIS BOOKING ****************** THE DEPOSIT OF THE FARE YOU HAVE SELECTED IS 100% NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-TRANSFERABLE. UPON PAYMENT, NO PORTION OF THE DEPOSIT IS REFUNDABLE FOR ANY REASON. Cunard Care Plan can be purchased with this fare. Payment for Cunard Care must be received with the booking deposit or full payment. *For any questions or further detail, please contact your Travel Agent or* call Cunard at (800)728-6273 THIS PROMOTION IS NOT COMBINABLE WITH CRUISE NIGHT SALES, GROUP AMENITIES, OR ANY OTHER PUBLIC, GROUP OR PAST PASSENGER OFFER. IT DOES "NOT" COMBINE WITH GRILLS ZED PROMO
  14. Your TA's vague answers about when they will have Princess Cruise Night Sales may be because their Agency does not permit them to make that decision? Perhaps a hint that you are a shopper will motivate her ?
  15. TA's may have up to 10 weeklong Princess Cruise Night Sales per year . When you book during those Sales you receive the Good Coupon Book in your cabin as well as reduced deposit and additional OBC . Many do not open up the Coupon Book that first day and miss the chance to use that first night Bogo Dinner coupon. Let your TA know that you wish to know when the Sale is on. I have a Good Cruise Specialist TA who will begin a Cruise Night Sale most every time I wish to book a Princess cruise .
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