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  1. You may purchase airport transfers onboard . Usually a few $$ more than advance purchase but a good way to spend some of your OBC.
  2. You must be willing to accept any upgrade from the Category Guarantee that you booked . These Free Upgrades (you never pay additional fare) should be more likely if your sailing capacity is limited. Sounds like OP has too many concerns to be booking a Guarantee . Be sure to specify "do not upgrade" when you book a cabin that you wish but the cruise line will always have the right to change your cabin and category if they wish.
  3. OP states that the TA stated that a Guarantee Cabin is of no concern. Wow ! Certainly not educated advice or just eager for a booking. Booking a Category Guarantee is fine if you wish possibly the best rate , have access to the Deck Plans , and willing to accept any cabin in that category and above . The QM2 has some horribly obstructed balconies on Deck 8 .
  4. 7 nighters for us . 90 cruises under our belts ( many cruise lines over the years) 10 nights has been the most . Hate to leave the pets and family for too long.
  5. The whales will always be on the other side of the ship .
  6. I recall hearing the same thing . No more large ships .
  7. You could do that by adding a additional code such as BEST2DG to your Princess Saver Fare for 2020 and some 2021 cruises . Those Best Codes are no longer available for late 2021 and 2022 cruises. So to get the Perks you will also have to accept the current Rate Code for that promo .
  8. Grab one of those angled balcony cabins if still available . Royal Class balconies are shallow .
  9. In the past , many US schools scheduled a week off Presidents Day week. Family cruises were popular that week. Not sure if that will continue for 2022 and beyond but why not ?
  10. Traditional Dining is the aft dinning room . Depending on demand they may also assign First Seating Traditional Dinning to one of the midships dinning rooms. At least that is how it was ?
  11. We were given Club Class Dining free half way though our last cruise on the Sky. I suppose it was for us to try it out. Nice feature is dining when we wished .Service was more personal . Extra item was no big deal . But I would never pay too much extra in my cruise rate for it.
  12. Alaska itineraries are the draw . I would choose itinerary over ship.
  13. I have always thought : A Ship carries Boats A Boat doesn't carry Boats
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