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  1. Yes, the pause is due to the World Cruise that begins early January , about 110 days total .
  2. Both Princess and HAL have a lower cruise price Rate Code on virtually every sailing ,that does not include all those amenities for those that do not want/need those things included in the cruise price.
  3. 25 nights to try out a new cruise line after cruising only on a Luxury line , is risky with all your concerns . Why not try a shorter cruise on Cunard before you sail with your friends on that 25 nighter ? Book them both then cancel the 25 nighter if not happy.
  4. Depending on what cruise line , we have found very reasonable 1 way transatlantic airfare using cruise line air add ons.
  5. From answers so far ,sounds like it may be better to rebook using that FCD ($600) with its $300 OBC rather than accept a 25% ($150) additional FCC on that FCD , to lock it up?
  6. Time to transfer booking depends on the particular cruise line rules. A Good T/A should always offer something better than booking direct on any cruise line especially as a thank you for transferring .😉
  7. Anyone know what will become of the OBC attached to a FCD on a canceled sailing , if FCD becomes a FCC ?
  8. A TA can not hold a specific cabin without guest names followed by deposit . Guarantee's or for a specific category or better to be assigned by the cruise line . I was a TA for many years , booking only cruises . Never heard of a Deck Guarantee ?
  9. Wow , your last Cunard cruise was 48 years ago ? No suites required every night . I only wear a dark suit on Formal nights . Jacket , no tie on other nights perfectly acceptable .
  10. A possible bright outcome from this pandemic 👍 The stink in the casino would probably take a very deep cleaning or may never dissipate .
  11. We had this situation also. Princess Deposit was made on a MC credit card that we since canceled due to charges made that were not ours (believe it was a gas station pump skimmer that got us?) Our same bank replaced our MC card with a new MC account card. Received Princess refund to the new card today with no action on our part .
  12. Sofa , 2 TV’s , larger bathroom w/bathtub , glass of wine @ embarkation .
  13. Cunard announced that their Cruise brochure 2021/2023" is on line only". Perhaps Princess is following?
  14. You may purchase airport transfers onboard . Usually a few $$ more than advance purchase but a good way to spend some of your OBC.
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