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  1. yep my price went up exactly the same amount as the OBC (based on 2 person cabin) when the new "deal" started
  2. Not for the cruises I am watching - prices went up again late last week......I will continue to wait for them to price for the demand or will do land based vacations
  3. Thanks for facts and keeping on point @cksv. NCLH has 214.53M shares outstanding with a $2.4B market cap before all this shoring up of their access to financing. So basically if they issue all their ordinary shares in the offering (@$11 each) plus those extra allocated by June, that would be about $460M and existing shareholders will be dilluted by around 19-20%. I am guessing these newly issued shares will be used for the below notes and Catterton investment, at least I hope because otherwise issuing even more new shares for those would be a significantly larger dilution. Anyhow, on top of the ordinary shares being issued, they have $1.425B of exchangeable and senior secured notes. The $750M exchangeable can become shares at a 25% premium (@$13.75) to the ordinary share offering price, so that could be another dilution of around 25% if coming from newly issued shares (granted at a currently unappealing premium price). Unclear if any ordinary stock is involved for the senior notes. The $400M from Catterton can also be exchanged into ordinary shares, so that would be another dilution of probably 10+% if coming from newly issued shares. Just quick calculations and read through of the press releases, so perhaps I missed some finer points......but my take away is they should be well financed to weather another year of stormy markets BUT it all is being paid for at double digit interest rates and severe dilution of shareholders (albeit, still a better option than bankruptcy), some of which should already be reflective in yesterday's 23% price fall. http://www.nclhltdinvestor.com/press-releases
  4. Devil is in the details. They issued their 2019 financials in a different market and were not a going concern. Well things have changed so they have to provide an update. They are a going concern risk without additional financing.....and then proceeded to announce additional financing. If it all goes through, they are probably not a going concern for the next 6-9 months if nothing changes. Anyhow, I believe this is the most pertinent from their actual filing: "If we are successful in seeking additional equity or debt financing, as discussed below under the heading “We anticipate needing additional financing, and such financing may not be available on favorable terms, or at all, and may be dilutive to existing shareholders”, we believe the net proceeds received in such financing along with our ability to defer certain debt payments will be sufficient to provide the necessary liquidity meet our obligations during the next 12 months, including the maintenance of minimum levels of liquidity required by certain of our debt agreements. There can be no assurance, however, that we will be able to complete such financing, raise sufficient additional capital or that other factors will improve enough to offset operating losses. The substantial doubt about our ability to continue as a going concern may affect the price of our ordinary shares and the grade of our credit rating, may impact our relationship with third parties with whom we do business, including our customers, vendors, lenders and employees, may impact our ability to raise additional capital and may impact our ability to comply going forward with covenants in our debt agreements. In the event we are unable to secure additional financing, our ability to continue as a going concern over the next twelve months will depend upon a series of factors, including the duration of the layup of our ships, the speed with which, and the extent to which, bookings resume once ships are sailing again, the ability of travel agencies, suppliers and other vendors to resume operations."
  5. Hold on, you got Buy One Get One Free, and for your rate for that one cruiser, you got 20% off and then 30% off? That is crazy, best I have seen is the non-US Buy One Get One Half Off deal (but didn't allow any free at sea extras).
  6. hmmm, interesting - do you get FCC if you "book" with a CruiseNext certificate?
  7. FWIW, I just realized that even booking the regular BA with Free at Sea on the international link is $300 cheaper ($3,930.66) than the exact same thing on the US site ($4,230.66)......changes the math a little bit
  8. I'm curious if a version of this may appear on the US site when the existing deal "expires". If I book the current US deal for Jewel 10 nights in NZ Jan 03, 2021: BA (cabin selection and includes all the free at sea stuff) = $4,230.66 ($432 per night) BX (no cabin choice or free at sea but $50 per port shore) = $3,015.06 (discount of $1,215 or $121.50 per night) If using the BOGOHO deal.....same cruise.... BA (cabin selection but no free at sea or any perks at all) = $2,725.56 (discount of $1,505 or $150.50 per night) So if you think these rates are good......definitely the cheaper price AND cabin selection using BOGOHO is better than booking BX on the US site.....otherwise, what is $50 per port ship shore excursion, 250 minutes of WIFI, unlimited beverages, and 3 nights of specialty dining worth to you?? Buying the stand alone drink package alone will run you about $238 per night for a cabin of 2 persons.
  9. yeah I figured it was a loophole we can only book online through the link - what is weird is actually you can't pay in another currency and the link defaults to USD (my credit card doesn't charge for any currency so I often find it advantageous to book in other currencies because companies use very inaccurate exchange rates or vastly different market prices)
  10. I went all the way to the last page and decided to hold off as the T&Cs are for Asia.....and really more because once I factor in having to buy all my drinks at full price and a couple of nights of specialty dining at regular price and lose my travel agent provided OBC ($260) by booking direct.....it ends up only being about $10 per night cheaper for me (BA balcony) than what they have offered recently. I still think better deals are coming for those of us who like the free at sea drinks and dining. Either way, thanks for sharing it is a nice find and is the best deal going now for those who want to book today and don't care about free at sea stuff.
  11. ALSO....to be clear this is not Buy One Get One FREE but Buy One Get One HALF OFF......
  12. Yeah I can make it work too......once I realized that I had to decline Free at Sea and select the BOHO offer....my habit of clicking through that section is what got me
  13. that was almost exciting...........
  14. Lots of interesting tidbits in their business update: http://www.nclhltdinvestor.com/news-releases/news-release-details/norwegian-cruise-line-holdings-ltd-provides-business-update
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