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  1. NCL pays no dividend and doesn't have the debt on new ships in the pipeline like the others....but they are smaller and still cash flow issues if things drag too long.....and unknown future demand even if things don't drag on too long....clearly there is still market for debt as Carnival demonstrated....risk of shareholder dilution......IMO bankruptcy discussion (hopefully CH 11 reorg not CH7 liquidate) is still premature at this point, but if you are reading this thread considering investing you are already aware that you are putting your money (hopefully disposable) into a highly volatile small-cap stock facing an unprecedented danger on their business model.....so it will be a bumpy ride. This is a pretty good article on the cruise line's respective debt (which really drives bankruptcy): https://seekingalpha.com/article/4333486-liquidity-and-leverage-comparisons-for-cruise-lines-amid-covidminus-19-chaos Disclosure: I currently own shares with an average cost of about $19, so definitely feeling short term pain, but still holding on.
  2. So, surprisingly bad end for this one that I didn't see coming. Honestly, I thought it was a very kind and generous offer for NCL to indicate they would cover up to $300 in airfare fees, but I figured it was a nice gesture since they had a lot of discretion cancelling a year in advance - not the same as these other cancellations that are out of their control. Anyhow NCL responded back with details on what I needed to provide as receipts, so I have spent a lot of time on hold and back and forth with United (surprisingly very helpful) trying to produce the correct documentation. I submitted to NCL as requested, and less than a day later....they send me a generic form email saying they have now decided to cancel all offered reimbursements for 2021 Spirit cancellations, and that they would recommend I talk to my insurance company or credit card. Really poor form to offer a reimbursement, give detailed requirements on how to claim it, and then once you get a submission decide you don't feel like it any more. I appreciate the challenges they have right now, but actions like this really do burn a lot of goodwill. Response attached below (they act as if I am requesting this and NOT that they offered in the first place):
  3. Very sorry to hear of your experience, these are incredible unprecedented times. I don't fault them with clearing passengers off the ship in a port that had let them dock but they should have given more time and flexibility. I can't believe you aren't getting any reimbursement for this situation, perhaps they haven't figured it out yet? Hell I am getting $300 each for our flight changes 9-months in advance (cancelled cruise Jan 2021). Good luck, hopefully things will improve once all this turmoil subsides and they recognize your past loyalty.
  4. Well you have even more strange information than me, I never heard anything about an expiration date. So yours is 10% off future and not 10% credit (from Spirit) towards the future? We've discussed a little here FWIW
  5. Well good to have company 🙂 Yeah I am not really in a hurry if I can't participate in the 20% discount for people who had cruises cancelled......FWIW I did open a case/ inquiry on their website asking a number of questions about it and got this vague response that didn't really answer any of my questions "To use your cruise credits, please contact your travel professional or our reservations department at 1(800) 327-7030, and refer to your identification numbers at the time of booking."
  6. Yeah I am probably mixing my apples with others' oranges. My Spirit cruise leaving Singapore Jan 2021 was cancelled on March 07 (they basically withdrew Spirit being in Asia and cancelled the whole season). They did fully refund my deposit. The 10% FCC (still not clear is 10% of what number) was intended as a goodwill gesture I am sure.....but I guess not enough goodwill to include us in this 20% additional discount thing.
  7. Hmm. I had a cruise cancelled on March 7th that was in 2021, and they told us "you will receive a future cruise credit worth 10% towards your next cruise. The credit will be available for use within 7 to 10 business days and can be used for up to one year from the date of issue. It can be applied towards any of Norwegians currently published sailings." However I don't see anything in my account, no additional 20% discount appears for us, and no credit appears when we do mock bookings. Am I missing something?
  8. IMO (worth nothing) - NCL actually is not "more luxurious" than Carnival and RCL. If you want luxury, I would say it would be RCL first and then probably a toss-up of Carnival / NCL. I think what most of us like about NCL is the flexibility and lack of formality. No formal nights. No dress code. Generally, the ships a little newer and smaller. FAS has been going on as long as I can remember. The other stuff comes and goes all the time - on board credit, kids free, "reduced" airfare, etc. I think important to note, IN GENERAL, is that prices are actually pretty high right now compared to what they were 3-4 months ago.
  9. I have a couple of sets that expire in 2022 and 2024, the expirations have not changed.
  10. For the few cruises I have been watching, the price INCREASES put in place in January have been holding strong....maybe they don't realize the world has changed.
  11. Super shady. Instead of sketchy sales techniques, how about at least repeating the sales from December (30% off plus 20% off extra for Latitudes)? Thinking I will pay more in today's new world is just denial and wishful thinking.
  12. Yes but just a general one that said it had been cancelled and the amount due would appear on my credit card in 10 days. Informative but not useful in this situation. Anyhow, I have reached out to United on multiple fronts. FWIW I submitted my case with my flight purchase receipt to NCL on March 12, and they got back today with more details....so about a one week turn-around time, better than I expected.
  13. My cruise next year is cancelled and NCL has offered to reimburse up to $300 per person for flight change/ cancel fees. I cancelled my flight online and got a partial refund in my credit card, but I have never seen a credit card cancellation receipt. Here is what they require "Your receipts must include names, dates, method of payment, cancellation and/or change fees on the Airline letter head in order to be considered for reimbursement. Please note that we are unable to accept bank statements as proof of payment." I used United this time (my situation didn't qualify for any of their waivers), just curious if anyone has ever produced this documentation without showing credit card statements?
  14. I think there is great opportunity in these stocks, but that depends on your timeline (when do you need the cash back, how long are you willing to wait) and willingness to risk bankruptcy. There are great advantages to going through bankruptcy for a company, which we saw many "big names" do for just that reason in the last big market crash. NCLH is the smallest of the big boys so is probably least able to withstand a prolonged (6+ months) virus / travel ban scenario. https://investorplace.com/2020/03/3-cruise-line-stocks-that-have-been-crushed-by-the-coronavirus/ I have some of NCLH and RCL but I don't consider them risk free nor do I expect to be in the positive anytime in the near term.
  15. Yeah I see it now too (and it is different as previous only worked if booking under Latitude Offers)....and like you, even though I priced some cruises with that indicator, the price didn't change at all and still sits at 30% off.
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