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  1. The Julie Walter's sketch is comical, but it is not funny when you are following someone who is spilling liquids.
  2. P&O operate a hot drinks service in the buffet at breakfast. They also have waiters wearing aprons with the wording CAN I HELP for people with difficulties.
  3. I would think that having a tray cuts down on the amount of spillage of food and drink on the floor which then becomes a trip hazard. If you ever follow somebody with even a mild tremor you can normally see the trail of milk from their cereal bowl if they do not use a tray.
  4. Should have plenty of time ship not due to sail until 9.00pm
  5. Wowzz. Hope you are not relying on the rugby to be shown on the cabin tv as Sport 24 will be screening live premiership football.
  6. My only concern is that in some instances it is not the Baggage Handling Company who collect the case from your home. It may be some random parcel collection service who then transport it to BHC's depot.
  7. The photo that is used comes ftom your passport. When you check in the staff read the biometrics logo on the front of your passport and download that onto the P&O system.
  8. My worry is in an emergency that the lifeboats may hold upto 450 passengers if the Aidonova is anything to go by.
  9. Although the Chefs parade seems to have disappeared on our last two cruises chefs have come round the restaurant and stopped and spoken to passengers on various nights.
  10. Wonder if the boarding times are the same as the E ticket times and have they sorted out the priority boarding times?
  11. On the new online check in does it give you a boarding time or is it arrive when you like?
  12. Thought Aurora left on the 21st for her Christmas cruise. Did she have to come back to Southampton for any reason?
  13. Think that the luncheon and drinks party format was changed due to the high number of higher tier members and the lack of sea days. The same format will be held for the Caribbean tier as well.
  14. Try The Baggage Handling Company. Send a full suitcase for about £40.
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