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  1. You should be able to change it on the ship. The exchange rate might not be the best but it saves all the hassle. You can change as much or as little each day. If you have any onboard credit once you have spent that then you can charge the dollars direct to your on board spend.
  2. Is the tax already included in the shelf price or is it added at the till?
  3. Why is it it's always the people who want to get off early want to get on early.
  4. The earliest time for Caribbean is 1.00pm
  5. What I think you have not noticed is that this thread as been brought back to life from Aug 2015. Things have changed since then.
  6. I thought she was just repeating her question from yesterday regarding P&O shares.
  7. Just be aware that with it been a tender port offical tours will be off loaded first. They will then be a first come first served tender service for other passengers going ashore.
  8. Never seen a private section on Aurora for suite passengers.
  9. Try the Manhattan Mall 100w 33rd St. Near Macy's
  10. Let me go measure that string.
  11. I may be wrong but the new drop off area may well be the area where coaches wait for disembarking passengers at the end of cruises. This is only a short walk from the cruise terminal. I think the hold up in dropping your car off is due to the lack of CPS drivers to remove the cars to an holding area and then return on a mini bus. By driving to a larger area first this will allow more cars to be booked in by CPS in a shorter time. CPS are obviously trying to implement a system before the larger Iona ship arrives. Unless the Port is going to reduce the number of porters I do not see why they can not still be at the new drop off zone.
  12. Simple answer ignore hivis jackets drive to hole in wall. Unload cases then follow route to CPS.
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