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  1. Just recently Sindhu on Aurora was open at lunch times with them doing an offer on small plates like in The Glasshouse.
  2. What I presume the problem that JG600 encountered was the change over from one show too another. Not been on the ship at the time it is hard to give true facts but this is what I think may have happened. Usually on British Night there is a show at 8.00pm with flag waving and the usual patriotic song sung. At this time it enables those from early sitting to join in after their meal and those on second sitting before theirs. Sometimes the show overruns so those on second sitting have not always left to go to dinner. In these instances it appears if there is not enough seats for the people on first sitting to see the ships show company which starts after the British Sing-a-long.
  3. I mentioned this on June 5 on the thread New P&O Website but nobody seemed to take any interest.
  4. The new large screen tv's might not have been fitted to all cabins due to a lack of space in the area where the old tv was. It is not always easy to fit them to a wall bracket due to the logistics of the aerial cable and power sockets.
  5. Sorry misread you were asking about the Soft Drinks package
  6. If you get the Ultimate drinks package the Childrens package is free.
  7. I think you might find that most of the cases that are in the corridors early in the morning on the last full day of the cruise are empty. These are put there by the cabin stewards who have had them in storage when passengers have not been able to fit them anywhere in their cabins.
  8. Beware of the sofa as you enter Champions from the Art Gallery. You may get in but you won't get out.
  9. Well surely you have heard of Tom Dick and Harry. We now have Tom Docco and Harry all the same person.
  10. Does the Arcadia now have a Glasshouse?
  11. Not sure if this as already been mentioned or not. Just noticed that by using a Samsung Tablet A6 that on the new website the times of Port Calls are showing.
  12. They have now started to leave the white wine in the cooler on the table.
  13. If they were relying on online feedback then the service reward system would be worse than just filling in the forms.
  14. If the staff tip is reliant on customer feedback why have they stopped the feedback forms?
  15. Think it means you have to pay for the drinks.
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