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  1. In Augsburg, near the house of Bertolt Brecht, I have found this lovely figure…
  2. In the survey at the end of the cruise. But maybe it would not be a bad idea to do it in this thread that you have started. Ivi
  3. Vince you have to book the Symphony and seat at the table where Simka is the senior waiter and Maid her assistant. Perfect service. I have never had a problem to find a nice window table on the Symphony but I was always the first and there were only about 450 passengers on board. Don’t you like the Japanese breakfast? I had it almost every second day during my cruise. Always with Salmon. Ivi
  4. Thank you again for your kind comments. I hope we meet one day onboard one of the ships. On the mean time I am sharing with you a picture of a Lamborghini as seen today in the elegant and wealthy Zürich. Some how Switzerland is the only place where I keep making pictures of cars. I wonder why 😃.
  5. It has been a wonderful cruise with many impressions. Today it was interesting at lunch time at the Market place with a nice lunch. While I was having lunch, I saw someone who looked like Elton John touching some food on the buffet (the pao de queijo, a nice cheese, casava bread). Paranoid like I am at buffets of people touching food with their bare hands, and because this gentleman looked like Elton John and we had some entertainer imitating Elton John, I thought it was him. I have said to the waiter there is this person touching the food and he said to me “he is the chef” . Upsss… I kept laughing by myself quite a while after that 😂 I had a lovely dinner at Waterside and now I am enjoying my last after dinner drink at the Cove listening to the wonderful violinist. I am alone, I think the others are still having dinner. It is such a privilege…I might even make it to the show at 9.30. I am afraid that I was not there many times. 9.30 is too late for me. The best on board the ships are the crew members. They are so special. The ones I knew from the Old Crystal and the ones who are new. Thank you to all of them! Thank you also to those of you Cruise Critic members who have accompanied me reading or commenting on this thread. I am sorry it became a monologue since no other Cruise Critic member seem to be on this cruise. All seem to be on the Serenity… I had a lovely time but now I am looking forward to my next adventure. I am flying to Switzerland, where I will meet my husband for our annual hiking in Switzerland. My husband is biking from Passau to Wien along the Donau right now. Also a great adventure. Enjoy your cruises and have a great time in whatever you are doing now. The picture is the sunset this evening. Bye, bye 👋 Ivi
  6. I recall laundry on the WC 2019 being very good. I have sent some items and I was delighted to see how nice they came back. Having said that I am happy to use the laundry rooms. Interesting discussing laundry preferences here. 😃 Ivi
  7. Looking forward to your impressions. I hope your foot improves and you enjoy your cruise. Ivi
  8. I am very pleased to see that other cruisers are starting new threads on their cruises because mine is coming to an end. Today we are anchored in front of Portofino. A lovely, expensive town in Liguria. I was last year quite near to this town with an Azamara ship. We were in Santa Maria Liguria and were supposed to come to Portofino. But the weather changed and we went to Genoa instead because our ship couldn’t tender anymore but had to dock. Azamara did a great job at that time. i went to Portofino because I wanted to find some nail salon. The reason is that my nail polish having done at the Symphony did not last more than 4 days. At those prices plus 20% gratuity (that “for our convenience “ is automatically added to the bill) I have expected more. Unfortunately I didn’t find a nail salon in Portofino. I imagine the rich and famous come with their own manicurists. Today 2 beautiful ships have anchored in front of this port. The Serenade of the Seas which is doing a World Cruise and our Symphony. I am glad that I am able to appreciate the beauty of other experiences and I have not become someone that thinks only luxury is the best. And the Serenade of the Seas..,
  9. Voilà Roy for your collection a sunrise and a sunset on board Crystal Symphony. I am posting it here because it is more likely for you to see. Enjoy them. Ivi
  10. Good evening dear Cruise Critic friends. Today we were in Civitavecchia. I have decided to take a ship’s excursion to Tarquinia, which holds a world heritage recognition by Unesco because of the Etruscan Necropolis. It turn out to be that my tour (the only one offered for Tarquinia) did not include the visit to the Necropolis but it was a general visit to the town itself. Charming town yes. But not visiting the Etruscan Necropolis was like going to Athens and not going to the Acropolis. Disappointing it was. However my fault because I should have read better the description of the tour. I have made a suggestion to the friendly Excursion representative to consider for other cruises to include the Necropolis in this tour. I think my suggestion was appreciated. This evening, I have decided to eat at Tastes. It was excellent! Excellent food and excellent service. I have appreciated for the first time what Tastes is at dinner time.
  11. A nice place to listen to good music or to have the afternoon tea …
  12. We were in Siracusa, a place which has a lovely old town called Ortigia. It was nice just to walk around, observe the locals in their usual activities for example at the market. Always in Sicily I have to remember Goethe who was so enamored with this Island. He wrote: “do you know that country where the lemons flower…” (he wrote it in German and this free translation from me does not really capture the poetry on his words). I was hoping for the ship to serve us some Sicilian specialties like Arancino and Cannoli. Unfortunately it did not happen.
  13. Yesterday was a sea day on our way from Mykonos to Siracusa. As usual plenty of activities on board. I have just taken it easy and finished reading my first book onboard. I had a very good lunch at Waterside and in the evening I decided to try Tastes. The meal at Tastes was very good. I had the Gambas al Ajillo, the Chimichurri steak and a nice version of the Key lime pie. A nice Primitivo wine from Puglia (a region I love in Italy) accompanied my steak and a Spätlese from Austria my dessert.
  14. Very good wines and drinks are included. There is also a champagne and a couple of sparkling wines from California. The included champagne is not my favorite but there are other options. No need to buy high end wines imho. Ivi
  15. I have seen non alcoholic beer but non alcoholic wine and sparkling wine? I would ask. Thank you. Ivi
  16. Yes but those questions are relevant for the ship design and I hope that design is not going to start 20 months from now. And for us solos it is important to raise our voice before the design is finished and then someone just thinks “oh since they are solos, lets give them the least desirable locations “.
  17. Where are the solo rooms going to be? I hope that not again forward on the ships…and how will it work out with the promenade deck? Ivi
  18. Thanks Terry for following my cruise. I am afraid that I will not post Reflections. I hope someone else might do it. I am quite busy now posting here and for my friends in Facebook. My internet connection in my room does not allow me to post pictures and I have to go to other places to do it. Besides that, I am still not very good with posting. At least I am able to post pictures now. I remember many years ago, I couldn’t do that and you were so kind to me that I would send the pictures to you and you would post them at Cruise Critic for me. Remember? It was a 35 nights Oceania cruise from San Diego to the Amazon River. Amazing… Ivi
  19. We have anchored quite far from the port in Mykonos. Strong winds did not allow for us to debark at the expected time of around 8.00. Announcements were made indicating the port was going to send larger tender boats. I was happy about that. Unfortunately it didn’t happen. Actually the port was canceled and I have decided to make the best of a sea day. I went to the Bistro to enjoy the Portuguese tarts and I went to the Spa to have my nails done. Short before noon, an announcement was made again that it was possible to go to town now. I have looked around and the waters remain rough for me but I assume it is safe to go now. I have asked if we were using the ships tenders and at what time was last tender. Yes the ships tender boats are being used and the last tender is at 17.00. With that information, I have decided not to go. Not again a rough ride for me today for just some hours under the sun. I have been in Mykonos about 35 years ago for a long stay when I was young and beautiful. I was very much looking forward to being there again but I guess it will have to be another time. Waiting for my lunch at Waterside, which apparently is going to be opened today for lunch. Lucky me ☺️
  20. Yesterday we were in Volos. I have booked a ship’s excursion to an archaeological Museum and to the village of Makrynitsa. The excursion was Ok but I do not think that I would book it again. The drive to Makrynitsa was an adventure up and down the hill in a large bus, encountering other large buses on our way and in a narrow street. Maybe it would have been better to take smaller buses for this excursion. Since we anchored, the drive on the tender boat was also an adventure. I kept bumping my head against the wall of the tender boat. Symphony has the smallest tender boats I have experienced until now. Back to the ship, hungry, at around 14.00, I went to have lunch at the Marketplace. My experience at lunch time at the marketplace were, with exception of the day of embarkation, until now quite disappointing. Few offers sitting a long time, like in all buffets… And Tastes with its quesadillas, spaghetti bolognese and the like is not really an alternative to me. I find food at lunch time on port days a weakness on the ships. Fortunately there is tea time at the Palm Court between 15.30 and 16.30. I went to have the tea. After that, I was happy again and listening to Louis singing while we left Volos, I was thankful of being on this wonderful world.
  21. For all those who are happy about a casino again on Crystal ships, this picture is at the entrance of the formal casino. It looks appropriate with the dress code at the Montecarlo casino 🎰. I am not a gambler and I don’t think I will be seen around the place. But I am happy for those who wanted to have the Casinos back.
  22. Not me Vince 😃 I am happy to report that I am younger than that 😎 Ivi
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