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  1. We are boarding Quantum in Singapore on Feb 15. We are concerned for sure but still opting to go. Originally our cruise was to end in Hong Kong but now is a closed loop back to Singapore. Also our on our original flight we were to change planes in Hong Kong but Royal changed our flights. It will be interesting to see if the Cruise is full or a lot of people canceled. I will try and do a trip report when we return.
  2. I agree, odd, but I did get my money back so I did not follow up. My Ta had not seen this before either
  3. I booked on the web site. Also I should say that the excursion that was canceled was actually canceled by Royal, don't know if that makes a difference. My Ta did receive the refund and issued me a cheque
  4. I booked some excursions online myself, later canceled one, and booked another. Payment was on my credit card the next day. But no credit. After about three weeks I called Royal and they said because I booked the cruise with a travel agent they had to refund the money to them and they will cut me a cheque. Figure that one out?
  5. If you are going to the beach the heat is awesome, if you are standing in line for an attraction (such as the Vatican) 100F with no shade is not so great.
  6. We cruised in this type of room several times when our kids were young. I agree splitting the lower beds is the way to go. Sometimes I would shower and change for supper at the gym to free up the bathroom. Kids are grown up now and have many great cruise memories. Never heard them complain about the room. LOL
  7. When we first started cruising we brought way too much stuff, we have been able to eliminate many things that we first thought were essential. Your room steward can supply many things in an emergency, different kinds of tape, glue, writing utensils etc. We have paired things down so we can easily do a 7 night cruise with just a carry on each. I guess my point is do not stress too much over what too bring just enjoy. Having said all this my wife (a retired nurse) still brings enough supplies to perform miner surgery. LOL
  8. I agree that POA is the way to go especially if you can extend the stay before or after. It is a different flavor than most cruises, the ship is basically your floating hotel you will be on shore more than any other cruise. If it is your first time to Hawaii it will give you an excellent overview of the islands.
  9. I see no one has answered your question so I will jump in. We sailed POA last year. Do not recall movies or a comedian. The one show your do not want to miss is the Hawaiian show, it is much the same as you would experience at a Luau. Only other shows we caught part of were singers and dancers. The POA cruise is different from most other cruise experiences because you are in port every day most people treat the ship like a floating hotel and do not take part in ships activities.
  10. Did the trans Atlantic in Sept on Serenade in Cabin 3546, ocean view midship. No problem with noise, Great cruise, you will enjoy Serenade
  11. Perhaps some confusion, there are self leveling pool tables on RC Jewel of the Seas. It is a sister ship of Radiance of the seas that is shown in the video.
  12. We have done Promenade rooms twice on Adventure and have booked again for March 2020. As others have stated we like the illusion that the room is larger because of the window seat. Only thing I would avoid is a connecting room.
  13. We have booked on our own, but use a Brick and Mortar for more complicated trips. We were on the Serenade trans Atlantic and arrived a day late because of the Hurricane. There was a lot of upset people as they tried to change flights and hotel bookings. My wife sent a text to our TA, she replied within 10 min that our flight was changed. When we arrived home she have gone to bat with Royal and they reimbursed us the airline change fee. Having a good TA is not just about the onboard credit.
  14. We did Drift fishing in Cozumel years ago, cannot remember if it was a RC excursion or something we booked on our own. I do remember that we caught lots of fish. My son brought fishing gear with him to Bermuda a couple of years ago, security confiscated his needle nose pliers and returned them at the end of the cruise.
  15. Also just off the trans Atlantic. Main dining switched from Euro Dining times 6 and 8:30 to North American Times 5:30 and 8 on this Cruise. The first couple of sea days lunch was 12:00 to 1:30. Later it switched to 11:30 I believe it was still until 1:30 but not sure. Maybe because there was over 1000 Diamond and above on this cruise. I have never seen the dinng room so busy at lunch.
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