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  1. Yes, they sometimes do that - usually a few weeks out. I’ve also shown up at the pier and found I had an upgraded cabin.
  2. You can order a pcr test ($89) or antigen test ($49) before your cruise by using the Windstar Gift Order Form
  3. You're right about the classic suite being q premium suite. The new Windstar brochure which outlines the new amenities for premium suites includes deluxe suites but leaves out classic suites. Perhaps they made a major error in the printing of the brochures!
  4. Premium suites are: owners suites, deluxe suites, bridge suites and all suites on the Wind Surf
  5. For the most complete info on the Windstar website go to: https://www.windstarcruises.com/voyage-plan/general-information/#CommunicationAndMailAtSea
  6. I have been offered upgrades 4-6 weeks before sailings - sometimes for a fee sometimes not. I have also shown up and had an upgrade. But this was all pre-pandemic and who knows what will happen with upcoming cruises. I also suspect the new loyalty program will play a role in who gets offered upgrades.
  7. They do have offers from time to time but the per piece price is fairly reasonable - and sometimes when I actually price all my items it is actually cheaper than the whole bag option.
  8. Mine is still not working - defaults to first cruise
  9. Windstar states the following in their FAQ: IS THE CREW VACCINATED? Windstar’s intent is for the crew to be vaccinated as soon as vaccinations are available to them. Not all crew may have access to vaccines by the time we resume sailing. Whether vaccinated or not, crew will wear masks, socially distance, and go through regimented COVID-19 related surveillance continuously and be COVID-19 tested weekly.
  10. I agree with Avalong. Rather than see Windstar as trying to rip people off see it as trying to survive while sailing at reduced capacity. We don't know what things will be like in 2 or 4 or 6 months but I think Windstar is tiring to do their best given the uncertainty of the situation and the constantly changing regulations.
  11. For Costa Rica insurance is required and must be approved by the Costa Rican government.
  12. in the FAQ section of the Covid Health and Safety page, their answer to "what if I am denied boarding?" is: Windstar’s partners on site will assist guests in finding a local hotel or in securing transportation to a medical center at the guests’ expense.
  13. I suppose just as there are some travel agents who are better than others there are also Windstar representatives who are better than others. There are a few from Windstar that I will not try to deal with on complicated issues but call back at a later time.
  14. I usually have had the same beliefs about using a TA - let them handle problems and perhaps get some OBC - but I have had much better luck getting things resolved by going through Windstar directly. I had some issues my TA was not able to get resolved so I asked her to transfer the booking back to me and I was able to resolve a very complicated issue that my TA never would have been able to do. A few times with upgrade offers by the time my TA got back to me and then called Windstar back the opportunity was gone. When I get the email directly and reply right away I have gotten the upgrade. I
  15. We have never experienced noise from above. But then I don't think there was ever any noise IN the lounge. There is no loud music or late night shows and people tend not to congregate in large crowds in the lounge. There might be a duo singing and people having a drink but Windstar passengers are not usually a rowdy bunch!
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