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  1. We received an upgrade as well , from a balcony to a mini! Our cruise is Feb. 8, 2021. We are exited! What a nice surprise.
  2. I was wondering what all the crew members are doing. I am sure crew would love to go home and see family since they are on the ships for a long period of time. But it would be a added expense for them for the cost of the plane ticket or would Princess cover their ticket cost? Also would their home country let them come home after being on a cruise ship. Wishing all the Princess crew members well and safety.
  3. Yes the soda package cost a lot more then we used to pay. We are deciding if its worth the extra cost. We mainly just want it for the pop and not the mocktails. We might just bring some pop on the ship with us.
  4. (The package includes all, fountain sodas, fresh juices (if available), mocktails, and smoothies as per the menu.) I never knew the soda package included mocktails and smoothies. What are the mocktail and smoothies that are included? And can you get them at any bar? Thanks,
  5. thanks for the reply. That makes sense, it would be safer then irons in all the rooms.
  6. We will be on the Crown and I can't remember if there are irons in the cabins?! Also we purchase Princess insurance, do you print out the whole policy to take with you? (It seems like such a waste of paper). Or is it in your information on your medallion? thanks Kaye
  7. Thanks everyone for the quick replies. I appreciate the info. Kaye
  8. Hi Everyone, Question one, when do the Medallions arrive? We are sailing on Feb 15th and have been watching the mail for our medallions but they have yet to arrive. Should they be coming soon? Question two, I can't find our new $75 pp on board credit on our account for the missing Princess Cays port. Where do I find it? I was going to use it for an excursion. I am adding a question three, We always take our pass ports with us when in ports. I just read I shouldn't do that. Can someone clarify why not and what should we take in port then. Thanks so much, Kaye
  9. Thanks, that was my problem too. I have checked the airport emergency location twice but it wouldn't save it. I had to talk to Princess and they were able to save it. They answered the phone after 35 minutes. I was ready to hang up when she finally answered!
  10. On hold now waiting to talk to someone! Been holding for 25 minutes. I have no idea if I am next or if I have 100 people in front of me. So I keep holding! 😡 I have been having problems with online saying our booking check in is incomplete. I have filled everything out twice. Not sure what the problem is.
  11. Since we are from Michigan we cruise in the winter to the Caribbean. We usually choose the time of year, ports we are interested in and cost. We only cruise once a year but now that we are retired, we can bump that up to twice a year! 😁
  12. We have always taken our passports on excursions, since our son doesn't have a driver's license. I didn't know we shouldn't. 😳 Can you tell me why? kaye
  13. Thanks everyone for your help. I figured it out 😀
  14. We are going on a cruise in February. We have $450 of onboard credits that we want to use for our excursions. How do I make my excursions now and use that on board credit, since excursions have to be paid in full before we go ? I went to the Princess site and couldn’t see where I could apply my obc to the excursion cost. Thanks kaye
  15. Has anyone stayed at the new Gale Ft. Lauderdale Beach on Riomar St.? I found it on Sunny.org and it said it was new. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks, Kaye
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