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  1. is your review: I have sailed Carnival 35 times. The sunshine used to be the Destiny my favorite ship. We drove 800 miles from New York to get to embarkation and be denied with many many others young and old with no calls, emails , signage or any word upon parking or luggage taking. Only to be herded like unwanted people while waiting hours for our luggage to be returned and offered no food. People traveled with multiple family members or maybe their husband. Arranged work schedules. Just to have too turn around and go home. Shame on you carnival. We were told the CDC did this. Shame on you
  2. We were told the same yesterday when we were denied to board because my husband is a diabetic. No call, no email, no signage. Went all the way to the picture and sign in desk and then told we cannot board. When I called the top at Miami they had no knowledge of this situation. Insane.
  3. So what Carnival port of Charleston is denied all people with chronic medical conditions to board. It was a mess. My husband and I drove 800 miles from NY No call. No email. No signage as we parked.
  4. My husband is a diabetic and has a pacemaker. That was our reason. It was sad, so many families and people in groups. Young and old. Some families told the ir people without conditions to go and they would be back on monday. Such a shame.
  5. Any one else refused boarding clearance? No phone call, no email, no signage. Parked at the pier of Charleston, paid for parking admitted to the operators with the ted and blue numbers, only to be told YOUR NOT BOARDING TODAY!!!!! Diabetic, heart failure, need oxygen basically are you handicapped in any way? Well today your not getting on. Here is the Carnival stamped letter head( no one in Miami headquarters is aware) but you cannot board. Speak up and you will be arrested for starting a riot. So sorry. I just took off work, drove 800 miles and my vacation is cancelled. Well there I sat dumbf
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