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  1. I may be going on my next cruise wearing a wig as I may already be losing my hair due to cancer but I would hope I hold on to it in a heavy wind if not I d laugh too





    On A HAL cruise. (I didn't see it, my sister did) A man and a woman got into an arguement and he decked her. Yep right there at the pool. He punched her dead in the face. She fell back and over a lounge chair. Several passengers ran to her aide. When the woman got up my sister said she thought she broke her arm. Not to mention a big black eye. Anyway the next day (a sea day) there was luggage packed up and sitting outside the door of one of the cabins on our deck. We thought HAL maybe had put him in the brig.


    My sister said it took about ten minutes for security to come. She and several other passengers called several times. They were afraid the man would get away. My sister had to fill out a paper telling what she saw, but she never heard anything after that and we never saw the man or woman again!

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