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  1. Another option if you can’t pre purchase is to visit another of the archaeological sites first (eg Roman Agora) and buy the multi-site ticket there as it tends to be less crowded. However if the Acropolis is the main highlight, you’re best to pre purchase and get there as early as you can to take it all in before the crowds descend.
  2. @snoozecrooze thank you so much! This menu definitely differs from the one posted on the Princess website. I’ll share this with my DD tonight. Hope you had a fabulous cruise!
  3. The pics aren't loading (perhaps an issue at my end!) but appreciate the time and response... not a huge deal as we'll be back on the Grand soon, albeit not soon enough, but just a curiosity on behalf of my 6yo who was inquiring
  4. Not always. We were on the Regal in Dec and the Royal in May. Both menu offerings at Sabatini’s were different. Food is also subjective. I simply inquired about the menu itself.
  5. By chance, dos anyone have pics of the Sabatini’s menu on the Grand to share? My DD is curious to see if it’s the new or older offerings.
  6. @Belle thanks so much for sharing! My kids will be especially happy to hear about the on demand in TV staterooms now.
  7. I agree and always wise to book it in advance. That way you're guaranteed a spot and at the time that works best for you (given you'll want to schedule it around your excursion). We did the Gold Rush 101 Historical Walking tour and found it informative and enjoyable. You can the tickets for free online but there is a nominal processing / admin fee.
  8. Thank you as well to OP for sharing. It's about time Carnival Corp and Princess adopted these measures. The days they sail through Glacier Bay National Park up in Alaska, all disposable cups and cutlery were not allowed so it's not as if Princess isn't accustomed to this type of roll out...guess time will tell how they can accomplish this on a much larger scale, fleet-wide.
  9. There should be sufficient time as others have stated but the majority of your day will be spent in-transit if you are opting to go via road (bus / car / etc). I do agree with @chynnabow in suggesting to book through the ship. We toyed with booking our excursion privately as we tend to do with most ports but given the distance, opted to book directly with our cruise line (Princess Cruises). I'm so grateful we did as we hit traffic on the highway heading back into Playa del Carmen. The delay set us back nearly 45 minutes but because we were on a cruise excursion, the held the ferry for us and we made it back to the ship with mere minutes to board.
  10. I, too, am baffled by that post (and a little sad). We've been cruising with our kids since they were very young. A vacation is about what you make of it - ultimately it's family time together and will be enjoyable if you allow yourself to be. I hope the OP had a great time on their cruise and look forward to many more with their young family.
  11. Thanks so much! Have a fabulous cruise!
  12. Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in the world (and I'm not just saying that as a fellow Canuck). However I thought I'd share our recent experience sailing out of this port. We landed at YVR in the morning and was at the port just shy of noon. Our original plan was to drop off baggage, check-in and then pop back out to Robson St to do some shopping. However, there was quite the extensive delay to clear customs in the terminal to conduct the US clearance. All the passengers were rounded up in a holding area where we sat for over an hour. We were only 1 of 2 ships in port that day so not sure if this was the norm or an anomaly. Needless to say, we did not head back out once we were finally onboard.
  13. Wow, Cococay looks much more fun than when we were last there. Is this Play Area open to all (i.e. no additional surcharge required to access)?
  14. Actually, DH had to correct me. We brought 2 DSLR bodies and a P&S. The secondary body was a back-up and also to allow him to have different options with the lenses without fumbling through changing them. Guess it goes to show who ended up hauling this gear for us!
  15. We were on the Emerald just a few weeks ago and found the beds decently good (if anything, they weren't firm enough but that's just a personal preference!)
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