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  1. HI w8ing2cruz - I’m glad you asked this question as i’ve often thought about trying to explain my name as I think some people have passed judgement and taken it the wrong way. I once lived in a house in a seaside fishing village. The house was called “ Freanesi” and yes it does mean free and easy, but not in the sense some people might take it. I loved the name because the lifestyle was simple, didn’t cost much and was easy to take, especially in summer spending so much time on the beach and in the water. It had a beautiful garden and every afternoon when I came home from work it was like a paradise to me. So I chose the name for my CC name as it reminds me of a simple lifestyle, close to the water. Would love to have a drink with you. Check out the roll call and we might see you at sail away.
  2. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and answers. I'm looking forward to it whatever happens.
  3. Coming from Australia, Thanksgiving is new to me. We will be on a Panama Canal cruise over Thanksgiving which is on a sea day. Will HAL do anything special for Thanksgiving such as a Gala night, or something else? We have 3 Gala nights scheduled during our cruise, and Thanksgiving is the 3rd last night. 🙏
  4. Thanks Cruiser Bruce for your answer. Driving is not an option for us. I looked on the Florida board, but maybe I was looking in the wrong place as I couldn't find anything similar to my question. Maybe I need to re-word it. Not being from the area and having never been there, I was wondering if there is any interesting scenery to be had from a train or a bus window, and if so, what would be the better option. If there is nothing noteworthy to be seen, we may as well fly. Once again, thanks for you answer. I found lots of other helpful information.:)
  5. DH and I are traveling from Fort Lauderdale post cruise to Orlando. Never been to this part of the world. We have a day to do this. Any suggestions on the best way for sight seeing - rather than flying? We are thinking either the bus or the train - not interested in driving as it is the wrong side of the road for us! Any thoughts from anyone? Thanks.
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