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  1. Regretfully I have to disagree with you, while a lot of people use common sense and are good at voluntary behavior we have way to many that consider voluntary behavior as what is good for them, the hell with others. it getS into the common sense area, I remember when this started, I cancelled a cruise before the government said we should not cruise. It cost me money, but common sense came into play. People here on CC where trying to defend going on cruises up until the government said stop. If I had waited to make common sense decisions based on government actions over the years regardless of the party in charge I would have been screwed a few times.
  2. Business can still require them and give you the option to go elsewhere if you don’t want to wear one.
  3. Must not be a pregnant pig, we voted in Florida that they were not allowed to fly. Yes for you people not from Florida, that was on the ballot.
  4. Carnival said they can get some ships and crew ready in 30 days. Not all but some, so we get to wait and see what they do with the no sail order. I think that if they don’t extend it, then some ships will go at some time in November based on the phase 3 change in Florida,
  5. Kind of sucks that they are selling them before they assign us rooms that are being moved from the brilliance to the Indy. Best rooms will be gone and I had a good one before.
  6. With fall here the wife has determined that she can go clothes shopping. She needs to trade our her workout shorts for sweat pants. I wonder how much money has been saved by not having to purchase new cruise wear during the pandemic?
  7. Think I said a few months ago the 18 dec was my prediction. That gives them the 3 day cruises for that weekend and also any week long ones that take off on Saturday and Sunday. they want that holiday money and really don’t want to refund it.
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