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  1. Wasn’t there a thread about 3 months ago about the shop card being significantly less if one used a FCC at “BigBox”Co?
  2. I’ve never heard of re-usable lids. I was just pointing out the lids were single use. I probably should have used parentheses around “non-reusable”. (And used the correct spelling for “stocking”. Ger wiz, I needed caffeine this morning!)🤨
  3. The word around here is that people are stalking up on canning supplies and they went the way of TP some months back. Especially the non-reusable lids. I haven’t tried getting any as I have a couple of boxes I have used for many years.
  4. And the costs associated with removing and reinstalling the countertop. It’s good you had a finished end on the now end cabinet. It looks really nice, and now functional.
  5. It was good, and one that will show up again here. Looking forward to trying the cheddar later this week. The rest of the meal (pumpkin ravioli) was really disappointing: not much flavor for all the work. Instead of 1 large appeltaart, I made 2 6” ones. That size may freeze well for another day, but it’s just too small to stand up to cutting and just falls apart. And the total meal was way too heavy. (Reminds me of the feeling for a few days after parrilla - too stuffed.)
  6. Good Morning All, And happy Monday! Were starting to have lower temperatures here in SoCal, finally. Lots of errands to be done today. Our first batch of gelato turned out fine. The machine takes longer than the freeze sleeve, but there was no hard crust. Interestingly the texture was closer to soft serve when it was done spinning than with the old machine. I ran your suggestions by DH and his choice was the cranberry and walnut flavor. It went well with the appeltaart. Will try the vanilla carmel and the cheddar cheese flavors in upcoming weeks. DH was intrigued by the cheese after I reminded him of the ensemada surprise. @ger_77 what type of cheese is that on the salad?
  7. Never heard of it. But with an ice cream maker, anything is possible! (Somehow this makes me think of the presentation on Veendam of making ensamadas. I thought it so strange, then found some on the Lido the next day. Oh my gosh!😋 I have since made that recipe and taken them to work.
  8. Well, good Saturday morning All! Were still in the 90s, and hoping to get through this heat soon. Took out the remainder of our garden and put black plastic down to take advantage of the heat and get rid of some of the weeds that keep coming up. It will be a few weeks at least before I try lettuce. Interesting that many of the lettuce plants they were trying to sell at Home Depot were already bolted. And the battle with bind weed continues in other parts of the garden. The vinegar, Epsom salts and Dawn works well in the heat. I might continue the battle with DH’s heat gun. Trying to dig them out is only mildly effective, as the roots break in the heavy clay. Our gelato machine arrived yesterday! Tomorrow it will make its first batch. Any suggestions on what would go well with Appletaart? Am planning to serve pumpkin ravioli in sage, Francis Mallman’s pumpkin arugula salad and Handlers Riesling for Sunday dinner.
  9. Not quite the bath water, but Many years ago, Like the mid 80s, the group I was working with had a Social Worker assigned. She was given one of those coveted beepers. You know, about 3x4x1. She told us she had to go tell our DON (who wasn’t known for her sense of humor) it wasn’t working anymore..... Perhaps it had to do with being (accidentally) dropped into the toilet.
  10. A couple friends were on an Alaskan cruise on NA a few years ago with Insight for Living (Inspiration Cruises) and they had no idea there was a big group aboard, until I asked them how they were impacted.
  11. Ah, but from the ships standpoint, isn’t The Nederlands “mother”?
  12. Totally understand. I’m sure you’ve noticed how young the pilots have become these days.😱 (Seems the same with is happening with physicians, and many others...)
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