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  1. Mine did. My bank didn’t even send me a notice. When HAL returned my shorex funds some 3 weeks after canceling my bank sent me a text.
  2. Received my refund today for my cruise I cancelled 3-15-20 that would have departed 4-3-20.😁
  3. I just logged into my bank for an unrelated issue and found my refund from my 4-3-20 cruise that I cancelled on 3-13-20 hit my credit card! 😁
  4. Made French Onion chicken for dinner last night and DH said it’s a keeper. Thanks for the idea.
  5. I’m not yet there, but I anticipate mine will be from the Dowager Countess “WHAT is a weekend?”
  6. Leave the Office Early- love it! Several of us did that yesterday, but sadly it had to do with needing to drive through curfewed cities.😟 One is allowed to for going to or from a job, but really, why risk it?
  7. Had to google porcupine meatballs. Sounds like something DH would love. Will have to give that a try sometime. For now, we have a lovely lasagna from his work. The tech company DH works for has a cafe on campus that employees can get lunch and dinner at, and twice a week they can get a family take home dinner. so we have dinner for 4-5 nights. The food is really good. The owner is a chef and has a restaurant in a neighboring town. At DH’s work he has a garden and cooks from that, and long beautiful tables set up next to the plants. It’s like walking into Fine Cooking magazine.
  8. So how do these ships differ?
  9. My golden retriever wants to know what time you are serving ...... (He’s quite helpful you know.)
  10. You are peaking my interest in checking out Aldi. One opened in the next town over a while ago.
  11. Pointing out that some of the most incessant (including one that has started many a thread) is a newcomer to the forum.
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