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  1. I’m going to take this as inspiration. I’m stalled out on the garage.😜
  2. @kazu yay on Marley! He’s so darn cute!
  3. January 22, 2013 Hope Bay, the Antarctic Sound and Pack Ice We awoke to fog and cold again this morning. Sometime around 2:30 in the wee hours we passed Deception Island. It was originally planned as a sightseeing trip for us, but Captain reported in his morning briefing that due to fog in the area, we would bypass it. Deception Island is a caldera of an old volcano that is filled with sea water that is reportedly warm enough to swim in due to geothermal activity. He indicated Settle had given him orders not to enter Deception Island’s bay, as it was too dangerous for a cruise
  4. January 21, 2013 Neumeyer Channel, Port Lockroy, Antarctic It was foggy most of the morning and Captain and his team kept in contact with the research stations and the few other vessels that were in the area regarding weather and predictions for where and when we should try sightseeing. We made several attempts to get through LeMaire Channel, but although we could see it across the channel, it was chocked with ice and way too narrow for us to pass through. In his remarks, Captain Bos said so far he had not been able to get through the channel, as it was also full of
  5. Adding a few Kings from my 2018 trip to Volunteer Point.
  6. LOL. Looks a little like Picasso went through. In central California there’s an infamous restroom at the Madonna Inn that gets lots of visits. I know women who have gone into the men’s to have a look. (PS Not me! I’ve never been there.) Ive added a link in case anyone wants to put it on their bucket list.
  7. Thanks! I shot it from the LP with my telephoto, and DH showed me later how to use HDR in photoshop. That clarifies and enhances the colors.
  8. January 20, 2013 Dallman Bay, Cuverville Island, Paradise Harbor, Antarctica My journal reflects waking early to the ship pitching happily along with lots of shippy, creaky sounds that made the cabin extra cozy. I was also one of the lucky ones to get one of the limited edition cinnamon rolls from Explorations, which paired nicely with a latte. (The late) Dr. Chris Wilson had a lecture on penguins which was interesting. As we were unable to visit Ushuaia, we completed our transit of Drake Passage in the morning and got an extra half day in Antarctica. When we board
  9. Looks like this fellow is wearing some else’s coat!
  10. Now, if they enforce that! Our church had a nice reminder sign up to wear said mask properly, as did our ToGos. I get the feeling people are getting fed up with the anti-maskers. I know I am.
  11. January 19, 2013 Drake Passage and the Antarctic Convergence The wisdom about Drake Passage is you either get Drake Lake or Drake Shakes, meaning that either the water is quite calm (glassy) or it is Mr. Toad’s wild ride. The reason for such powerful storms is that below South America, there are no land masses to break up large waves or storms, so they continue to circle the globe and in no doing, can become huge. Veendam had suffered major damage 2 years prior when she and her sister ship Prinsendam got into a storm that created waves that swelled up to 90 feet high. Veendam
  12. That’s true about California. We have more leaving than coming. I know many personally who have moved. A few years back about a quarter of our church went to Texas. It’s a number of reasons: housing costs are astronomical, crowding, taxes, and California is getting less business friendly. I’m looking forward to getting out after DH retires.
  13. That billboard was still there in 2018. And there were several similar signs on a building in The Falklands.
  14. I remember reading about that occurring with several ships. And there was the ship that was boarded by protesters ( I think it was Veendam.) In his announcement concerning cancellation of Ush, Captain Bos mentioned that stop would allow us to stop in The Falklands, as that would mean we would be going to Chile, then The Falklands, and not directly (via Antarctica) from Ush to the Falklands. I don’t know if that is still in effect, as no one mentioned it, but on my 2018 cruise we took a circuitous route from the Falklands, to Punta Arenas and then to Ush.
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