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  1. I’d prefer to see HAL concentrate customer service improvements in other areas, such as the MDR, or with some food quality or entertainment quality. <rant> Or maybe occasionally rubbing teak oil on the poor steamer chaises. (It just bugs me that they have let them get so dry and run down.) </rant>
  2. I’m hoping Kirk’s follow up with HAl will be taken seriously and lead to a positive change.
  3. I’ve tried it once with improvised equipment and it was pretty intensive. Is it likely HAL uses the technique when they have to prepare so many meals?
  4. Friday I chatted with the BigBox and found out they are no longer able to tell you in advance how much OBC you will get. There are too many variables. Minimum is $25. The price I paid is now way less than Big Box is showing for a cabin a letter or 2 below mine, so we’ll see. You complete and email/fax the form to HAL and are supposed to get an email when it is approved. At that point you CALL the BigBox and they complete their piece.
  5. I’m not seeing 95% negative. OP gave several examples of positive things from their cruise. Let’s put this thread in context for newer members of the community. It’s quite likely you are missing the fact that OP has been a long standing contributor on this forum and experienced cruiser on HAL and does not come here to complain. He has a history of balanced and sensible posts.
  6. Wow. That’s not good. The door issues in your cabin didn’t get that way overnight. Serving spoiled food is unacceptable. So many of the things you mention sit squarely with management. Did you by chance miss a port where you were supposed to get provisions? (Meaning, could that be a reason for running out of so many things?)
  7. It’s at the end of the opening post. Remains of shattered window is middle right. Or is that one of the plastic covers?
  8. Thank you for taking us along. Like Cat, I think your thread is costing me a cruise Down Under. 😁
  9. You made me curious so I googled monk fish, and it sounded intriguing: “Cooked monkfish doesn't flake like most fish: They're juicy, with a nice bite and a texture similar to that of a cooked lobster. Flavor-wise, the fish is very mild, so it's receptive to many different preparations. It's particularly delicious with bright, acidic sauces.” Then I saw a picture: 😬😲
  10. I was wondering about that..... and if that was the FIRST device you put on the network, if it would work. Maybe if someone onboard starts the account with a device capable of creating a hot spot they can share the connection?
  11. If one buys a Future Cruise Credit onboard and holds it for several months or more before applying it to a specific cruise, when does the clock start for the purchase of preexisting condition coverage waived insurance?
  12. That information was missing from our last cruise (Prinsendam’s final sailing) as well, so we had to email HAL for the answer.
  13. Thanks. I’ll call first. I actually got a better price and refundable deposit from HAL through a private sale.
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