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  1. Marketing....... It’s kind of hard to get to Juneau without going through Stephan’s Passage. After dropping off the pilot in Glacier Bay, and even after making the final turn, stay on deck for at least an hour. It’s really likely you will see lots of whales through that whole area. And if you look northward (assuming you are heading into the Pacific) Taylor Inlet will be in view with another large glacier.
  2. Yep. My retriever's "golden-ness" tends to go with me wherever I go. Same for DH.
  3. And with allergies so severe that a dog in the next room ( closed off room, as in cabin ) can be a problem, then you must certainly have to be concerned about whether the person in the airplane/ bus / car seat next to you hasn’t had recent close contact with a dog.
  4. Lovely. Her eyes say it all: “what can I do to help?” ************* Thinking aloud here. I wonder if the phrase about certification not being required is mandatory, and if it increases “spoof dogs”.
  5. Is this TCAS system something that can be installed and used effectively on a single plane, or do all planes in the vicinity have to be equipped?
  6. How would a dog confined to a neighboring cabin affect allergies or scare someone in a totally different cabin? Smoo’s context is the dog and the owner are in the cabin.....
  7. Interestingly, for the first time both DH and I are getting private sale flyers while actually booked. Private sale offers have always stopped while booked previously. Its kind of funny where HAL thinks DH wants to go, and where they think I want to go.
  8. We’ve had that happen also. The most infamous was several years ago when I was booked solo and after my final payment DH got a private sale for an incredibly lower (solo) price for the same level cabin and cruise.😝
  9. Did some more digging and found where to enter the information. It’s within the flight reservation via the airlines website, not via HAL or the TA.
  10. I just received my Global Entry card and am trying to figure out how to associate it with my Flightease reservations. For those who have this, did you have to contact your TA or do you do the association yourself, and where? (My reservation is through the BigBox).
  11. Has anyone come up with an easy way to bring the new Voyage Log home without folding it? I’m thinking a tube would take up too much space. I folded my last one, but would prefer to keep this one unfolded. I sure wish they were smaller. (For those who think the Voyage Log is a waste of paper and/ or you just recycle them, fine. I’d appreciate it if you kept those comments for another thread.😀)
  12. I’ve so enjoyed your thread. Again, thank you for taking us along.
  13. No need to trash any plan. Everyone has different needs and willingness to accept risks. For many, their biggest exposure is medical in a foreign country (because their insurance does not cover out of the country). Those of us who have insurance that does cover travel would be spending resources buying coverage that duplicates ( and may complicate) what we already have.
  14. We’re in the same boat (literally and figuratively) as the OP, but in a different hotel. I tried “walking” the route from hotel to dock on google earth and it looked like there were a lot of closed sidewalks and industry. We’re at Monet Gardens, so about equidistant to Centraal Station and the dock. Is the Uber app the same one we use in the US? Anyone done Uber? OP: somewhere in my notes I have a shuttle service. I’ll post when I next work on our trip.
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