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  1. Bolding mine. On Prinsendam I requested tip envelopes (I needed a few more than I brought) and also was given regular #10 envelopes. When I was surprised the staff member told me that is what they use.
  2. I’m curious. Whenever I’ve bought internet the account was pre-set up based on my name and cabin number: All I had to do was create a password. On my last cruise, it was the same way, as the booking was under my name. (I had to go to the front desk to clarify what my log in credentials were as with an unusual name HAL, like many others, had been creative.) Did the front desk create the second account under the name of the spouse who was not primary on the account?
  3. Ruth, did they really do the “EXC” thing on your cruise ( with itinerary themed speakers and cultural options), or has that faded away? I’m considering taking Maasdam on one of the Sea of Cortez trips next year, and the whole EXC description is right up my alley, especially with it being Mexico. (And I’ve got a bunch of vacation to use.)
  4. I wouldn’t be sorry to see ATK go. I did attend 2 of the demos on Zaandam and that was 1 too many. It was just too cookie cutter and slick, (“now let’s go to the ATK”...... (video blurb begins and ATK theme plays) and way too much like watching the TV show (which I seldom do anymore at home). Maria, the ATK host, had a great style of presentation, but for me, watching her presentation style was the only highlight. I really enjoyed it when they had a HAL cook present a HAL recipe and chit chat with the CD. That was always fresh and interesting. If if it’s going, I wonder what they will replace it with....
  5. What was the configuration of seating? Was it rows of chairs or sofas and chairs?
  6. The chart shows Veendam does not have Lincoln Center, but I would not be surprised if they changed the Explorers Lounge from comfy sofas and chairs in groupings into chairs in rows like they did Zaandam. Maybe someone with recent experience can chime in.
  7. Agree with Roy and DobieMom. We did not change to local time when we visited Montevideo( our second to last port) on our Valpo to BsAs trip in 2013. Uruguay was one hour ahead of all the other ports and we were only there for some 10 hours. The next day we were in BsAs and off the ship.
  8. And the inability to use his Lanai “deck”, and the lack of HAL listing meetings for his group of preference beyond the third day......😫
  9. Thanks for taking us with you, and safe travels home. ~TC
  10. Oh my gosh this whole thread is hilarious.😂 We’re both still laughing.
  11. And please include when your experience was.
  12. Thanks for posting the link. Am I seeing the sculpture (glass) in the center of the atrium is missing? I wonder if they added cabins below where the lido pool was...,
  13. Holy cow! That’s enough to do a small floor.
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