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  1. Any guesses as to how many Unexpectedly newly-minted 4 and 5 star mariners will eventually be made with that scenario?
  2. I’m rather in the same boat and hoping things in that region improve for me before my April cruise. I’m considering bringing my ultrasound unit, maybe with a doctor’s note.
  3. Okay. Found it under FAQ Prohibited Items: Bolding and underlining mine. Heating pads are not allowed: ... Hookah and Water Hookah Pipes, candles and incense, strike-anywhere matches, clothing irons, heating pads, hot plates, kettles, coffee makers, toasters and other electronic cooking appliances. Alcohol in violation of the company al.......
  4. This is interesting as for the longest time heating pads were not listed on the no-no list, and I have taken mine several times. IIRC about a year ago there was a thread about them and someone quoted the KBYG and heating pads were listed as not allowed. Have the rules changed again?
  5. Will the buses be running on Easter?
  6. The closed pub in the Braun Menendez Palace sounds like Shackleton’s Bar. Had a lovely lunch there in that cozy little place. The soup and sandwiches were great. It’s decorated with pictures from Shackleton’s famous voyage.
  7. It will be interesting to see how many people are still eligible for the cruise. How many would travel that far and not add on at least something?
  8. And some individuals keep suggesting to use one of those programs to translate our webpages at work 🤪
  9. That’s pretty broad. I go to several “hole in the wall” places that are Mexican. And a large percentage of our staff at work are Mexican and frequently return “home”. They are some of the most awesome cooks.
  10. Personally I would not. I have a very cheap stainless steel one I have worn several times that looks as cheap as it was. I wear it with a plastic Walmart $10 special watch that looks equally as cheap. It gets my message across: I have nothing of value and am very married.😉
  11. We stayed there years ago, through HAL. We were assigned to a room on the top floor. It was rather a strange room. There were spotlights ( not the recesses lights common now) on the ceiling above the bed, aimed downward. When the staff member took us to the room he said they use it for conventions and sales events, so the lights were for the displays. Hmmmm....
  12. It’s at least got robes in the Lido beat.
  13. So if HAL changes ports, what nearby countries have visa requirements that are easy enough for pax (Or HAL on behalf of pax) to fulfill at short notice?
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