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  1. Good Evening All, Its been hot here in SoCal, but not as hot as so many other places have been. Was at a convention the past days and this morning was watching planes land in the FOG. Now sitting in the intense sun at Angel Stadium waiting for Harvest Crusade to begin (Greg Laurie, Phil Wickham, Chris Tomlin). We have 30 minutes to go and it’s pretty full. Security is starting to show up in the outfield stands so they must be getting ready to fill them too. @StLouisCruisers safe travels to you. Have a great rest of the day!
  2. With the standby program I would not expect enough empty cabin to make a difference. Especially with guests 3&4 free
  3. Just got off phone with HAL, and Flightease. Apparently the regular agents are now able to do bookings and some trouble shooting. Bottom line, they can’t do anything about it. The airlines handle seats. And the ones I booked are now mostly booked. So lesson learned- I’ll be checking, and re-checking seat reservations in the future. My original seats were further back but still economy. We’ll never know if it was a failed pass-through, a restore/ overwrite error or something else. On either side of the transaction.
  4. I paid United. I had booked no additional-cost seats immediately on booking with FE, for all 4 legs. None of the assignments were there this morning when I added my booking to the United app and logged in. Being its the same locator number, I can’t believe I have seats booked twice. (On the other hand, the FE matter came up after I had a round with Costco, through whom I reserved a car via my phone app last week, and the reservation wasn’t showing when I went in with Windows. 🤔 A little more digging and I noticed my Costco membership numbers were different. It took 2 calls to get the accounts combined into 1, then the reservation attached to the surviving account. The account I reserved the car under was my old number, replaced about 2 years ago when I lost the card. I also bought some rugs last week through that stale account.🥴) So maybe I have multiple personalities???
  5. Just did a little organizing for our upcoming trip and added our Flightease made reservations to the airline’s app, and discovered that the seats I had reserved when we booked were no longer assigned to us. In fact, we were seatless.🥴. So now to sit together on all 4 segments we get to pay $63. Has this happened to anyone before? We did have a time change since booking, but I don’t think anything ( like the plane itself) changed.
  6. Good morning all, My thoughts and prayers go to @kazu with her surgery today, for success and a quick recovery and home to Ivan. Got lots to do still in preparation for our family gathering next weekend. And we leave tomorrow for our annual costuming convention. I think it’s been 31 years. Still don’t have all the plans set for our upcoming cruise.😳 Today’s meal sounds great. I’ve clipped it to try when it gets cooler. It should go well with a loaf of crusty bread. This one is delicious. I start it in the bread maker through First Rise. Then let it do its second rise on the counter on parchment. I heat the oven to 400F with a pizza stone. After making “Vanessa’s cuts” @JazzyV it goes into the oven along with a pan of water and the temperature gets dropped to 350, for about 40 minutes. https://www.food.com/recipe/awesome-homemade-crusty-bread-bread-machine-75061 Have s great day everyone!
  7. Prior to Covid, a group from our roll call booked a private tour. About 2 or 3 of us were non-suites and below 4 stars. We were allowed to “be adopted” by a 4Star.
  8. We did that one in 2009- so a while ago. At the time I was able to book us directly with the helicopter company. We had a 9:00 a flight to ourselves. It was spectacular, and well worth it. We were the only visitors (2 of us) at that time and it had just snowed. We got the musher and a sled to ourselves.😁 For about $100/pp less. The HAL shorex went out a couple hours later ( several choppers- full), then the last ones were cancelled due to winds.
  9. My objective is to get to the Plymouth Plantation museum ( or whatever politically correct name they are going by these days). Am looking at renting a car ( our hotel is near Long Wharf) on Sunday morning and driving down for the day. Or Monday and doing the same. The rental place opens at 8:00a, so maybe on the road by 9? Is that rush hour? ( I know it is still in LA, and if I was going downtown LA at that hour it would be by Metrolink (commuter rail). Have also considered picking up the rental car at Logan and driving to the hotel, paying the $40 parking fee (foregoing Uber at $75) and having the car available whenever we’re ready to jump in traffic the next day to Plymouth. Then dropping at the garage in Boston that night ( so a 24 hour rental.) Adding- the return to Boston post Plymouth would probably be about 8:00-9:00p Is one of those options more sane than the others?😳
  10. We’re on Volendam leaving Boston August 20, to Montreal. Which are you on? (I have to laugh about the line dance comment/ that’s sooo out of my comfort zone. I had NEVER even considered joining in on something like that- ever. 60+ years never. My DH and I like to keep quietly in the sidelines. But I have to confess when we did Mexico Sea of Cortez I got to talking with the dancers and saw how much fun they were having and tried a few of the classes in Mexican dance and tried it. Ended up signing up for a Seniors class (generic line dance) about 6 months before the Panama trip, and forced myself to put on my “big girl pants”.)
  11. I’m assuming Plymouth is considered on the Cape? (I was thinking it was the peninsula part????)
  12. Good morning all, Thank you, Debbie ( @dfish) for the recipe which we will have tomorrow. 😁 Crockpot cherry cobbler? Inquiring minds are interested….😁 Major clean up of the house continues today- in preparation for the family gathering in 2 weeks. (The normal housekeeping and annual cleaning/ maintenance didn’t happen this year because I was working on the shed.) I have a convention next weekend, and one the weekend after family gathering, then our cruise. Relatives have just decided to visit the area a few days before we leave and want us to drive to San Diego (4 hours RT) on one of the 3 days I reserved for final pre-trip preparation so feeling really stressed. 😫 Have a great day everyone!
  13. So what type of traffic would one expect in the third week of August from Boston to Plymouth? We’re planning a day trip prior to our cruise and it’s been suggested to take the train to Brockton, then Uber. I’m thinking of renting a car for the day, if we can pick one up early enough.
  14. Good morning all, We have cloud cover and are supposed to get to 85 today. Have lots to do in the next weeks: 2 conventions, a family gathering of 30 for my cousin’s 90th (his daughters are hosting it at our house), several appointments and then our cruise.😳 So today’s normal house cleaning will begin the really deep cleaning along with power wash outside. I’m interested in today’s meal. We had the Mediterranean chicken patties from the Daily a few months ago last night and for whatever reason they split apart on the panini grill and half adhered to each side. After scraping them off they resembled scrambled eggs. 😏 So perhaps chicken isn’t as suited to the two sided grill as beef??? Well, yesterday I installed the tool hangers in our shed, and declared it done. It was a long project, started in February and delayed severely by all the rain we had. I was ready for it to be done a month ago. Now we can clean up the mess in the garage and get on with it. I’m glad I got the chance to build it (we needed a size that wasn’t available in a pre-made or kit) and glad it’s done.) Have a great day everyone!
  15. Flightease, post cruise and this is my trusted community 😁
  16. I just received notification from Flightease that our flight from Montreal to SAN now arrives at SAN at 12:01 and our connection to our local domestic airport leaves at 13:20. Is it reasonable to believe we will make the connecting flight, being we have to go through customs and immigration?
  17. So do you suppose @RuthC has bought season tickets for this?
  18. Canceling happens pre-cruise, so at that point you get a refund ($) from HAL. At the time your trip starts HAL converts the CPP to an insurance policy, and if you have a covered loss, you seek reimbursement from the insurance company. And you are correct - if you exercise your CCP you do not get back the cost. So for Platinum is about 80% of your fare returned. (Platinum costs about 10% and returns 90%).
  19. Go to the link posted in #16 above, scroll down and select your state. Then click and download your policy information.
  20. You have to submit a claim for covered medical. “ Medical Expense Coverage: Should you become injured or sick during your vacation, you could be reimbursed up to $20,000 for medical expenses. Emergency Evacuation/Repatriation: In the event that serious illness or injury requires air or ground transportation to a specialized facility or to return home, you could be provided up to $75,000 in covered medical services and supplies (coordinated by our 24-hour assistance provider) to help ensure your safe transport. Repatriation coverage provides for shipment of remains in the event of death during the cruise vacation.” You can go to the website and download the policy.
  21. So for those who game the system, there is less reward with this model.
  22. Agreed. When I was finishing up classes and part of an ASP programming club (“web” was a newer concept, especially for those of us who did “forms”) our instructor admonished us to avoid building anything that would handle payments or medical information because of the liabilities.
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