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  1. The question is how fit are you and how long have you got. Its easily walkable and I've done it several times on different routes spending ages stopping and admiring and photographing the back streets etc. Venice has no major route to do that its a wonderful maze of alleyways and paths and there are multiple routes some more direct than others, most of them have signs high up on the walls directing you to either the station or St Marks. I would say its anywhere between 2 to 4 miles of a walk taking as long as you like. I would though, as others have said, enjoy the vaporettos to get as far from the port as you want to go and maybe walk back. There are many sites on the way to St Marks and you can hop on and off the water buses as many times as you want. Stop at Academia bridge to admire fantastics views, get back on to go to Aresenal and then walk back via St Marks and from there via Rialto bridge back to the port. The vaporettos are an enjoyable way to see the city in themselves, a real experience.
  2. The station before Pompei Scavi is where trains diverge to either Sorrento or Sarno. The train that goes to Sarno goes to Pompei and not Pompei Scavi, maybe that is what passengers meant and why they were getting on at the station before Scavi.
  3. Try this website for cruise schedule https://www.cruisemapper.com/ports/civitavecchia-port-81
  4. I would say far too close, all aboard is likely to be 4.30pm and although close, the station is more than ten minutes from the ship. Thats even if the train is on time, its a Sunday and its Sicily, would not recommend it at all. What if the train doesnt run at all ?
  5. Yes you can take a taxi there. Its about 200 yrds across the bus park to the people mover, entrance is in the multi story car park opposite the hotel. Also the vaporetti ticket office is opposite the hotel and the stops for the No 1 or 2 vaporetti to St Marks square are there too. If you want to see the most common views in Venice I recommend a very early or no breakfast. Buy a day pass for the vaporetti and catch one to the Academia bridge, get off there for some great views from the bridge. Then eithet get the next water bus or walk to St Marks Sq. Then walk back to where you started vi the Rialto Bridge. All this can be done in about 3 hrs if you are even just reasonably fit.
  6. So, a number of points. I prefer to use either Manchester or Birmingham airports if possible but sometimes it isn’t. In the UK if you book flights through Celebrity they become part of a package holiday and the whole holiday is then ATOL protected, so that’s worth a bit. Sometimes the flights are a bit more expensive, in my experience the big carriers like BA and especially Emirates are roughly the same cost direct as through Celebrity with only marginal differences. You have to do the research yourself. The low cost carriers like Jet2 and in the past Monarch may or may not be more expensive depending on when you book, they like to extract a bit more from Celebrity than when you book direct. When a flight coincides with a cruise Celebrity will often block book a number of seats on that aircraft, if you book early enough you may get a good deal if you are part of this block booking. In this case you don’t have to pay up front for the tickets because they aren’t issued until final payment. The downside is you cant pre book seats until the individual tickets are allocated about 30 days before cruise. If the block allocation is used up then Celebrity can still book the flight but it most likely will cost quite a bit more, and they obviously can only do this if seats are available on the flight, but you do get tickets straight away. I’m sailing on the Edge later this year, flying from Birmingham to Rome, booking early through Celebrity the flights were £49 return (including luggage etc) as part of their block book, so I don’t get the tickets yet. It is true that indirect flights are generally (but not always) cheaper than direct ones as anyone who has used Expedia or Kayak to research flights will know. Cheaper flights are often offered first as that is what many but not all people want. It is not true that there are lots of direct flights from Manchester (or Birmingham) to Rome as simple research will reveal. Use Rome to Rio, Kayak or any other flight app or program to find out.. As far as I can tell there is only one direct flight a day from either Manchester or Birmingham and that is a Jet2 737. In the case of Birmingham that is not even every day. A 737 is not a big aircraft and if full, alternatives will be by other carriers via Amsterdam Frankfurt or Zurich. There are so many options when booking flights so personal research is most important.
  7. Completely agree with this, if you wait till you have boarded the ship it could well be midday and safety drill may be at 3pm, you will have wasted an entire morning during which you could have explored much of Venice. Its an easily walkable city or use the water bus to St Marks square and walk back.
  8. I dont know about MSC Seaview but La Spezia is an industrial port and you will take a port shuttle to the port entrance on Viale Italia. On Google maps most ships dock where it is marked Molo Garibaldi, the port entrance is on Viale Italia at Terminal Crociere near Guardia Costiera. From the port entrance, walk south along Viale Italia and the gardens, where the palm trees end turn right through the park along Via del Prione to Piazza Garibaldi and straight to the Centrale Station. Its a very pleasant 15/20 minutes walk in a mostly pedestrian zone through the old city with nice little piazzas,shops,museums, bars and restaurants. Centrale station has a Cinque Terre kiosk to buy all tickets if thts what you are interested in.
  9. We did this some years ago to visit Herculaneum, you use the same train line. This web site is one of many that will give the relevant information, note the circumvesuviana trains are not part of the national Trenitalia networkand tickest cannot be booked on that website. Catch the bus, tram or metro to Naples Garibaldi or Porta Nolana station. https://www.rometoolkit.com/naples_visit/naples_circumvesuviana_trains.html
  10. You can go to the GWR website and download timetable B1 to confirm train times for your dates but as mentioned can't pre book yet. https://www.gwr.com/plan-journey/train-times
  11. Agree, the Cruise Director can make or break the atmosphere on board, completely changing any "vibe"
  12. I can't help with that I'm afraid, but it does seem more common than I thought. I wondered how we kept seeing this large group on every island we visited until we saw them waiting to board Silhouette, here in Dominica.
  13. We have always booked flight BA207 from LHR to MIA and on the last two occasions have taken only about 20 mins to get from plane to luggage reclaim. It arrives early afternoon and on the last occasion had about 8 border people just for that flight. The last flight was booked through Celebrity as an Iberia flight and was about £300 pp cheaper than through BA. Iberia also code share with BA and AA and most of the flights are operated by BA. We take the late evening flight home BA208, drop luggage at MIA and catch Airport Express to South Beach for the day. Taxi or TriRail to Fort Lauderdale. Ships transfer back to MIA.
  14. Exactly, a much better use of the "space". And no money spent.
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