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  1. I use Cruisemapper.com, so for example It also shows where all the cruise ships currently are.
  2. Unfortunately on our Edge cruise a lot of other suite guests felt the same and occupied space in the remaining areas of the ship leading to a sort of overcrowded experience in the MDR's and other public areas. Understandable really but not helpful if suite guests don't stay in their special areas, especially as their special areas are quite large chunks of the ship. Not their fault its X's.
  3. Yes, nice and cosy in cold or rough weather but useless for anyone wanting to take quality photographs. At least its there though unlike the Edge which has neither open deck or sky lounge for non suite guests.
  4. Appears to be a lot more much needed shade added to the rooftop garden dining area.
  5. Its true that flights are generally released only 9 months or so in advance but if you book directly with Celebrity they allow the addition of the flights at a later date and it still counts as a single booking and they issue the relevant ATOL ABTA certificates. We have done this many times, for example adding British Airways and Emirates flights months after initial booking. I should add that in general their prices have pretty much matched the cost of booking with the airline direct, but not always.
  6. Of course, and thats a real risk unfortunately. We are probably lucky in Europe that many flights to Singapore are via Dubai, mine always are, its the other continental travellers with real difficulties.
  7. Same here, also currently there are five flights a day on 14th and 15th from Singapore to Dubai, economy £450 pp, yesterday they were £350, go figure !! I'd be tempted to continue to Singapore and get one of those flights if time allowed, which might not be possible for everyone but its a thought.
  8. I believe BO is referring to the document you yourself posted earlier, I may be wrong. 11.—(1) The provisions of this regulation are implied as a term in every package travel contract. (2) The organiser must not unilaterally change the terms of a package travel contract before the start of the package, other than the price in accordance with regulation 10, unless— (a)the contract allows the organiser to make such changes;
  9. Windy Maps is really good, detailed pre downloadable maps and its free.
  10. You may have fixed this by now, but being at home will make no difference as its the phone that is a wifi server. Its confusing because you say TG-5 but the app is indicating a TG-6 connection, its also indicating (at the bottom of the screen) that the cameras wifi is off, so needs to be turned on.
  11. Well for us, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Dubai, Rome and Venice. I think these are ports where large numbers of passengers for a cruise arrive very close together from a number of flights so not much waiting around, never waited more than 15 mins.
  12. Thats exactly what happened on our last cruise with Celebrity in October last year. Arrived at Rome airport, gave backs to Celebrity staff, got on bus, bags outside cabin on Edge later in the day. This may well depend on how many people Celebrity expect to arrive at an airport at any given time and only certain airports. They have lists of people on certain flights if booked with them.
  13. The iLounge was there when we were on board, its just in a public walkway.
  14. The planters were installed while we were on board, here's before and after.
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