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  1. Definitely M Class, nothing like S Class.
  2. JBare

    London to Paris

    If you include Southampton and Dover as London, Royal Caribbean, Holland America, P&O, Cunard, Princess, Aida, Celebrity all sail regularly. No one can predict what you may want to see or do but there's The Baltic, Scandinavian countries and Russia, Norway and the Arctic Circle, The Azores, Portugal, Northern Spain and France, Western Med probably as far as Naples.
  3. Not true. In fact there are usually a few extra activities that can be enjoyed by all, and as you would expect with the CEO on board the ship is spruced up beforehand and the crew extra attentive. Celebrity usually do a Presidents Cruise every year now. However I would recommend only picking the cruise for the itineray which is what we did when the Presidents cruise was from Abu Dhabi to Mumbai on Celebrity Constellation in 2018. Just a normal cruise for the most part as the CEO was only on board for a few days. I will say this though the overnight in Mumbai was special, the Bollywood dance company came on board for shows. Beautiful flower garlands were given to everyone for the night and the whole top deck was turned into an Indian bazaar with Indian vendors and artists coming aboard. The Bollywood company danced well into the night after their shows with everyone, it was actually a very good evening.
  4. JBare

    London to Paris

    Most cruises labelled as London actually leave from Southampton, maybe Dover as you are probably aware. However Silversea cruises do regular cruises starting and ending right in the heart of London, pricey but spectacular.
  5. JBare

    La Spezia

    You can see an awful lot in 12 hrs (as mentioned, depending on how active you are). Some cruise lines offer trips to Florence or Pisa or both but Cinque Terre is the main attraction here and easily done on your own. Its a fairly easy and pleasant walk to the station to buy a Cinque Terre ticket. Trains are frequent and we did all towns and were back on board in 5 hrs. These are websites I used in my research before doing this. Usual warnings re pickpockets for any tourist trains etc in any major town or city. https://www.incinqueterre.com/en/cinque-terre-in-one-day https://cinqueterreinsider.com/2014/10/16/whats-the-deal-with-the-cinque-terre-card/ https://cinqueterre-travel.com/getting_there/train/
  6. It can use any, in fact when we were on Celebrity Solstice for an overnight, the ship even changed berth while we were out for the evening.
  7. We are currently on Silhouette in the Caribbean, its our fourth time on this ship (previous cruises in The Med) and in my view it has the best layout at the rear of the Oceanview as it has more tables for al fresco dining in the shade. The physical bar is missing yes but they always (weather permitting) set up a mobile mini bar from about midday till late and there are wait staff especially during lunch times. They quickly learn what drinks passengers are asking for and try to make sure they are there. If not the first couple of days then the wait staff will get them from the internal OV or Sunset bars.
  8. Multi City flights do count as a return eg Heathrow to Miami outward and Santiago(Chile) to Heathrow return counts as a return flight and is cheaper than singles. The big question is where in the UK do you want to fly from and where back from and on what dates.
  9. But before that you made not once but twice some unwarranted implications.
  10. Yes if you are a resident in India so it is is possible to obtain them and take them but tourists should not. For the OP from the UK this website is most relevant to you. https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/india/money
  11. I'm not sure hiring a car is a good idea. The port is heavily industrial, a major container port with controlled access. It is some distance away from Bangkok as you suggest and the roads can be seriously congested with major delays and blockages. I would recommend doing as Dani suggests and exploring your roll call or booking a Bangkok on your own excursion from the cruise ship. We overnighted there and Celebrity had two "on your own options", one day or overnight. With the distance one day is not a lot of time in Bangkok, so we did the overnight option, hotel choice if required is entirely up to you. We were on the coach the next day back which was badly delayed due to the often terrible traffic, taking over three hours.
  12. We were on a cruise from Abu Dhabi last year on the Millenium. Do not worry, money changers were in the ports and were efficiently organised/approved and offered reasonable rates. It was quick and easy, I exchanged £ in Mumbai for rupees and back when leaving Goa. I only needed money for train tickets and snacks. I would not recommend getting rupees before hand as you are correct that its not allowed. http://www.goatourism.gov.in/currency here's an extract from the above website " It is not permitted to take Indian currency out of India nor purchase the Rupee overseas. If you are arriving from a foreign country, you should change some of your currency into Rupees at the airport or at the nearest branch of State Bank of India where you are offered the best rates of exchange. Money Exchange services are also available at most major hotels & resorts and private money changers in the area. Most reputed banks such as HDFC, ICICI etc also have ATMs that accept Master and Visa Card to withdraw cash. "
  13. Something must have gone wrong somewhere, maybe Celebrity or the terminal messed up check in count. This certainly did not happen when we did a cruise on Millenium starting in Singapore with an overnight in port. It was a couple of years ago so maybe things have changed or it may be a one off problem. On arrival at the airport we handed in part of our entry cards at immigration. When boarding the ship the day before departure we surrendered our passports to the ship had lunch on board then left the ship multiple times afterwards over the next 24 hours just using our seapass cards and the remaing part of the entry card. On final departure we surrendered the last part of the entry card telling the authorities we had left.
  14. Me too, well actually I was thinking of a post called "The Presidents New Veranda" with apologies to Hans Christian Anderson. That was about the IV but same applies for the MC and of course it was a simple child in that story that pointed out the error in that story, although its been obvious to many who have actually cruised that it can be windy on deck even on nice days.
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