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  1. We stayed, combined with a Star Flyer Cruise, at the Elektra for 3 nights. The hotel is great! You can walk to all sites. We loved it. The food was also great! Up on the roof!!! Great views!!!
  2. Thank you for your answer!!! I am logged on to CC, but I keep getting in a ring of log-in and log out and can't get much further. I took the link from the notification email. I would have answered earlier. I will read your answer again and again and again and hope to enjoy my stay. will get back to you. Oh, bad news for such a small port! Too many ships at one time!!! I agree.....UGH!!!
  3. Hi!!! Just trying to get this right. Please be patient . Thanks in advance! 1) There "may" be a trolley along the pier to the end of the pier , where there should be a kiosk (free). 2) At this kiosk you can board a shuttle to Mahahual for $3 pp . 3) This shuttle does not return to the Pier-end . 4) Passengers have to take a Taxi back for $3 pp. a) are these taxis that collect people on the way? b) can you just flag one down? Thanks again!
  4. OK, that is sad to hear. Does anyone have tips for eating Lobster near Lunenburg? Or in Lunenburg?? Fresh, boiled, just good-tasting!!! Thank you!!! Oh! Just found a link to restaurants in Lunenburg here on CC. thanks anyway
  5. Hey, Sprockie!!! thanks!! That sounds great!!! Thank you for the tip!!
  6. June 13th?? I don't understand.....
  7. Hi!! There are just some poeple who don't want to drive or can not. Is there a way to get to Louisbourg from Sydney without driving or without doing the ship tour thing??? We usually take a bus or taxi or something like that. But I am finding no information about this. Thank you in advance!
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