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  1. Also, most, if not all insulin formulations can be unrefrigerated up to 28 days, so not having a fridge for insulin isn’t a medical emergency.
  2. Kind of like life being like a box of chocolates? Freedom had Seattle’s Worst at CP, but not sure if that was used at WJ or MDR.
  3. Bring the snacks and drinks, but be sure to take periodic breaks while driving. I would do the 12 hour drive straight and be done with it, then spend a night in a hotel before the cruise. Bring the handgun(s) if he feels better about it, but I would also suggest a cable lock box secured in the vehicle. Pack less and use the laundry service onboard. Bring half the clothes and twice the cash.
  4. I don’t care much for their coffee, I also think it tastes burnt. I saw a joke a few years ago, where someone had said, “if this is Seattle’s best, I’d hate to taste Seattle’s worst.” And so, the name Seattle’s Worst has stuck ever since.
  5. I’ll third the recommendation for Godfrey’s, though there was a mixup with them when we used them, he fixed the issue immediately at quite an expense and hassle to himself.
  6. Does Cafe Promenade still offer Seattle’s Worst coffee, being that Starbucks is their parent company?
  7. I was going to post something a bit more personal than that, but it would probably get me banned for life from CC 😂
  8. You should probably drop the sarcasm. Someone at RCI is probably screen shorting your post and using it to find ways to charge more service fees or something. 😂
  9. This. Grab the deck plans, find several cabin numbers in the same category, and do some YouTube searches with various cabin numbers and also by various ships in the same class.
  10. I was under the impression that OBC from a TA wouldn’t show up on the online Cruise Planner for sure, but wasn’t sure about on the invoice.
  11. I was just asking if it was booked through a TA, as if the extra $50 is from the TA themselves, and not RCI.
  12. Did you book through a travel agent, by any chance?
  13. Bingo. That’s the point I was getting at. I get that on a cruise line that is not geared towards, nor marketed to families. But when a company is building new builds with water parks, slides, dedicated children’s camps, and adding some of the above during dry dock refits, it’s just rather absurd to not expect children to be around. For those people, maybe RCI isn’t the company for them? As far as children being around, reasonable and realistic behavior expectations should exist, however.
  14. Thanks for the info. Have been debating on using GoPro’s trade up program from their website, as I have a 4 year led Kodak camera that no longer works and cost about $200 or so new, so I can send it to them for a $100 discount on a new 7 Black.
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