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  1. Good to know. Thanks for the info.
  2. LOL...😁. I grew up at least trying nearly anything. Even now, I’ll at least try different things. But the kids? Nope. Not a chance. I don’t mind a burger or hot dog once in a while for dinner, but usually more for lunch. As a matter of fact, just had smoked and grilled Costco beef dogs and homemade chili last night. 😉. That’s the beauty of a buffet.... options for almost anyone!
  3. It is believed to have been an IT oopsie.
  4. When you have picky eaters, such as my kids, burgers and dogs are a welcome find. My kids won’t eat grilled chicken, and are super picky even about pizza and Mac and cheese, won’t eat spaghetti, and the list goes on and on.
  5. When we were on Freedom, I seem to recall the tables by the windows being for 8 or more. Seems like the two tops were along the middle of the dining rooms.
  6. We aren’t wine drinkers, but know what you mean. Just as easy to stop at a bar before going in. Getting subsequent drinks can be a challenge, though.
  7. Well, some things are just not suitable for buffet serving due to their temperature or consistency. I don’t really mind people on their laptops or reading in the buffet area, so long as they aren’t tying up tables that others might be waiting for. In the dining room, I would agree that is not an appropriate place for that, as it may be making it more difficult for the kitchen and wait staff, not to mention, just not the proper place for it, with the intent and perception of being a more refined dinner venue.
  8. Was it the selection, presentation, or quality that made it so bad? I’ve found some dishes that were either rather bland, over seasoned, or some that were just not what I was expecting, or how I would make something. Which is why I enjoy the selection and variety, as I can generally find something that appeals to me. Inconsistency seems to be the norm for many buffets in my experience. While the preparation should theoretically be the same each time, I think the holding times for various dishes is not consistent, whether they are kept in a hot box too long, or on the serving line for too long. Dishes can become flavorless, dry out, change in texture, etc.
  9. Even if they were dripping in grease, you’d be able to remove most of it. Their burgers sometimes seem as if they are boiled and are wet in what looks like gray water. Hot dogs seem to be a better bet than the burgers. Curious to checkout the hot dog place to see if it’s better, yet their hours seem rather limited. My only disappointment with the WJ is purely personal, and that is there seem to be quite a bit of curry and Indian dishes (which I’m not a fan of), but there is usually a rather good selection where I can find a few options that I like. Kids love the cookies at WJ in the evening, though.
  10. Have to agree about drink service. Ok if you have a drink package and carry that plastic cup around if you want soda. Otherwise, you are limited to whatever is pre-poured into glasses or coffee. Outside of that, it seemed to be looking for a bar nearby.
  11. Never actually gotten a cold burger, but ones that are dripping wet, yes.
  12. Well that’s awesome if you are able to do so. For a family of five living in Colorado, we have to fly to any cruise port, and pay for a few nights in a hotel. Along with spending money, etc, that tends to push a single cruise vacation upwards of $6K on the low end. Airfare alone is easily $1500 plus. Combined with wanting to take other vacations and balancing work schedules with school schedules, it can make vacationing a challenge.
  13. Same here. We will be on Harmony and wondering about the usefulness of them. We have 3 kids, who will be 15, 13, and 6 at the time. Thinking they might be good for the kids so that they can’t lose them as easily as a card. Curious if the WOW band can be used as an ID for the little one when she’s in AO (not sure if they have a band reader in AO fir this purpose).
  14. Many times, there ends up being some event scheduled during dinner time that will be missed sitting in the dining room for nearly an hour and a half, while one could simply grab a small plate or a burger, etc for a quick dinner. Dining room service isn’t the same experience it was many years ago, and simply doesn’t seem to be much of an upscale experience as it once was. Food used to be better quality years ago, in my opinion, as was the course by course service. Then again, ships tended to be smaller and didn’t offer so many diversions as they do now. Years ago, spending two hours in the dining room wasn’t a big deal, as there weren’t many other things happening at the same time. Now there are so many options for things to do, I would rather spend my vacation time doing other things, instead of being in the dining room. Many years ago, there were no dinner options other than the dining room. First cruise was on the Carnivale, and there was no buffet option, other than a continental breakfast on the pool deck, and no MTD type option. We are the type of people that go on a cruise every few years, so our time is better spent exploring the ship and it’s activities.
  15. We've tended to split dinners between the MDR and buffet. Some night the sit down waiter service is nice, but can take too long. WJ is great for those times when you want a quicker dinner experience. We also enjoy the variety the buffet offers, where we can try several different things. We don’t personally see the need for the extra expense of the specialty restaurants more than once or twice, as we can have similar dinners in our home town for about the same cost. Our local grocery store has pretty good fresh made sushi for less than what RCI charges for Izumi. We may very well switch to all WJ dinners, especially with 3 kids who don’t really even like the kid menu or the always available options of the dining room. We would rather be enjoying the ship than being in the dining room for an hour and a half.
  16. Here is your previous post.....you appear to be implying that you are more sophisticated than others. That’s the issue, not that YOU enjoy a more upscale setting than others might. Your post was insulting and condescending.
  17. Maybe it is. Everyone is different and has different expectations. But, your attempt at generalizing them as being beneath you, or less sophisticated was uncalled for. Here’s an example....cities such as NYC, LA, London, Paris have some very nice restaurants with top notch service and cuisine. People who live there, or visit there often, may very well be used to that atmosphere and enjoy it. Now, take someone who lives in a more rural area that doesn’t have that type of restaurant available to them. Their local options may simply be fast food, or family owned sit down restaurants, and that is what they are accustomed to. Windjammer may very well be what they enjoy, and that’s fine. Cruises offer many options to appeal to a wide variety of people. Your cruising neighbors could be anybody from well off persons who cruise every other week to the family living paycheck to paycheck and have had to save up for ten years to go on one big vacation, whose lives are vastly different from one another. Either way, they are all on the same ship to enjoy a vacation the way they want. These same people also place different values and priorities on what is important to them. To some, money is no object, to others, forgoing the more expensive upscale eateries is a trade off to being able to be on the ship at all. Just let everyone enjoy what they want and what appeals to them.
  18. I would also let a crew member know that he is hearing impaired, and they should be able to locate you both closer to a speaker and to a crew member who can also repeat the info if need be.
  19. I’ve always found at least a few bars open at boarding time, particularly pool deck bars. Nightclub bars may not be open until after muster, though.
  20. I also think the MDR coffee is better than what is in the WJ. But, WJ coffee isn’t horrible. Not sure if they are different brands, or simply a matter of freshness.
  21. I prefer to cook bacon on the pellet grill...comes out with a smoked flavor and as crisp as I want it.
  22. RCI info stated that there are no plans for a dedicated suite only area.
  23. I originally posted it there and the thread was moved to here.
  24. Ours is booked for May 2020, but drink packages have shown up for several months already. Need to keep checking as the prices fluctuate, and as you get closer to sail date, more options appear.
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