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  1. Hi VMax1700 and Krazy Kruizers - thanks for this. When I look up the perks for 3* the wine package discount isn't there anymore but I can see from your copy and paste that it does appear to be still in operation. That makes the package far more beneficial to us and yes thanks for the heads up KK about waiting til we are onboard, I will take your advice.
  2. Hi guys - sailing on the Zaandam in Nov and looking at wine packages. The beverage package is no good to us as we would not make best use of it! From HAL’s web site it appears that we no longer benefit from a discount on wine packages so wondering if the Cellar Master package is worth it. Looking at the wines on offer on the no 1 package we would be quite happy as I think that would be the one included in the deal. Any advice? thanks
  3. Thanks guys - I checked everything as well but could not believe no one had started a roll call yet! And yes I might just be the cruisers to do it.
  4. Hi - just booked Zaandam South America cruise on Nov 18th 2019 and cannot find a roll call. Am I missing something or is it possible there is not one?
  5. Hi guys - this is all really interesting to me but I have a question - does this apply in the UK or is it mainly US/Canadian customers who are able to cancel and rebook?
  6. Thanks for sharing this - really enjoyed reading about the history of the ocean ships. Heading to the Orion this weekend, will check out the remote control which doesn't require a teenager to work it!!!
  7. Hi - we are sailing next Jan on Escape and looking at spa passes vs upgrade to spa cabin. At the moment we have $250 OBC and 3day dining package which was the promo when we booked. To. upgrade to a spa cabin is £275 (approx $360) and we would lose the dining package but keep our OBC. I can't find anywhere how much a 14 spa pass costs - so my question is ...upgrade or wait til we are on board and buy spa pass. Thanks and happy sailing
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