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  1. I am working with pictures still. I took a ton being up in Alaska, but I am getting closer. I am finishing up the vlogs from the Southwest trip we took, while writing this review. Goal is to be into the review by next week.
  2. The dawn is a great ship. I enjoy the smaller ships for faster disembarking in ports and not feeling like your in a cattle drive. Elevators are easier to catch, etc. All the things that are problems on a big ship, due to the crowds. What you don't have are the Go-carts, laser tag, water slides that the Bliss has. If you have a port intensive cruise then you might not miss it as much. It comes down to what does your family want with your kids being 16, 15, and 10? It will take a little adjusting, but there are still tons of activities on a smaller ship like the dawn, just not as many as the larger ships. I also like you don't have to have reservations for all the shows. Gameshows are easier to watch because they are done in a lounge not the atrium. I think it easier to get dining reservations at specialties as well. They have production shows, but they aren't going to be fresh off Broadway like the mega ships. Hope that helps!
  3. Loved it and the weather was spectacular for late September. I had better weather than June 2018. only thing I really hated was eating alone at meals.
  4. I am going to be starting it soon. I am finishing up a couple things then its full bore into that.
  5. Nice! Getting ready to start my next food video collection today. I board the Bliss in Seattle today!
  6. In June, We were outside for muster. Talk to Guest Services when you board the ship.
  7. experiment some, and put it in manual mode for certain shots. I wouldn't suggest it for shots such as flying eagles, you want autofocus on sports setting.
  8. The credit is applied to your onboard account the day after your shore excursion. call in and that way you aren't charged until you are on the ship.
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