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  1. Thanks for the shout out! My wife and I will be vlogging (YouTube) the week and I will do my pictorial review upon return from the cruise. With the limitations on the internet, I don't want to commit to something I cannot fulfill! I appreciate the time you and Seadog67 put into your reviews. I will be doing most of my updating during my cruise on my twitter and Instagram feeds under the Shadowmeboy name. Then do one of, as some will say "popular,' reviews. I love sharing my cruise and if you all like it, then I will do it every time. To see what we are planning to do, subject to change, visit https://youtu.be/oaLeFXFGaY4 - our NCL Dawn Pre-cruise Preview! We are planning on eating a lot of lobster! Thank you @mking8288 and @seadog67 for your efforts here on cruise critic, I enjoyed it.
  2. What time did Immigration start today? I know you mentioned it was smooth. Did you have a NCL excursion?
  3. It is a possibility. It really will be determined if the ships are still making money for NCL. These smaller ships are serving a niche market. I could see a ship eventually being based out of LA year round. Plenty of under served areas of potential.
  4. We sail June 8th! 17 days to go!
  5. Us too! The roll call for our sailing is https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2483884-ncl-dawn-june-8th-2019-canadanew-england/
  6. I hope she is not reading this! I would hate for you to have to sleep on deck 7! great start!
  7. Thank you! We really enjoy sharing our cruises with others! Just getting started on YouTube! Glad to hear the feedback on the Bliss Hits and Misses video! Matthew
  8. Arzeena - next month https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2663480-getting-excited-to-cruise/
  9. Hey guys! Susan and I are les than a month away from our next cruise, and I know a lot of you love my reviews! We are getting excited! Check out what we plan to do on the NCL Dawn Canada/New England Cruise we are going on! https://youtu.be/oaLeFXFGaY4 Those on Instagram and Twitter, check me out on there under the same screenname as here! I can't wait to do my pictorial review! - Matthew
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