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  1. Dailies for Ketchikan Along with the dailies, the dreaded disembarkation information was delivered.
  2. I headed up to the top decks afterwards. The northern lights had a chance of being out this night. It was too bright up top. I headed down to deck 8 and the waterfront. It was darkest on the aft of the ship. Met some of our other solo sailors to see if we could see anything. dslr didn't focus very well. After a while of looking to no luck, we headed into the local for a late night meal. late night menu pretzels and cheese Joe got some wings I didn't get picture of what everyone else got. I ended up in bed at 230 am!
  3. After dinner it was off to Jersey Boys! I saw Jersey Boys on my last Bliss cruise, but I fell asleep during part of it. I stayed awake through the show.
  4. Dinner tonight was at Cagney's. I used my platinum voucher and brought someone with me. Amanda accompanied me. I met her at the MDR when I did a single table with other people two nights earlier. She had a pick one perk and did the drink package. We had a great conversation that night at dinner, and so since no one from the solo meet up group took me up on my offer to go, I offered for her to use the other half of the certificate and join me for dinner. Fast forward to tonight, and we met outside Cagney's. Menu Amanda got the crab cake I got the Shrimp Cocktail My steak! with sides Dessert menu Amanda's 7 layer cake dessert Raspberry Crème Brulee for me
  5. See you next summer Icy Strait Point! Alaska State Ferry I got me a treat! A Raspberry Guava Mojito from Sugarcane! Waterfront at night I headed for Dinner at Cagney's - I will pick it up here next time.
  6. a boat out in Icy Strait Icy Strait Gustavus, Alaska There she blows! Icy Strait Point (Hoonah, Alaska)
  7. Update: My Dad has flown to Florida after his appointment the other day. He starts his job on 1/13. He was recovering well, but did have to have a abscess drained and packed. Susan and my mom drove to Florida and got their stuff down their. Susan has flown back and started back at school. I have been extremely busy. I am starting a new job on the 21st of January. I as a result have been trying to train people on all the aspect of the jobs I do at my current job. Thus I have been exhausted and not able to work on this review much! I hope it will get better in the next few days! I am sorry in the delay of this review, I feel bad. Matthew
  8. Glacier Bay National Park boat coming to pick up the Rangers. heading away from the Bliss after picking up the Rangers from our ship. A final shot of Glacier Bay National Park
  9. I went to the local for lunch. A few of us met up to play LCR (left-Center-Right) I had fun, but did not win. After a bit, I headed back outside. The scenery was amazing. This part was obscured by rain when we sailed in that morning. Yes, I was looking for wildlife along the shores.
  10. More glacial calving With that I headed inside to get some lunch and warm up.
  11. Glacial Calving It was a small calving, but awesome to see! The crack is cool to hear. Note: off to bed for me. More hopefully tomorrow!
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