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  1. Current AM as of two weeks ago on the Freedom was Bern (do not know last name).
  2. His offici His official letter of resignation was submitted today. So I think as of now things are good. We fly down Saturday to go on the freedom on Sunday.
  3. Ours started at $52. We bought it at $50 and then cancelled and re bought it at $47.
  4. Yeah, the lyrics to Greased Lightning are def. not pg.
  5. I believe that today was a day that people had off. Today's is a very planned protest.
  6. The Freedom sailed yesterday. We will be on the Freedom this coming Sunday. The issue with the day stops is that they dock at the pier that is right in Old San Juan and the timing of the stops often. I was worried about us leaving but am no longer worried. I think we will be fine. We did change our hotel from Old San Juan to the Condado area just in case. Today's protests are massive partially because everything is closed today. I honestly thought he would have resigned last night but still think that might happen this week.
  7. Thank you so much. Just now going to procrastinate at work and read the review.
  8. I will say the Allure docking, makes those of us who are going to be on the Freedom feel better.
  9. Well this is us a week later so please let us know how everything goes. 🙂 I am sure everything will go perfectly.
  10. Well Mom*3, when we get on board (which we will) we should find each other and toast. 🙂 This is a kid free vacation for us and badly needed.
  11. I also thinking the timing of the visits to OSJ by the Harmony and the Empress had something to do with this. As they would be there are at nighttime. The Pan Am Pier, Airport and Condado area (which is where we are now going to stay) are on the other side of the bay of OSJ. The protests are centered in OSJ because of location of the governor. I leave on the Freedom on the 28th. The rational side of me knows that it will all be fine. The irrational side likes to worry. 🙂
  12. Yes, I just saw that. I guess a protest was planned at 5:30 in OSJ which would be around the time folks would be there. Again though I am hoping that this is just an issue with the ships docking at the Old San Juan pier. I just have to hold out till Sunday to see if the Freedom leaves as it should.
  13. There was a video posted on a Freedom of the Seas facebook group from a local news channel in Puerto Rico showing them being removed. They were also fixing the cobblestone street at the time as it was damaged. The umbrellas have definitely been removed for the time being. It happened yesterday.
  14. Well great minds think a like. I honestly think that we will be fine in two weeks.
  15. I am assuming this was two night ago as they have now removed the umbrellas. I cannot seem to find what the status was last night with the protests.
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