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  1. Our group of 8 did the Zip and Dip package with Bodden Tours. It was worth the money. I even received an email from Victor the week before we left saying that were tendering into the port (it was not originally a tender port).The guides were fabulous. One person my group was scared to zip line, and they calmed her fears. She loved it. There were even opportunities on some of the lines to do some stunt zip lining, like 'Superman', with the help of the guides. There were stairs to climb going up to the different lines, but nothing that was too difficult. You don't even need to worry about stopping yourself when you are zip lining. They will stop you. After the zip lining, it was time to visit the petting zoo. If you wanted, you could hold white tailed monkeys, and have parrots land on your head. We saw sloths and other birds. Afterwards we had just over 2 hours at Banarama Beach. There were guards there to watch over your things while you swam. The only complaint that I had was were a lot of peddlers on the beach selling everything from massages to jewellery. I had some difficulties with my computer receiving the pictures that I had purchased form the zip lining. Victor personally ensured that solutions were found, and I received all my pictures. I would recommend this company to everyone.
  2. We are Canadians and were in Stagway at the end of May. We rented our car from Avis, and crossed the border without any problems. I also put my vote in as a wonderful day for those that are thinking of driving to Emerald Lake. Since our ship wasn't leaving until later in the evening, we carried on up the highway to Whitehorse ...just so we could say we did it. We saw the SS Klondike, a stern wheeler that used to travel up and down the Yukon River. The extra drive to Whitehorse was nice to do, if you have the time, but the scenery driving to and from Emerald Lake from Stagway was much more stunning so don't worry if you can't go as far as Whitehorse. I did spend the money for Murrays guide, listing mileage markers from Stagway up to Emerald Lake. I my opinion it added to what we were seeing, and was worth every penny( it was only $5 when I bought it)
  3. We will be in Denali on June 1 and June 2 2015 on a HAL tour. Can anyone tell me where would we be catching the shuttle bus? I want to see more of Denali...and am hoping to go all the way to wonder lake as someone suggested with the hope that we will Mt McKinnley, but how difficult is it to catch the shuttle?
  4. I sent an email to the tourist board [touristinfo@visittrondheim.no] with my mailing address, asking if they had any information they could send me. Within hours, they had responded, saying they would send me a Trondheim guide, as well as a map of the city.
  5. Thanks I-Cruiser. That's great information. It looks like a lovely city.
  6. Thank you everyone for your help. I am wondering as well how do you get from place to place. Hopefully there will be a shuttle for us to get into town, or we will take a taxi? Once we are there though, are things within walking distance? I cant find anything in my web search about an electric train/trolly, unless it is the HOHO bus that is on the Trondheim website. Will we need to take the HOHO to get around, or are things realtively close together.
  7. I am trying to plan our cruise this June along the coast of Norway, and know pretty much what we are going to do in all the ports except Trondheim. Even a search of the boards only brings up 4 posts. What can you do there? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  8. When I went to the website today to check, it said that it would be reopening in May. Lets hope they keep keep to their schedule.
  9. I know that everyone raves about the pea soup that is served on board when you go to Alaska. Can anyone tell me if they also serve pea soup if you are doing a cruise up to the North Cape in Norway. Its probably as cold as Alaska is.
  10. Does anyone have any experience getting the tetra pac of wine aboard.(It is like a BIG juice box, expect filled with wine :)). I flew out of Toronto last Feb, and bought 3 tetra pacs of wine at the duty free shop in the airport. I took it with me on my last cruise (it was with HAL.) We are flying out of Toronto again on our next cruise (out of San Juan) on RCL, and wondered if it was worth my while to buy them again. If people don't think that I will be successful, I would rather just save my money, and buy a wine package. I like to have a drink in my cabin, and my DH doesn't drink.
  11. Thanks everyone. At least I won't waste the money buying wine before I board that will be taken away from me . I will use it to offset the high prices on board :(
  12. My Travel Agent has assured me(in writing via an email) that wine can be brought on boar... 1 bottle per person when you embark. You can also bring on water and soda. Is she telling me the truth?:eek:
  13. Does anyone know if you can rent a fridge in an ocean view stateroom on the Ryndam? It does not appear in the room description as if there is one already. If you can, how much is it?
  14. Is there a grocery store/wine store within walking distance of the pier at Fort Lauderdale. We want to bring some wine, and a case of water with us, and wondered if we could go somewhere after we boarded our ship?
  15. Thanks to all your reply's. I couldn't find any information on the boards about how much a drink would actually cost, since on my 1st cruise, I just handed them my card, and didn't worry running out of money...only keeping track of the number of glasses that I drank:)
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