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    VAT refund on western Mediterranean cruise

    At all airports I have flows out of and gotten tax back, The customs office had a window to the "public" area before you check in so you can have your packages in your suitcase which you want to check in. Have also been in smaller airports where customs office it not open early in the morning so I had to file the forms and drop them in a box. At no time, have I had to show them my purchases,- but you have to be able to present them to a customs officer. Remember also, that it takes some time to fill our the forms in the store and many times you will have to tell them how to fill the form out. You have to show passport and any ask for an ID showing your home address. Because of this, I suggest that you make your purchases in a dept. store. This way you can get even smaller items tax free as it will all be added up to reach the min purchase amount.
  2. The Viking

    VAT refund on western Mediterranean cruise

    I have done it a lot. Here are instructions http://www.globalblue.com
  3. With 2 teens Ithink an Oasis Class ship will give them plenty to do while on board.
  4. The Viking

    Mobile phone internet on the island

    I do not use my phone a lot and am very pleased with onesimcard.com
  5. If ypu have the Fitbit on Eadtern time the change until you reach Europe will only be 5-6 hours. If you change it forward say 3 hours before dept., your daily step count will not be much off, unless you are a night owl.
  6. The Viking

    Another Passport Question

    So this website gives false information? THis is why I will NEVER rely on CC for information of importance. https://www.dfa.arkansas.gov/driver-services/arkansas-voluntary-enhanced-security-dl-or-id/
  7. The Viking

    Another Passport Question

    Enhanced Drivers licenses are issued because of the Real ID Act.which was passed in 2015. Please see attached link to Homeland Security website https://www.dhs.gov/real-id-public-faqs My personal experience from Arkansas and with a Green Card is, that I was issued an enhanced DL even though I am not a citizen. The DL expires on the same day as my Green Card and is proof that I am legally in the USA. Slow as I am, I asked why, and was told that no one knows if the green card will be renewed
  8. The Viking

    Now Sweden too

    Now that you brought politics into this by comparing US cops to groups of assylum seeker teens attacking people for no reason. My Danish family has changed their routines and will not go through areas they used to go through. Also changed the way they shop and will not go to certain shopping centers. It is so sad how small towns and cities have been destroyed by so called asylum seekers.
  9. The Viking

    Phone Conundrum

    Your and my usage seem to be similar. My phone is unlocked and with 2 simcards. I use onesimcard.com for overseas calls and tel3.com for domestic.
  10. I have often had problems taking photos of the colorful top decks and pool areas of ships at night. My main issue is the often heavy winds and gusts. For my last cruise, I purchased a Platypod Ultra with accessories. I attached it firmly to the railing after some practice and was very pleased with the photos compared to handheld and I could keep the ISO low. It will also work very well in case you want to take time lapse videos and do not want to bring a tripod. Of course you can not take long exposures with this set up because of ships vibrations. https://platypod.com/ I think the MXX will be too large to attach to the rounded top of the railings.
  11. The Viking

    Anyone on Liberty now?

    On Liberty. Whay is the question?
  12. The Viking

    Passport Report

    Not to start an argument, why can I board and airplane (flying domestically) with a DL only, but yet I need 2 forms of ID to cruise. The risks are still the same. On a cruise you are leaving the country. Upon return you have to prove you can legally enter the country. Many DL do not necessary indicate you are a legal resident. Soon you will need an enhanced DL to fly domestically.
  13. The Viking

    Airport Security and Cameras

    Have TSA pre so no issues here. In Europe they ask me to take Camera out.