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  1. Thanks so much for your reply. I think some friends of ours went to Bananarama a couple of years ago. I spoke to the wife last week and she didn’t quite remember the name but she Guessed and got it right! I know it took time to write that reply and appreciate that a lot. With my husband’s issues I definitely like to find out as much as I can ahead of time. Plan to head to that area but I’m not sure if we will wind up at Bananarama or maybe at Infiniti Bay. Somewhere in that vicinity though for sure. I need to make arrangements but some things came up unexpectedly this past week that have taken all of my attention and time. I know I need to get with the program or may end up scrambling at the last minute. Looking forward to visiting the area more than any of the other destinations on our cruise. Thanks again!
  2. My DH and I want to he’s our day in Roatan to head over to West Bay Beach. Not certain if we can just show up there without a day pass at some resort and be able to find chairs and access the beach or not. If we do decide to locate at a resort, we would want one near the south end of the beach where snorkeling is supposed to be the best. I will be snorkeling, but my DH can no longer dive or snorkel. His right arm and leg are affected so his walking and balance are not the most stable. However he can walk a little way although he will be using a scooter on board the ship. I am considering renting a travel scooter that folds in half because I think it might be easy enough to stow in a taxi trunk. It might be nice to take it with us in case we want to go over to the town of west end and get a looksee at that as well. Would it be best to take a taxi to and from, from place to place? Or should we hire a driver? Not sure what the custom is in Roatan with regard to using one taxi driver for all our trsnsportation that day or if this would make the price higher or lower? Would have to be someone super reliable if they were going to drop us at the beach and then pick us up. Is it super easy to grab a cabback to the port from West Bay and west end? Also wondering what we should expect to pay? We are NOT interested in seeing sloths, iguana, botanical gardens or things that we have done or seen in other places numerous times. Would enjoy just the scenery on the way to the beach with maybe a stop or 2 at a good vantage points. I have seen mention of a few resorts at West Bay and would appreciate recommendations for those (especially the ones towards the southern half of the beach ) or about drivers. Any other helpful information also appreciated.
  3. The balance issues are only when standing due to a right leg and arm that were affected by a stroke. Doesn’t have anything to do with dizziness or other equilibrium issues. But thanks for the heads up. And a 32 pound scooter wait sounds great! Just wish the lightweight ones didn’t have to be so expensive!
  4. The Zoomy Drive weighs 52 pounds also, as I had mentioned. There is another scooter I’ve come across online that weighs a fair amount less and you only have to push a button for it to automatically fold itself. You then pull it exactly as you would pull a rolling suitcase. Advertised prices have usually been around $2600 -$2,800. One of the things about purchasing scooters is there are many models and it’s not so easy to find stores with a good variety of brands & models to test drive. Anyway, If anyone out there has used one of the Zoomy Drive scooters I hope they see this and reply.
  5. Thanks for replying but the reason I asked about this particular model is because we are not purchasing it. We are renting it and it’s the only type of travel scooter that folds that is offered. I’d like to purchase one and have seen one that I particularly like online. Saw someone that had one that looked like it on a cruise last year. However it’s pretty expensive - four or five times as much as you can get a Pride Go Go scooter for. Even if it was not, so far my husband will not agree to purchase a scooter and it’s silly because we are renting them enough that it would be worth it. To him it’s just a big inconvenience to have to deal with getting one in and out of the car and so on. Even though I’m the one that would have to do it.
  6. I am talking about the Zoomy that weighs about 52 pounds, folds up and will fit into the trunk of a car. While I realize that is pretty light weight for a scooter, I am wondering how handy it would be when trying to make transportation at the various port stops easy. While with some extra effort I can probably lift 52 pounds, it’s not going to be like just lifting up a carry-on bag. The scooter is for my husband who has use of only one of his arms and hands and his balance is not good. Therefore it would either be a taxi driver or myself folding and loading it. Also, the scooter is three wheel. If anyone has has this type of scooter or has used one, please comment! Especially w/Re to maneuvering it and also whether or not it moves decently when going up an incline. Thanks for any information!
  7. You might want to contact the accessible department of the cruise line and alert them to your need for a wheelchair boarding. That may or may not have any bearing on how quickly someone with a wheelchair is available when you reach the port. However they could make a note of it on your reservation and hopefully that might help them plan. There will be cruise line personnel at the entrance and you should tell them Right away that you need wheelchair assistance. I have rented a scooter for my husband for our last three cruises. Twice the scooter was waiting in the cabin. Once it was waiting outside the check in area (in Vancouver). Someone can push the wheelchair all the way to the cabin. Kind of like at an airport, minus bypassing to the front of the lines. You can ask for this assistance when you disembark as well. Hope this helps!
  8. I just tried to book Hairspray (not the enhanced tour version) and this time was able to access thr dates/times and book the regular, free performance-only version. Was also able to see the times for the comedy show and book that as well. Assume that it actually was a temporary glitch when I tried before posting my original question. (Think I prefer the old set show schedules! Much simpler.)
  9. I’m very glad to hear that! At first I thought that’s what the fee was for Dash and in Hanst experience as they put it. However, I have been unable to find the showtime listings or make a reservation for hairspray without choosing the pay option - ?? I am pretty sure I was doing it right because I was able to pull the times up for both the water and ice shows. Also could not bring up any of the times for the comedy shows. Maybe some website glitch or one of the “now you see it, now you don’t” things that occasionally appear on the RCI website. Thanks very much for your reply and if you have any tips to get around this, please advise.
  10. When looking into making show reservations for a Symphony cruise I was very surprised to see there appears to be a charge “from $59” for Hairspray! Although over the years we have seen it twice on RCI ships, there was never a charge for this or any other show on board. Additional information mentioned meeting the cast and an included drink. Almost seemed to be a listing for a special enhanced experience that cost extra. Last year the show on the Harmony was free (as usual). When did charging start? Or am I missing something? Thanks for any info!
  11. Yes RC did contact the ship to check for me and was told the bed is on the balcony end of the cabin. However, when we went on the Oasis a couple of years ago, it was my first time trying to make sure of the bed location and someone posted, stating that every other cabin has the opposite configuration. Royal said that is not absolute because there are some variations here and there so it isn’t a good idea to count on that.
  12. Royal Caribbean‘s ships tend to have wider cabin doors than those on a number of other lines. Most especially the newer ships in the fleet. I have checked with RC’s accessibility department before on the issue though the company providing the scooter assured me one would fit. (Additionally once on a Princess ship when many people told us the scooter would not fit) Unless you are getting a super sized scooter for a very large person, it’s usually the space inside the cabin that you have to maneuver your body around the scooter that is more a problem than getting the scooter in the door. After renting on a ship about four times, the only cabin we had an issue with was a regular sized outside cabin on Radiance OTS. My husband was able to get the scooter through the door and into the cabin. The tough part was backing it out. That seemed like a tighter squeeze than going in just by virtue of visibility. The hallway was not wide enough on a lowish deck to get the scooter easily turned in the right direction once it was backed straight out into the cabin hall. Issue was easily solved by the crew and it did not end up being a problem. Thanks for replying though.
  13. I forgot to thank you Clarea for fixing my post title. 👍
  14. I’ve been told similar things about opposite cabins and cabins next to each other. Went through this three years ago and that is Why ended up having to get switched to another cabin. At least it was well before we sailed. Royal Caribbean said basically that it depends… That you cannot go by any particular formula because there are always variations. But thanks anyway! Apparently they always have to email the ship and wait for a reply from someone on the ship to make sure of a configuration. This can sometimes take Only several days or it can take a couple of weeks. In my case I had to contact the representative in booking again after a couple of weeks before I got an answer the first time I needed to know such info. This time I am letting the TA do it.
  15. Great and thanks so much for replying! I assume you must have stayed in this cabin then. If so, did you like the location pretty well?
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