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  1. Woops! Guess I was reading a bit too fast, LOL. Thought I had seen Kawaii on the OP.
  2. Thank you SO much for this info, STEVE-O! Exactly the type of teply I was hoping to recieve. Seems the most likekly timing. I’ll try to remember to do a review. We sailed this ship 20 yrs ago once! Biker19, don’t think I have any other choice, of course. At least now there has been a very helpful reply. A lot of people on the roll call have asked. We have a very short, touch base meet up on sail away day shortly before when the muster drill that is not a RC activity planned anyway.
  3. Hoping someone sees this who has cruised w RCI on an eastbound cruise starting from Honolulu and ending in Vancouver, with port stops each day in Hi before the 5 day crossing to Vancouver. Wondering when the Meet & Mingle is likely to be? Embarkation day is an overnight on Oahu, not departing until 4 or 5 pm the next day. Having one those days would not allow for the many people using that port time off ship on Oahu. However, waiting until the first sea day would be so late in the cruise. (Sounds like a tough timing issue for RCI!) Thanks to anyone who knows and replies.
  4. We ended up not doing the September one because it was nine days instead of 12. But thanks for all the information!
  5. Just for information purposes ( in case anyone else is curious ), I looked up a Tzoris Lexis Light and the weight listed was 62 lbs.
  6. Well it would be pretty tough for me to lift the 75 pound one I’m sure. My son-in-law‘s lift is made of steel I think & the wheelchair sits on it unfolded. His playing weight was 298 pounds so his chair is heavy duty. I have never actually seen him or anyone else lift it as it rolls on & off of the transport lift. It has very strong bands with hooks that must be attached to secure it. That takes a bit of strength as well. But it IS handy!
  7. Our son-in-law has an electric wheelchair (which I am assuming the poster above is referring to when they say power chair-?). He played in the NFL and as a result under went a whole LOT of surgeries, especially on one of his legs. Therefore he got an electric wheelchair to help during some long recovery periods. He also had an automatic attached to his vehicle to transport it. It’s quite heavy but really easy & handy to use. My husband has used it a couple of times to attend games, but our son on law has to install the automatic lift to the back of his SUV each time it gets used, which requires a lot of strength. The Travelscoot prices I saw on the company’s website started at over $2,500 for the lowesr priced model. Still worth it, I guess, for the convenience if they last for many years. $1,500 is much better, but for now I know my husband would still not spring for one. However, thanks for the info! It will likely help someone else who sees these posts, hopefully. We were on a ship in Feb when I noticed 2 women with identical scooters. I started talking to them and they told me the scooters were easy to travel with, but they themselves had never learned to collapse them! One of their daughters showed up right then so I asked her about it. She rolled her eyes and said, “Well, it is easy for THEM!” Then she added that it wasn’t TOO bad because there were other family members along that could help. I never saw the scooters folded, but they looked like the pictures I’ve seen online of Travelscoots.
  8. dcsam, thank you so much for your very informative and very helpful reply. This is just the kind of info I was hoping for. I attempted to talk to my husband about it today but he went into automatic shut down. 🙄 Eventually I got him to grudgingly listen to my sales pitch, although he still will not agree it would be convenient to have his own. He thinks it is too inconvenient to drag one along (even though he isn’t the one that would genetally deal with that aspect of it), but most of all, I think he doesn’t want to spend the money for it. If it was the same cost as some of the prices I have found for brand new Pride GoGo scooters, my case would be much much stronger. Unfortunately, the light weight Travelscoot scooters are just more costly than I will ever get him to agree to. Almost 4 times more costly than the Pride prices! You have actually gone through the experiences and saved me the trouble of having to find out on my own the difficulties and pluses of owning both types of scooter. I feel the only type that would work in our case, and that we would be satisfied with for travel, would have to be one that is lightweight, folds up, and can be pulled along like a piece of luggage. Yet still be sturdy enough to carry a 190 pound man who is 6 foot three without a tendecy to easily tip over. I guess if his mobility got even worse, we would either just have to stop traveling or for sure get something like that. We do have a transport chair like you, but never take it with us. Once he had recovered a fair amount from his medical issue, we pretty much stopped using it. Although we did use it once about a year ago. It was pretty difficult however as there were some long ramps in going up or down isn’t the easiest with those. For one thing it is much tougher to push than most wheelchairs, and isn’t as comfortable. Besides that, my husband resists being pushed in a wheelchair as well. Airports generally require so much walking that he agrees to being taken through security & to the the gate by airport personnel. It was even tough to get him to agree to that at first, but he likes how it speeds up the security process enough that after that first experience, he has gone along with it. He can walk onto a plane by himself but I notice he always balances himself with his good arm against the walls of the jetway as he walks and grabs onto seats as he goes down the aisle. He is always at risk of his leg either giving out totally or tripping over his own foot, or just being knocked off balance if someone bumps into him. At any rate, thanks again for taking the time to answer my query. At least you have helped me stop agonizing over whether to entertain the idea of purchasing one before our cruise or continuing to rent. For now I think it’s going to have to be renting but I’m not ruling it out for the future – or if I win the lottery! It took a whole lot of campaigning before I ever talked him into using a scooter the first time. Once he had it, he realized it was very helpful & was glad to have it. But he still tries to resist it when he can. Also, it is not that we couldn’t pay for the scooter if it was truly needed. It’s more an issue of priorities and that to my dh, it isn’t important enough.
  9. I got quotes from both companies mentioned above in early 2018 for a spring cruise, with both saying they could provide a scooter for my Royal Caribbean ship. Don’t know if that has changed (?). Went with Special Needs At Sea and was very satisfied. Will soon rent one for my dh for the third time through them. The agencies will ask you things to help determine the size scooter you’ll need, etc. At least with RCI cruiseline you are supposed to fill a form out ahead of your cruise with info on size of the scooter, etc, which you can get from the rental agency and their website. Contact the accessibility dept of your cruiseline for info on door width, etc. (Some lines definitely have smaller cabins and, moreso in their older ships, narrower doorways.) In cabins that are not specifically accessible ones, or are of regular size, make sure the bed or beds are positioned at the far end of your cabin (like where the window would be in an outside cabin), and generally NOT just past the bathroom if that is positioned just past the cabin entry door. You can’t be sure from a cabin type photo!. I learned this from others on this board, thankfully. It is best to contact the accessibility dept and have them check on the layout to be sure. Good luck and enjoy your cruise.
  10. I have rented a mobility scooter for my husband on our past two cruises. We are about to do a longer cruise soon and the cost of renting the scooter is considerable. Adding these three cruises together, we could have probably purchased a budget priced yet well known & recommended brand of scooter based on prices offered by some major retailers. Sounds like the smart thing to do, however I am very worried about the logistics of bringing along a scooter. We usually have two large suitcases that are close to the maximum weight of 50 pounds, plus I bring a carry-on and my husband brings a backpack. Due to his mobility issues, I am the one that loads and unloads the suitcases, pulls them up or down steps if necessary, etc. (This despite having some foot issues myself.) Sometimes I pull both cases but sometimes he pulls one. Once we are at the airport, he is transported via wheelchair. Of course our luggage gets checked at that time. If we purchase a scooter, I will have to be the one that breaks it down for transport & storage and will have to deak with getting it transported on things like rental car shuttles, airport shuttles, possible public transportation and so forth. I fesr I won’t be able to handle it all. Many people have mentioned using Pride Go Go scooters and similar brands. If you travel with something like this, what problems have you run into with regard to navigating through the issues of transportation, the sometimes required advance paperwork for the airlines, and managing to handle the scooter, your luggage, personal items and so on? Really hoping some of you experienced in this area can address this and provide some insight. Thanks for any information!
  11. I am certain that is from the air. Just like the Viking River cruise commercial that comes on PBS when Masterpiece Theatre comes on. I believe this scene is on the Danube River in Budapest. Nonetheless, the NaPali coast is beautiful from any angle as long as there is enough light & nothing like fog to obscure your view.
  12. I have no way to know if this is sometimes true, but someone else posted on another thread something about the captain can choose to go past a volcano flow or sometimes will choose to take his ship farther out to sea where gambling is in Hawaiian waters. This way the ship makes more revenue for that sailing. Again, I don’t know if that is true or not. I will say we were once on a ship and upon leaving St. Lucia our captain made an announcement that he would cruise past the pitons just so the passengers could get a look. It was early evening, into twilight, but you could at least still see the outline pretty well. It was not listed on the itinerary however. Remember the cost to ship that wrecked off the coast of Italy or an Italian island a few years back? I believe one of the big issues was the captain decided to go off course a bit, rather close to the island for some specific reason and it was not part of the cruise route. So I’m wondering if it takes a very special circumstance for a captain to even get permission to alter the planned route of the ship. Especially now days.
  13. Thanks for the recommendations but in our case we actually have gone past the NaPali coast by dive/excursion boat before as well as over it by helicopter. It’s just that it seems such a shame to be in Kauai and not get to see it again. (Beauty of a land trip. Time for visiting more than this coast, Waimea Canyon & more! ) Additionally, my spouse has a mobility issue now and can only board a boat from a dock. Unless the boat has easy to access, stable seating - unlike many sailboats and catamarans used on many excursions in HI and elsewhere - excursions offered often are not suitable. (Not to mention being super pricey.) As for it being on the itinerary or not, cruising past lava flows is not on the itinerary of ships that sometimes do sail past them on the island of HI - IF they are active & the capt. .so chooses according to what has been posted by others. At any rate, at this point just hoping Kauai stays on our itinerary!
  14. Hope our’s is one of the lucky cruises! Thanks for replying.
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