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  1. pinotlover, or any other current or recent cruiser, can you tell us if Viking has been testing passengers daily for covid on board? This won’t be a problem if timing is not an issue. There is a post on another thread in which someone has heard AMA Waterways (or perhaps Uniworld?) has been requiring pax to turn in a swab for covid testing every morning before 7 a.m.! That would certainly not contribute to an enjoyable vacation for those of us who lean towards being nightowls! Surely this isn’t the process on current Viking cruises? I sure hope you can give us the l
  2. If someone has canceled a cruise and must use the funds already paid toward a future cruise, with no option for a refund, will the referral discounts and first time customer discounts on the initial booking be forfeited on the replacement booking? Also, must the replacement booking stay with the T/A the original cruise was booked through? Hypothetical question/situation at present, but should the need arise to cancel, I’d like to know what the standard policies are regarding rebooking with most river cruise lines. (I assume you have to absorb any price increases if you choose the same cruis
  3. lindalouT, , which cruise line is supposedly requiring it’s pax to turn in covid test swabs every morning by 7 a.m. (😳 !!! )? Wow, that’s a deal breaker for night owls! Like you said, who wants to be locked into that on a vacation? (For early birds out there, this is comparable to having to turn in a swab at 1 or 2 a.m., lol!) Hopefully you can enjoy your re-booked cruise without special restrictions. Stan, I sure hope you will be able to take your cruise next year with no special restrictions or complications. I think one of my biggest concerns is getting a false negative on a
  4. Sightseer Sam, that is good news indeed! Hope it continues for the upcoming August cruises. Perhaps the rep I spoke to doesn’t know this or rules were relaxed. Or maybe, just in case they have to institute that rule in future sailings, they want people to assume that is the case before they go so they will not be disappointed if, in fact, it turns out to become the case. Please share any news you get from your friends on their cruise situation (even down to the weather!). Many of us are anxious to know the latest. Thanks so much for posting!
  5. So Daisi, I assume you plan plan to cancel your May ‘22 cruise? Totally due to the covid situation? If so, what aspect bothers you the most?
  6. So has Viking allowed the pax on your cruise to head off on their own at various ports, pinotlover? I got the impression you were in port in Giverny already, and likely elsewhere. Were pax on your cruise apparently being allowed to go into the towns, etc, on their own - and not only with a Viking tour group? Or to break off from the tour at any time if they wanted to?
  7. Just wondering if there are a fair number of people considering canceling close to their cruise departure date due to so many things pertaining to the issues relating in all ways to covid? (From spread of the latest variant to testing and documentation issues, changes in requirements and so on.) Additionally, how many would but are not because of money they have spent on airfare or other travel that they will lose if they cancel? Just curious.
  8. Actually, part of my prior reply to your post didn’t print. Guess my dh having to provide such private info took me by surprise. My main point is the fact that the cruise line only appears to require such detailed private medical information from those bringing along what the line deems as medical equipment. Of course a passenger could have dangerous medical issues like a bad heart, bad kidneys, severe COPD, an aneurysm, a nearly blocked carotid artery or any number of serious problems but unless they happened to bring a scooter or other “medical equipment. Unless a person had j
  9. Thank you for sharing your experience. Have not heard anything although I sent the information in. Also sent my dh’s prescriptions (no narcotic pain killers or anything that some people abuse) and a doctors note. We shall see what happens. We have traveled to quite a few different countries (though not Japan or Abu Dhabi) as you mentioned and the medicine has gone through other countries’ security up with no issues. Some people have told us we should have just shown up with the scooter. Even no elevator would not be a problem on ton husband walks without any assistance and that he would not
  10. Thanks so much for posting, pinotlover and for being willing to answer questions! Here are a few questions that perhaps you can answer: Has it been a Viking rule that passengers can only leave the ship if they are with one of the Viking tours? If so, has there been any extra time allowed on the tours to shop or grab a lunch or something? Also if the decision to require passengers to stay with the tour goes according to local rules or Vikings rules? Are masks required throughout the ship? What about on deck in the open air? Once passengers initial
  11. drumon, we are in your same situation. I’m pretty sure many of us are eagerly awaiting word from those on the first sailings and hope to see posts from these passengers very soon. Since the Pass Sanitaire Pres. Macron instituted becomes mandatory August 1, and the Delta variant is rapidly spreading in so many countries, it’s going to be interesting to see how things go these next couple of weeks. Things keep changing so rapidly!
  12. I certainly hope to see some posts from those who cruises with Viking this past week. I only booked our Aug cruise in late June. I learned only about a week ago in a telephone call to Viking re something else that passengers would not be able to get off the ship except as part of a Viking tour. Also that no straying from, or leaving, the tour on land would be allowed. Assuming we still end up going, I’m hoping the comment made above about this being dependent upon local rules turns out to be a saving grace! chiefrose, please come back to this thread and share what you learn from your
  13. I understand what you are saying, Joseph but we have traveled internationally a number of times in the past six years since my husband‘s leg issue started. That’s why I mentioned that no other travel company, cruise line, airline, tour company or resort has ever asked for or required this information. It did cross my mind that because there are not medical facilities on river cruise ships it could be the reason they want this information. Airlines don’t have these things either any emergencies have minimal equipment, possibly defibrillators?, To assist emergency medical situations. A river cr
  14. Yes it definitely does help, notamermaid. The info on it was just what I wanted to know. I google translated a couple of words but you were right, the color codes helped tremendously and are easy to understand. Thanks so much for the great link!
  15. As most of us have seen on the news, Germany is very unfortunately dealing with massive flooding in many areas of the country. Horrible situation for so many there! Does anyone know if there has been flooding or overly high river levels on the Seine in France? Has rain been extra frequent this year in the upper half of France? Thanks for any information on this issue.
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