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  1. I have a similar thing happening. My partner is getting all the emails for upgrades and excursions etc but nowhere have I put his email address on any part of the booking! Everything has my email address. We have sailed on RCI before and on Celebrity ten years ago but I always use my email for bookings. Very strange.
  2. I just saw this message too - very strange wording indeed. I mean, on another part they say you must board no later than 90 minutes prior to sailing. I read 'please arrive no less than two hours before your scheduled boarding' to be two hours before the boarding time I am given! Who on earth OK'd that silly wording?
  3. Thanks - I've upgraded to the full internet. I decided life's too short to let it stress me!
  4. Thanks for that - thankfully we can use the US plugs (with adapter) for all of our Apple devices as they run on either voltage. The European plug (with adapter) will be used to charge our electric toothbrush as that needs 220v. I'm hoping the hairdryer onboard will be OK because for the first time I'm travelling without one!
  5. I'm quite surprised that dressy shorts with a nice polo top and closed in shoes are not allowed in the MDR (on non-chic nights) on a Caribbean cruise. In the summer here my partner always wears nice shorts and shoes to a casual dinner. Oh well, all I can say is the buffet is looking more attractive because we simply can't be bothered with all the dress rules while on holiday.
  6. Thanks - maybe I'll need to spend more. I can't get over how expensive the internet is on Celebrity compared to other cruise lines I've sailed on.
  7. Perhaps someone can answer this - I like to keep an online travel blog and post photos on this. Would the surf package be enough for this? No video, just lower resolution photos.
  8. I phoned Celebrity and upgraded from balcony to concierge - I was told at the time that all the conditions and perks of my original booking remain. I'm glad I didn't do this online as the OP did!
  9. Yes. They just said that it was on the webpage correctly and I should try re-entering his details etc. I did all that they said but nothing has altered his Xpress pass or cruise documents. I might have a chat to the Captain's Club desk onboard.
  10. My issue is that my partner's Xpress pass and checking documents etc show he is "preview" when he is the same status as me which is "Select". When I look at his page online it shows the same membership points as mine and same sailing history but try as I might, Celebrity can't fix it! I mean it's not a big problem but I've phoned and been transferred from one person to another, I've emailed and had dumb replies. It's kind of just the principle of it all (and my OCD nature) 🙂
  11. We use the stairs on cruise ships - what do people do in this situation! How can the block an entire staircase?
  12. I'm so glad to read this. We embark Reflection on 29th for 10 nights so I'm assuming it will be either decorated or in progress. That will be be fun to see it all transformed.
  13. That seems more reasonable to me. I don't think we've ever spent time at any one bar so haven't tipped a barman. I'm sure we will tip our room steward after our next trip and maybe a few others but just smaller amounts than others have tipped. It's hard coming from a complete 'non tipping' culture - it really doesn't come naturally to us. We know we have to tip for service while in US and that's not an issue... you never know - we might tip our barman on the next trip 🙂
  14. OK, I am absolutely gobsmacked (astounded) at the additional tips mentioned by some here. We always pay the auto-tip but that's it. We've never tipped a barman or a waiter etc. Mind you we hardly eat at the MDR and if we do we never get the same staff. We did tip a butler years ago when he did go over and above for us and also a room steward on a recent short cruise. I'm blown away by the amounts given over and above the auto tip.
  15. On the Celebrity webpage for Concierge Class they no longer state Tote Bags as part of the room amenities. Mmmm... hadn't noticed that until now. Actually only suites state that you get a Tote bag now. https://www.celebritycruises.com/nz/things-to-do-onboard/staterooms/concierge-class-stateroom
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