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  1. Would anyone by chance have any photos of either of these cabins and balcony's? Indications a wheelchair can't fit out the door to the balcony, so I am curious how big the balcony is? Is it a sliding door or a normal door like you enter the cabin? Thanks
  2. Very much enjoying your Live report, especially the pictures. Thanks for taking the time. Norma
  3. Recipe is too complicated for me, guess I will just have to take another cruise.
  4. I loved al the mansion photos. I would have loved to live in the Breakers or the Marble house in their hay-days. Norma
  5. You are lucky the sky train was working. About 1/2 the time when I fly into EWR the Sky train is out of order, then you have to get on a bus..... Enough said.... Anxiously awaiting ship posts. Norma
  6. Jim I am so excited to see you are cruising again and doing a live review. I was hoping someone was doing a live review on the Equinox, but I guess not. With Chicagopauls review wrapping up I was desperate for another live review. Thank you!!! imhave never done a New England cruise so, will be very interested in your thoughts. Especially the lobster roll. Norma
  7. Paul that looks like a great itinerary. You will be on the ship on my birthday, please have a cocktail for me. Thanks for the wonderful review. Norma
  8. Just using my iphone XS for photo's. So convenient gave up my 35MM long ago.
  9. I am so sad, besides having withdrawal from my 21 days on the Millie, I was getting a fix from you and Edwards cruise. Now what to do, what to do? Always love your reviews and attention to detail. Can't wait for September..... Safe travels home.
  10. You must make friends with the bartenders Ivan, Putra and Tada, they are exceptional.
  11. Final thoughts!!! I had a great time on the Millie for a glorious 21 days. I sailed the Eclipse for 29 days Nov-Dec 2018 and 7 days on the Equinox in Feb 2019. I think I am going to bullet point hits and misses. Any questions, just let me know and I will try to answer. HITS 1. The staff were exceptional, from bartenders, rooms stewards, waiters and cleaners. Some shout outs to Ivan, Putra and Tada at the Martini bar. Norman in the Sky lounge. Dawn and Hanna in Cafe Al Bacio, and of course my room steward Jay. Everyone in Sushi on 5, I even wrote down all their names, but the paper evades me at the moment. 2. New bedding was very good, bed was higher than before which made it easier to get the luggage under. 3. Future cruise desk were friendly and helpful. 4. Surf internet package worked surprisingly well, no issues on the TP but no reception several places in Alaska. 5. Entertainment was good, however I did not attend the production shows. 6. Select dining on the TP wait time was good, most of the time no waiting o pager. 7. Only speciality dining was Sushi on 5, every meal was terrific and service great. 8. Room service for a few breakfast and lunch, was good not great usually received within 1/2 hr . 9. Glad they kept the cotton hand towels in the ladies room. 10. Liked the new seating on the Ocean view cafe. 11. Captains Club host, Gramae I hope I spelled that correct, such a charming guy. I have had him on more than one cruise, always look forward to seeing him MISSES 1. Food arrived cold in the main dining room in both select dining and assigned seating (the Alaska portion) Food was sent back countless times. Then they would say be careful the plate is very hot... plate was hot but food only warm. Now I don't expect food to be piping hot but have never experienced this before on any Celebrity ship. Even involving the asst maitre d and food continued to be cold, I really wish I knew what the issue was, but it was never resolved. I gave up and went to Sushi on 5 the last night. My waiter from the dining room even came to Sushi on 5 to speak with me. He was very nice and caring but I told him there must be an issue in the kitchen. I did feel bad for him, but I enjoyed my last meal in Sushi on 5. 2. Pastries in Cafe Al Bacio I have eaten more than my fair share of pastries from Cafe Al Bacio so I am pretty sure I know how they should taste. There was something off. All of the cakes has a cornbread consistency to the cake is the best way to describe, not light and fluffy. Some were stale, most wer uneatable. One bite and I was done. So looking forward to my first carrot muffin, again stale. Most of the frosting tasted like crisco and sugar. The choices were very limited and most days only 1 regular cake an one gluten free cate. On the positive this saved me from eating a lot of empty calories. I heard they brought on a new pastry chef in Ketchikan 3. Closet space, or should I say lack of closet space. I get it new designs contemporary furnishings. There is not enough space for 2 people to hang clothes, Even a long dress puddles because of the shelf. On the Alaska portion which I was traveling solo the closet space was sufficient. 4. Several issues I addressed with Celebrity regarding my room for the Alaska portion of the cruise. All issues were resolved however I was very disappointed that I had to bring these things to Celebrity's attention. Last thought I met some really great people and a fabulous time at the Martini bar and Sky lounge and Sushi on 5 and lost 2 pounds, who could ask for more than that. I am booked on the Sept 2020 TP from Vancouver to Toyko on the Eclipse in an Aqua cabin. I had a great vacation, spending time with my friend Sharon who I have know for 30 plus years. Overall in a year I probably won't remember the cold food in the dining room or the lack of storage. I will remember the new friends I have made and the staff. photos below Sushi a hit, pastries not so much.
  12. Saturday May 25.... Sorry for not finishing my thoughts earlier. Once I returned home I became very ill. Fever, cold, cough diarrhea ect, you get the drift. Today is the first day I feel like I am among the living. Thank God for my daughter who took care of me. I am not 100% but certainly on my way to recovering. Last morning on the ship I had to be at my assigned meeting place at 5:50am, way to early for me. The train was great lots of beautiful scenery. The also have a food and drink menu. The train pulls right into the airport so there are no worries about getting from the train to the airport, so so convenient. For some reason my picture have not loaded to my laptop from my phone. I will have to move over ther to load the pictures. First picture is the view from my balcony before leaving the ship.
  13. Paul did you mention you were doing the TP this Sept on the Millie? Just thinking about there not being a Murano on the ship, only Tuscan, Qzine and Sushi on 5. Norma
  14. Paul you will find a whole different demographic of people on an Alaskan cruise than on a Caribbean or a transatlantic cruise not that it’s bad it’s just different. A lot of people go to bed early because they want to get up and go to all of those expensive shore excursions. here are 2 pics from last week on the Millie. Bartenders took great care of me!!!
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