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  1. It just cant be, this 2 weeks passed with the blink of an eye. Please stay on for the BKB I need me live reviews. I am doing this same cruise next September on the Eclipse. Loved all the pictures and stories. I hope you will do a final recap. Norma
  2. I was on the Millie Trans pacific (in an accessible cabin)in April and had a lighted magnifying mirror on the desk. I stayed on for the next sailing (had to move cabins)but no mirror. I asked the room steward for one, he looked puzzled but said let me check it out. Came back about 1/2 hr later and told me they were only for the handicapped cabins and said he was sorry. Norma
  3. Glad you are having a great time and meeting so many new friends. Maybe I missed it, but could you tell me who the cruise director is? Norma
  4. I would call then both Heinz 57, Louie the lighter one we rehomed from an 82 yo woman, whose grand kids convinced her to get a puppy. They told her he was a multi poo, however she did a DNA and he is a little bit of everything except maybe a wolf hound, Merlin the darker one we adopted from the county animal shelter. No clue... Both do not shed, not sure how we got so lucky with that, they are best buds for sure. Enjoy your cruise. Norma
  5. So thrilled to find you live review, a few days late, but what counts is I found it. I have done several live reviews. It’s a lot of fun to do, but more work than I anticipated. I know what you mean about leaving your fur babies behind we have two Merlin and Louie. Here is what they look like when we start getting the suitcases out here is what they look like when we start getting the suitcases out.... i know you said you were not drinkers but a good friend of mine works the Martini bar he can pretty much make anything with or without alcohol, if you ever stop my say hello for me. His name is Putu, pic below. Swimming with the stingrays was a great experience, I have done it every time I have been in Cozumel.
  6. I am not a wine drinker, but a friend of mine opens the wine in her room and pours a glass to take to dinner. Just a thought.
  7. Edward when they have the blueberry pancakes try them, better than the buttermilk ones.
  8. I had the surf package on my TP in April, no issued uploading pics. However I as a rule don't stream. I would rather sit at the Martini Bar.
  9. The lobster salad was my all time favorite, followed by the filet. Norma PS so enjoying your review.
  10. Such a nice review to wake up to this Friday morning!!!! It's gridlock with taxi's and cars trying to pick up and drop off passengers not to mention the buses. You have to go down a flight, someone will certainly direct you. Sometimes it's better to enter through the Pan Pacific and take their elevator down. Have a great trip. Norma
  11. YEA!!!!! Finally, have been looking forward to this live review for a long time. Norma PS Great Martini Bar Staff, Tada, Putra and Ivan. I have given Tada the heads up you are on your way. Besides making a killer drink, he does some magic on the side.
  12. Call the Captains Club, I have never been able to figure out how to get the discount online. Norma
  13. love, love your pics! By the way could you give me your favorite seat numbers on the Air New Zealand to LHR Norma
  14. The bartenders are only allowed to mix the drinks in the menu. Not their rule but Celebrity’s rule. I have seen people who want a beer, a glass of wine or a simple cocktail being told I am sorry, they usually refer them to another bar. I have always had great bartenders at the WCB, it’s a shame when you don’t have a good interaction with them. Not to change the subject but how about a photo of the Martini bar staff (my favorite place) Norma
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