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  1. Actually, I am. This is to be our honeymoon cruise. It was rather spendy. And CoViD-19 is concerning for us all... especially in light of several Princess ships being affected or near-affected. Even so, I recognize that Princess is doing the best it can. My guess is that they are scrambling to meet the needs of its clientele. In speaking with our rep, they are working long, hard hours. A little patience, understanding, and empathy would be most appreciated. It is certainly in order.
  2. Thank you for your updates.... We were on the Royal two weeks ago, and I was a bit surprised at the lack of conversation around the virus. However, there were tons of announcements to wash your hands. And maybe that was the passive message. I love St. Thomas. My favorite thing to do is take the ferry to St. John and hike on the coast line. It is so beautiful and unspoiled. Please, keep us posted on your fabulous cruise!
  3. That is the kindest thing I have heard all day... week... month! Loving the blog. Sadly, I lack confidence in our 25 day sailing in April. Things are looking a bit grim on our roll call. However, we will hang in as long as we can stand it! In the meantime, Sign me- Your Faithful Follower
  4. Thank you for your updates... I think considering some of the latest developments, you are lucky to be asea. Forgive me if you already know this, If you want to know the guest numbers and the Elite, Plat, Ruby, Gold, and Blue count, you can always ask the Captains Circle Host(ess). They are normally really kind about tell me, especially if I am live blogging. I anxiously await your next check in! Tracie-Lynn
  5. Bon Voyage! I will be following closely as we are scheduled to do a 25 day cruise on the Sky in April.. We are remaining very fluid in our planning.
  6. Annie!!!!! I loved it! And I miss you! I have been a bit MIA due to some major.life.changes... (Just as a small tease... Honeymoon cruise in April!) Must catch up soon!
  7. Hi- I am sailing on my first Carnival Cruise. I have 100 shares of CCL. Would anyone do me a favor and post a link or send me the Carnival form for the shareholder benefit? I have looked all over their website and cannot seem to find it. Thank you so much! Tracie-Lynn
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