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  1. For our cruise, July 10, only the non-vaxed were given bracelets.
  2. Here are a few noted regarding our cruise. Overall experience....excellent! The ship is still new and in immaculate condition. We were told that our cruise was half full and it felt like it. No waiting for elevators or lines for dining. Celebrity has taken hygiene to a new level. There are cleaners everywhere sanitizing handrails, door buttons, elevators, tables/chairs etc.. They even have cleaners stationed outside the public "facilities" and they sanitize between guests! Our check-in was a breeze. We got in the Retreat line at 12:05 and were seated in Luminae at 12:4
  3. You should also keep an eye on the Covid situation in Bermuda. They are now experiencing another wave and are implementing a return to restrictions on store hours/closures (www.royalgazette.com).
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