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  1. Here are a few noted regarding our cruise.

    Overall experience....excellent!

    The ship is still new and in immaculate condition. We were told that our cruise was half full and it felt like it. No waiting for elevators or lines for dining.

    Celebrity has taken hygiene to a new level. There are cleaners everywhere sanitizing handrails, door buttons, elevators, tables/chairs etc.. They even have cleaners

    stationed outside the public "facilities" and they sanitize between guests!

    Our check-in was a breeze. We got in the Retreat line at 12:05 and were seated in Luminae at 12:45.

    We ate dinner at three specialty restaurants. The Steakhouse was fine but the extra fee was not worth it. Raw on 5 was good; the seafood tower was exceptional.

    Our favorite was Eden, hands down. A unique menu and you can watch the "artists" prepare/assemble each course.

    Luminae was outstanding. Marco and his team are very professional and will do anything to make your dining experience special. One night, my wife didn't

    fancy anything on the menu and when she mentioned this to the waiter Jose, he immediately rattled off several dishes not listed. She chose the Filet Mignon

    and it rivalled the same meal at the expensive Steakhouse!

    The shows were well done though playing to a quarter filled theater must be tough, especially for the comedian and the illusionist.

    The staff were all genuinely happy to have us onboard: being around so many smiling faces is contagious.

    Due to a foot injury I picked up a week prior to the cruise, we didn't get off at any of the 3 ports. We did hear that most things were closed in Nassau.

    Comments and observations.

    The Edge's Martini Bar sadly does not have the same vibrant and boisterous atmosphere we have enjoyed on the S class ships.

    No bar service in the theater before the shows, we quickly learned to BYOD.

    Very little shaded areas on the pool deck, including the Retreat pool area.

    Our intent on this cruise was to relax and enjoy some pampering; the Edge met all our expectations.





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  2. You should also keep an eye on the Covid situation in Bermuda. They are now experiencing another

    wave and are implementing a return to restrictions on store hours/closures (www.royalgazette.com).

  3. 19 hours ago, jmkennett said:

    Couple questions regarding the balcony.  Did you like it better than a normal one or is it too confining?  When you close the inner glass doors and open the outer balcony window, does the AC stay on or is it only off when all the windows/doors are open?  Is the privacy screen like a curtain?  Looks like it is on the railing window?  Seems a little strange in the evening.  Does it feel like you are sleeping with the balcony "in the cabin" and get the "tunnel" feeling as you describe?  I'm 50/50 on this new concept.  Thank you!

    The older verandahs have Perspex glass side walls which allows light and a sense of openness; the Edge IV's have solid walls thus the tunnel effect.

    We never closed the inner bi-fold doors so don't know if the AC remains on.

    The privacy is a curtain which divides the room from the verandah.

  4. We sailed on the Edge as invited guests Nov. 25 - 27. Our cabin was a C3 #12242.

    The Infinity verandah was quite small and from the bedroom it had a "tunnel" feel to it.

    I have bet my wife that Eden won't last; more attuned to Carnival than Celebrity.

    Having all information on an app worked well for my wife because she carries her phone everywhere. I only carry my cruise card when cruising. One big improvement on the app would be to include the operating hours of the restaurants etc. To get that info now you have to click on all the individual restaurants .

    Dividing the main dining room into four different venues is a great idea. Virtually no lines and service was less harried and rushed.

    We thought the food was back to the high standard we first experienced on Celebrity 15 years ago. We have been underwhelmed with the food quality on Celebrity for the last 3 - 4 years but we thoroughly enjoyed our dining on the Edge.

    The staff were all extremely courteous and helpful.


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