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  1. Hi Jim, this pretty much summed our cruise up from the 1st - 8th. Only difference was we had a week of sunshine with temps up and around 26c - 30c every day a sunny day. we mainly kept ourselves to the Tides bar as found the that Medusa was a bit repetitive and over crowded. Tomas & Maris was great outlet every night. No drunkenness on board that I saw albeit I had a few each night as you do on Holiday. Roll on next June for another trip in the Dream after the explorer in May of course. RR
  2. Hi Gill & Ray hope you are both well, yes that was exciting with that storm eh!! seems like an age ago now. Since the demise of the IE we have also done several 44 to date in total but still keep coming back to Thomson/TUI/Marella? we have 3 more planned between now and May 2020 will keep cruising until my old bones and bits of steel and plastic will allow it (ha ha) Over and out 😎
  3. Last year was on RC Rhapsody of the seas. same class ship as the Discoverys. to be honest really enjoyed the ships but the Entertainment left a lot to be desired but the service knocked spots off TUI/ Marella afraid to say. This year we tried P&O Oceana lovely ship but not for me. still a country boy at heart and still looking for the silver spoon I was meant to have at meal times. Marella needs to up its service and not cut back on waiters and other staff and to stop making cutbacks so we the paying customers dont have to wait..unlike RC and we paid less for that week. but at the end of the day I prefer the friendly staff of Marella but there just isn't enough of them. RR
  4. 2 weeks out Jim, never mind. one day eh 😎 Mind you that will be our 4th this year 2 x Dream plus 2 x Oceana Plus 1 land Holiday around a friends on Majorca.
  5. So Jim, when are you do back on the Dream again!
  6. That's a shame Jim, probably spoke as well 😅
  7. Greetings all and thanks for the warm welcome "Back" since the Demise of the IE have ventured far a field? Spirit x 3, Discovery x 2, Dream x 5, RC Rhapsody of the seas and 2 x on PandO Oceana. Last time on the Dream in May. I hope you are all well. I/we have booked the Explorer for my retirement cruise on may 1st 2020 as my retirement date is May 6th 2020 also taking our Granddaughter who will be 10 when we sail. Cant believe I'd done over 4K posts on here ..ha ha Happy cruising all RR
  8. Greetings all. Long time no see 😋 Am getting a bit Adventurous in my old age. we are trying out the Explorer on May 1st 2020. Just wondered if anybody else bill be on for the 2 weeks? RR
  9. 6083 in June, will keep that warm for you Mr Jim
  10. I know what the Discovery lacks? nowhere to have a quiet chat like the Sports bar on the IE. I think thomson/tui/meralla have missed a trick there every where you go on an evening there is Music or some kind of show on. As for Mein Schiff 2, the germans are now keeping here and us mortals will have to do with?? have a pleasant read Mr Jim and have a nice week end RR
  11. Doing good thanks Jim, miss the old girl but life goes on now she's sailing to China for scrap as I type. done the Dream last year twice and Discovery 3 times. jumping ship in November to RCI Rhapsody of the seas. have you been keeping up with the Mein Schiff 2 saga?
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