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  1. Well, Today we should have been in Ajaccio Corsica on the Marella Dream but as all good stories, today would have been a complete washout as Ajicco had major floods from thunderstorms with cars being washed away etc etc..but its not all doom and gloom. yesterday got my refund from the cruise back ..every penny. So all good stories do have a happy ending after all. Stay safe veryone XX
  2. Bit of Deja Vu with the Island Escape. 5 years back. The Next will be the Dream in 2 / 3 years time..its a never ending roller coaster of sailing and getting to its end of Life on the seas.
  3. Hi Jim, yep alive and kicking. being a key worker and all..putting ourselves at risk so everyone can have power. I've still got 1 more cruise to have a credit refund for that on June 9th on the Dream. Today I would have been in Kopor, one of my favourite ports. but thats history now. Stay safe .
  4. Greetings folks. Well this should have been the second week of my retirement cruise on the "Explorer" 1st week Greek Island and this week the Adriatic. What a surprise I got last Thursday an email confirming my Refund Credit plus 20%. No hesitation to book another Cruise for next year. Have opted for the Disco II for May 14th for near enough the same itinerary . But I was very surprised how quick the refund come through hopefully everyone else can get lucky. RR
  5. Marella explorer now this minute heading towards Southampton
  6. Hi Jim, I can't see anybody Cruising for a while at least October? Minimum.
  7. I have 3 cruises booked for 1st May for 2 weeks (retirement) Explore cruise and another week from the 9th June on the Dream and one more in July for my big birthday again on the Dream. and I'm fairly certain we are not going on any off them being very practical and seeing what else is going on in Europe at this moment in time. Just waiting till 1 week before each one is meant to sail that we are meant to be cruising and getting an Email from Marella (tui) to either re-book or cancel and getting a full refund. At this moment in time me and my immediate family are all safe and well and hopefully look back and say well I/we lived through the great Virus..Cruising is not on my priority list. RR
  8. Hi, I have had confirmation from my friend who was on Disco II that he and others had landed at Gatwick this morning and was then picking up luggage. As far as I know everybody off the ship apart from crew members
  9. Everybody on Disco 2 now heading home or are at home. A friend on board kept me informed over the past 4 days. even with captains announcements. Regards RR
  10. Greetings all. regarding the refurb on the Dream it is mainly below decks with Engine work and the likes.
  11. While on the topic of lifts 😎 They are programmed (logic) to operate if you press the button the way you want to go if you want to go up press the up button but don't press up or down if you do it then will take you which ever way was called 1st by another person on another level. Hopefully its clear (as mud) 🏋️‍♀️
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