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  1. 2 - Anthem 36 - Grandeur 64 - Grandeur 167 - Adventure 300 - Grandeur 428 - Grandeur I have to avoid the Next Cruise desk!
  2. No problems with the correct amount and future points earned. One caveat, BOA's communications lean heavily towards selecting minimum payment as your payment option. They are not nearly as clear as Chase cards about what to pay. So, if you select autopay or e-bill notifications and want to pay off the balance, be careful. Most of their notices about "payment due" only show the minimum. Otherwise, earning points and redeeming has been accurate and easy.
  3. Kids, Anyone know the percentage discount for D+ on single Voom for the entire cruise? I'm measuring it against the current and actual sale for my upcoming cruise. Thanks in advance.
  4. I can hardly contain my joy as I reviewed the Black Friday "sale" on the items I was considering for my upcoming Anthem cruise. All dining options - exactly the same price as last week! Single device Voom - from $13.99 per day to $12.99 per day. There actually may be a break on deluxe beverage, $47.99, but I was not considering that. Hope you all fare better.
  5. My take- -I got the card for the bonus 10,000 points. I have cashed in for $250 OBC so far. -I only use it for RCI purchases. To use it for anything else at 1% is a total waste. -My everyday card gets 1.75% back on everything. (no fee). -My AARP card gives 3% on travel. It has a limit, but it is a generous one. -Beware of paying your bill. I find that Bank of America obfuscates what you owe so that you pay the minimum and then have an interest fee. Look at your payment choices very carefully. -Do not open, use, redeem, and cancel. Just leave it dormant; there is no fee. Multiple canceling of cards giving offers can well effect credit rating and future applications. -I opened a Carnival Mastercard recently on a cruise on Pride. It had a $200 deduction from my onboard expenses charged to the card. I just had to make one more purchase on land. It will now sit dormant, never to be used again. I'm thinking that after my next redemption, I'm going back to 3% AARP for cruise fare and onboard purchases, tips, etc.
  6. The seas? It is sometimes calm and sometimes there have been colossal storms that damaged parts of Anthem. There is no way of knowing in advance. I've had 3 foot and 17 foot waves in the same 24-hour day. The only constant? They are salty and wet and cold and deep.
  7. Len, in my opinion you will find it better than Grandeur in all venues. Windjammer is way better. There are many other options, also. There is a great breakfast, sandwich, salad, and snack venue at the rear of the ship by 270. Beware of the macaroons - addictive. The Solarium Bistro is a good alternative for embarkation day; I'll be there on December 8! You know that Park Cafe on Grandeur is okay in a pinch. There is better in the Promenade on Anthem. They also have a fairly good Sorrento's. Before the hatin' starts, I am a huge fan of Grandeur and sail her regularly.
  8. Sometimes you can have a cabin that is noisy earlier in the day - by galleys, below chairs being rearranged, next to a stewards supply closet, by the theater during daytime rehearsals, having an adjoining room with a door to the next cabin, near equipment needed for docking (anchors, azipods). I've done 30 cruises and just finished one that was my only GTY. I booked close to sail date, and the only interiors left to choose were poor locations. I figured I had nothing to lose. I got lucky; it was deck 3 way forward (all the way) but mostly quiet. I could hear the bass somewhat from the band during performances in the theatre, but it would be over by 10:00 (if at all) and not really intrusive.
  9. Is the benefit extended to paramours for just the illicit cruise or will they remain permanent?
  10. Why did you click on it? Seems contradictory.
  11. I should have waited longer to respond. I see you have many fantastic ideas.
  12. What a curt reply. Try this one: Grandeur's Diamond Lounge has seating for about 20-22. Most of the twelve day cruises have over 500 D's and above. Anthem's Diamond Lounge has seating for about 25-30. On my last Anthem 12-day, there were over 1,200 D's and above. How early do you think a person should get there? Do you think if a D+ throws a towel over a chair it would be considered saved. Another other good ideas?
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