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  1. Can it be used to remove those pesky virus-carrying passengers looking to share the elevator?
  2. Exactly. And will everyone be cabin-quarantined until return to a port?
  3. November 9 Grandeur Caribbean 11 night. I don't think there is any chance of it sailing at all. The indications were 3 and 4 nighters at first. There's nothing sailing before 10/31. The math tells me a refund is coming.
  4. I saw Steve Morris on a Princess cruise, also. Very good. He was a finalist in the Princess entertainer of the year competition.
  5. You'll have to keep track of which countries will admit Americans.
  6. Thanks for the link. Joyce is incredible. Saw her in the show and in the lounges on the December 8, 2019 Anthem.
  7. Took me awhile to remember this name. Joyce Kuo - singer/guitarist She was the lead guitar for "We Will Rock You" on Anthem and would play acoustic sets in the Schooner Bar. The girl could play! Great sets at the Schooner. Great, dry sense of humor. She performed on the last night of her contract at the time and was heading home for vacation. Someone in the lounge asked her if she would miss the ship. I still remember her answer, "Yeah, I will; but a girl has to shop, right."
  8. I'm so torn on this. One thought is to go with basic black; always in good taste. But then again, I would hate to neglect my military dress kilt.
  9. The words of Charlie Brown to Violet come to mind.
  10. While we're speculating. . . Can turtles spread Covid19? If so, will they be required to wear masks during diving excursions in Barbados?
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