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  1. The gift card center seems to arbitrarily accept or deny gift card purchases and bonus cards. I purchased 10 digital $1000 cards. I received 9 cards and 9 bonus cards. My credit card was billed for 10 cards. My TA was able to apply all the cards except one bonus card, which wouldn’t go through, as there was a zero balance on it! I called the card center about the $1000 card that I didn’t receive (but was billed for), and after talking to 4 people, they couldn’t help me. The last person I spoke with suggested I dispute it with my credit card company. I disputed it, and the credit card company credited my account. I decided to try and purchase another $1000 card with a different credit card, and that purchase was denied, but I was billed for it. A couple of days later, my credit card showed a credit for the $1000 charge. It appears I was cut off for further purchases. Although it was a hassle, I still received eight $50 gift cards. Not bad!
  2. I second the suggestion to visit Butchart Gardens. It’s quite spectacular. Butchart Gardens are 14 miles (23 kilometers) north of Victoria's Inner Harbour on Vancouver Island, about 30 minutes away by road. Buses run to the gardens from downtown Victoria and the Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal. You can also take a shuttle bus, taxi, or limo from the Fairmont Empress in Victoria to Butchart Gardens.
  3. I’m surprised that there seems to be no limit on the number of cards that can be ordered under this promotion. After ordering five yesterday, I’ve ordered three more today...so far. They’re all printed out and ready to give to my TA.
  4. I got five. I ordered each separately and used different “to” names and “from” names, but used my same email address and credit card. I’m not sure I needed to change the names, but I did, just in case.
  5. You may not be able to get a refund on the bonus cards if you cancel after their expiration date, which is 4/30/20.
  6. I think the Mother’s Day promotion was the same, but the Father’s Day was to buy a card for $500 and get $25. Poor dads get no respect! 😉
  7. Yes, just call your TA and they will apply each one as a payment. Then he/she should send you a new invoice.
  8. Thank you for letting us know. Have a wonderful cruise, and enjoy that free money!
  9. Sorry, I couldn’t find the answer to your question. If you call Princess, they may be able to tell you when the promo ends. Come back and let us know if you find out.
  10. Exactly. I never turn down free money. Princess had a gift card promotion last Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, so keep an eye out for this year too.
  11. The $1000 gift cards don’t expire, so you can use them anytime, either for OBC or to pay for part or all of any of your cruise balances. The $50 bonus cards can be used the same way, but they expire on 4/30/2020. So use your bonus cards first and before the deadline. I just received all five of my digital $1000 cards plus all five of the $50 bonus cards by email. It only took ten minutes from order to receipt.
  12. The email from Princess says that you can order up to 5 cards. That’s what I did. Hopefully I’ll get the $50 bonus for each. Everything will be applied to my upcoming cruise.
  13. I tried to create a photo album and failed twice! Not sure what I did wrong, but I would like to delete the two albums with zero photos in them. Can you help me? They’re both named Crystabel. Thank you.
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