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  1. Thank you all for your replies - looking forward to some safe cruising when this is over- Take care
  2. Thanks Yorky, If the situation was clearer I would do just that. We have just moved our March 2021 cruise to March 2022 in the hope that insurance becomes available at a realistic price. Our insurers will not offer cover when our current policy expires on 05 July - we both have existing health conditions which limit our choice of insurance company.
  3. That was the point I was trying to make in #23 - thank you for thinking the same.
  4. Hi, we are in a similar situation - final payment due on 16th. May for a 12th. July Europe cruise booked direct with Celebrity. I am pretty sure that we will be cancelled as the ports will not want to accept cruises if they are still coming out of lockdown. Also, cruisers may have to consider the 14 day quarantine issue. FCC will not work for us as our travel insurer will not give us a quote at present (current policy runs out 05 July). When I read the CDC article it states: The Order applies to all cruise ships operating, or seeking to operate, in waters subject to US jurisdiction, including those that have previously voluntarily suspended operations. So am I correct in saying that decision does not affect us? Fingers crossed for a decision from Celebrity before 16th.
  5. As there is no 'event' can you still obtain drinks from the Elite menu at the bars between 5 and 7p.m.? We have had drinks packages for some time, but will not have one next cruise, so I cannot recall if the Elite benefit applies on embarkation day.
  6. Thanks again. I have to agree that driving away straight from the ship is less hassle and worth the £15-£20 extra for your recommendation hotel and parking. I will book both tomorrow.
  7. Thanks but unfortunately the West Quay PI is full that night. I will keep watching for a cancellation- unless you can suggest one of the others in the area.
  8. That is okay -it wasn't like you - I will wait until more people start looking for prices. Doubletree by Hilton and Holiday Inn@ Eastleigh are around £180-200 for 1 night, 15 days parking and a return taxi if anyone is looking. I see there is a 10% with code AUTUMN on another topic.
  9. I was looking for a discount code for the port parking. I have seen these here before and wanted to compare that to a hotel stay and cruise deal away from the port. Apologies if this wasn't clear before but not sure why the less than your usual very helpful reply.
  10. Hi, Has anyone got a 2020 discount code for the parking at the port? 2 years ago we booked an overnight at Holiday Inn Eastleigh with 2 weeks parking and a taxi to and from the dock - I would like to compare prices for this August. Thanks,
  11. Gibraltar is on this itinerary - thank you for explaining this. I can let our Celebrity advisor know!!!
  12. So glad I could help. Have a wonderful time in Japan
  13. I have been searching CC for the last few days and have read so many different responses to my particular issue. We are sailing out of UK to Spain and Portugal and as we have the benefit of Elite gatherings had decided to select the no perks deal - and just enjoy the drinks on offer there and buy water for tours and the occasional soft drink or beer /wine(I don't recall recently having the choice of no perks). Purchasing the 2 perks deal will cost us £650 for the cruise or put the way we are saving £650 by going sail only. BUT, this itinerary is predominantly Spain and I understand we will not only pay gratuities per drink (as expected) but also Spanish VAT. Can someone confirm if this is throughout the cruise or only in Spanish waters. I can then try to do the maths and see if it would be better to buy the drinks package and one other perk rather than watch each drink go up by 18% and then 21%. When I asked our Celebrity cruise agent she replied -" you always say that CC people have the answers - let me know"!!!! Thanks in advance - and Happy Healthy New Year to you all!.
  14. Just back from our wonderful Japan cruise - the data sim worked perfectly everywhere - extremely good coverage even far out to sea! It was simple to set up, clear instructions and data speeds seemed very reasonable despite being LTE rather than 4G.Totally recommend this product. Waggie
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