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  1. It’s a blast reading their blogs - actually cruising with ‘em has to be quite the chucklefest.
  2. Not Z but couldn’t not chime in...I’m 20 year retired USAF, my father-in-law and daughter are USN, brother, cousin, and a few uncles were USA, brother-in-law is USMC, and there’s probably a Coastie or two in there somewhere. Needless to say, family reunions are interesting. FWIW, there was a veteran’s lunch on my last cruise and I almost didn’t attend as I just assumed it would be some old field-grade or higher officers reliving the glory days - man, was I wrong!! Met some great people who made the rest of the cruise a blast. My wife and I started cruising on Regent in 2009 when we were 40 and 48, respectively, and we’ve always found fun and interesting people to hang with. Having said all of that, I still need to find a way to cruise with Z and TB.
  3. Will do, all, thanks! We’re especially proud of her and her good taste as when we asked her what she wanted to do to celebrate her homecoming, she didn’t hesitate: “I want to go on a Regent cruise with you guys!” What a kid. PS - We took her and her sister on Navigator about 10 years ago on a 7-night to Alaska and she’s still got the bug.
  4. Yep, rudeness should NEVER be allowed and if someone at Regent is being rude to customers it should be grounds for immediate termination.
  5. Flossie, not knowing the ratios could cause some slight problems as well. I’ll stick with my old standby cocktails at home and play a bit when I’m onboard next.
  6. Boats - I’ll tell her, thanks! Be sure and tell your swabbing that the zoomie thanks him for his service as well - and to you for holding down the fort for all those years. Military spouses get overlooked WAY too often. I had to laugh because my daughter had a layover on her flight back from Quatar. They stopped for fuel, and the passengers got some beer and pretzels to snack on while they serviced the aircraft. It was their first alcohol in something like 8 months, I’m sure it was special being German bier!! But the funny thing is that they were at Frankfurt/Hahn which she didn’t know used to be an active US air base and was coincidentally my last duty station in Germany before I came back stateside for the end of my career. Small world.
  7. Wouldn’t it be nice if Regent could provide the Illy espresso machines in the basic suites upon request if the large public machines were out of service? I’m sure there are quite a few people in the upper suites who don’t use theirs - I’d bet there’d be a way to reallocate them as required...
  8. That shouldn’t be ‘interesting’, it should be the norm. Hence the descriptor ‘luxury’. Regent used to have serious problems with Destination Services - from what I’ve seen on my last few cruises that mostly seems to be fixed. I’m sure they could fix the home office customer service issues if they tried.
  9. Time is relative, Mudhen. Only 10:15? Have a drink. Who am I to judge you? If I wasn’t in the office and still financially required to work (cruises ain’t free) I’d join ya! 🤪
  10. We usually try to have at least one on the books to look forward to (we just recently had four pending, which is easily a first - and probably last) for us. I never checked my account unless I had one pending so I can’t say whether it makes a difference - but I will say it SHOULDN’T make a difference. There are some nice features on Regent’s website, but there are still quite a few areas that could use some work....
  11. I must be getting old because I NEVER saw any websites in the 60s-70s, good or bad...
  12. I could be wrong, but I thought they had cocktails named after each ship (i.e. Navigator Cocktail, Explorer Cocktail, etc.) that were available on each ship, but they had a new line of ‘Signature Cocktails’ that were only available on Splendor in one of the lounges, served by specially trained mixologists.
  13. As usual, I’m late to the party. Seems like we’ve gone from cabins to camping to riots. Never a dull moment on these boards... I had to agree with the camping comments - I used to love camping out when I was younger - West Virginia and Colorado were personal favorites. But after 20 years of military service, several of which included ‘non-voluntary, non-recreational camping’ it kind of lost its luster. And my wife is also of the ‘roughing it is not having room service’ persuasion, so camping isn’t in the cards for me any more. An RV, maybe, but even then, I prefer a cruise. 🙂 We’re planning a short ‘vacation’ to Norfolk in a few weeks to see our daughter, who is FINALLY back from Afghanistan. She was due home in April but Covid had different plans for them. So she’s back on US soil but in a 14 day lockdown. As soon as she’s free, we’re going to spend a few days with her. That’ll be fun! This was the same daughter we had planned a cruise with, well, right now (we were supposed to be in the Med right now). Obviously that didn’t go so we’re looking to the fall (unlikely) or early spring (a bit more likely). So much going on in the world today and all I want to do is take a cruise for a few weeks. Does that make me a bad person? LOL!
  14. Did you need to request this or did it just hit your account? We were scheduled to be sailing today, actually, which of course didn’t happen. I think it was just a 7 or 10 day cruise, but every night helps...
  15. Well, we usually discuss football around our water cooler, but that’s not much of an option yet... FWIW, we just chose our excursions last week for our Jan ‘21 cruise. Still a lot of variables in the equation but it’s fun to look anyhow.
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