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  1. Splendor. Jealous. Must cruise....
  2. I agree that it would be great if someone was able to proactively take care of our vacations, but I also believe that we, as travelers, have a certain responsibility to make sure everything is properly taken care of. Like you said, "I be checkin' my flight arrangements" too. And hotel. And transfers. And everything else I can think of. Yes, a good TA is a valuable asset and they can give you good information and also be there for you if and when things go south. But at the end of the day, it's our responsibility to make sure things are in order.
  3. For me, functional stretch is when I put my shoes on in the morning...and I didn't need to pay $109/hr +18% either. 😁
  4. Same thing on our last cruise - they announced at the distillery that we could buy as much rum as we wanted and they'd let us have it when we disembarked. We told them we were on Regent and they said, "Oh, never mind - you can take it with you if you want." No worries bringing wine or spirits on board (within reason, I expect).
  5. Philly - may I ask where your upcoming cruise is taking you? Some regions just don't have the variety and exclusiveness we're used to from other areas. I'm specifically thinking about the Caribbean - the excursion offerings there are somewhat lame, but I think that's the region and not Regent. Looking at what's available in Europe and the Pacific it still looks like there are quite a few awesome options available.
  6. On Explorer in the F2 (and I assume most other cabins) there is a downward facing nightlight in the hallway just above the bathroom door. It's controlled by a rocker switch on either side of the bed (the one with the tiny blue LED in it) so you can click it on at night, walk to the bathroom and back with some light, and then switch it off once you're back in bed. The blue LED in the switch helps ensure you don't crank on the reading light or recessed bed lights by mistake. It's a really nice feature that a lot of people don't know about.
  7. There are quite a few options to stay in touch as others have said. We've found that the 3 hours of time for Gold is usually MORE than sufficient for staying in touch, but if you don't have that perk the internet calling is a great option. I've been dropped a few times but for the most part it's pretty reliable. I also don't think you can 'gift' any phone time to other people but someone can definitely use your phone. I know on Explorer you could easily let a friend use the wireless handset by the bed and they could sit on the balcony for privacy if necessary. And yes, calling the ship from a US landline (or any landline, for that matter) is crazy expensive. If anyone ever needs to get in touch with you, have them text or message you somehow and call them back, or at the very least if they call get their number and call them right back. No need to blow a ton of money on calls in this day and age.
  8. As of today, the Dock Report still shows you as Terminal J.
  9. I'd double-check online the night before just to be safe. We switched from J to F some time between our docs being issues and our embarkation (Jan 8 sailing, same as Robroy). There are a couple of ways to check but this one seems to be very accurate: https://www8.miamidade.gov/Apps/Seaport/dailydock/Default.aspx Just enter the dates you want it it will show which ships are where.
  10. I agree that a busy port day can preclude my attending a 9:30 show...but if it's one of the shows I really want to see, I quick nap will usually recharge me enough to make it.
  11. Perhaps a bit harsh? Somehow I seriously doubt that Regent realigned the port schedule just to inconvenience passengers...
  12. Robroy - my apologies - this was probably the first M&M that I attended that I didn't really M or M. My mother was having some mobility issues and we were concerned about her condition and didn't really socialize that much. Glad you stepped up to the F2 - I really do think the (usually minor) additional cost is well worth it. Perhaps we'll sail together again and I can make a proper introduction. Hell, I'll even buy the first round. 😄
  13. Well, I'll tell you up front you're not going to see $100+ whiskey being poured without a surcharge. But on the plus side, Regent doesn't care if you bring a bottle or two on board, so if you need to have that Lagavulin 21 with ya, they won't mind if you bring a bottle with you.
  14. Where is this 'Bar Harbor' everyone is talking about? I had a lovely time in Maine and in a place the locals called Baahaabah, but I have no clue where 'Bar Harbor' is...
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