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  1. Keeping in mind, of course, that even though they 'spotlight' a few wines each night, you can always ask for another wine from the included list at no extra charge. And the upgrade fees to the reserve wines is usually pretty reasonable. All the more reason to attend the early wine tastings to see what the included wines are and which ones are to your taste. 🍷
  2. We've only been cruising with Regent since 2009 but I also think the quality of the basic wines has slipped a bit in the last few years. We've encountered very few 'bad' wines, but it seems like the hidden gems we used to find are missing these days. Nothing offensive, but nothing really exciting either. 'Uninspiring' is an apt description. Honestly, at their current price point, tacking on a few hundred dollars more to have better wine throughout the cruise seems like a good proposition, IMO.
  3. We also did the champagne brunch/tasting and it was an absolute blast. First time I'd ever seen someone saber a bottle o' bubbly. The pairings were fantastic. I can't remember where we heard about it, but it's definitely good advice to both attend the first wine tasting and get in good with the head sommelier.
  4. One year on my wife's birthday, we got escorted down to Prime 7 by our butler, everyone wished her a happy birthday, the GM stopped by our table and sang Happy Birthday to her, and they had a special dessert for her. This was in addition to the balloons and banner in our cabin and the announcement on the CCTV system. All in all a nice, special day for her.
  5. Well, my wife's a banker and my father-in-law is a CPA. I don't know who to make fun of... (Just kidding - I've been married long enough to know the answer to that question!) 🤣
  6. Technically 'threads' and not Tweets (Twitter might get in a snit) but I'd think the Mods could monitor which ones are actually being viewed and how often and possibly un-pin some that haven't been visited in a while. I don't really think there are too many but I agree with Wendy that we don't really have room for more...
  7. @briar14 Thanks, neighbor! LOL! Got your updates in, thanks for taking the time to post!! Hope you had a great cruise, we're not on board Splendor until January...
  8. Agreed. Although I somewhat prefer the additional options on the newer Regent ships, I'd happily sail on any of them - Navigator included. But to be honest, if I had two identical itineraries to choose from, I'd lean toward the Explorer-class ships mostly for the additional dining and culinary arts kitchen. And the F2 cabins are a nicer feel, too. But since we choose mostly by itinerary and schedule, we often still sail on the older ladies - and have a great time on board. Definitely personal preference.
  9. I'm one of those guys who always tends more to the casual side of things but I totally agree with both of these gentlemen - I've never brought a tux on a regent cruise but I always have a sport coat or blazer with me just in case I need to bring things up a notch. A small notch, granted, but a notch nonetheless. I do draw the line at a tie, though.
  10. It's okay. We know where you've been. Signed, Apple, Google and Samsung
  11. Kind of tangential to the conversation, I had always considered Crystal and Seabourn to be possible substitutes for Regent. But on one of our early cruises, I was in the Connoisseur Club having an "International Moment" (a Cuban cigar and some Scotch whiskey) when a couple came in to smoke the first of many cigarettes. I got a sort of negative vibe off of them from the get go, like a cloud of snootiness surrounded them. She in her slinky dress and he in his razor creased jeans (ugh), slicked back hair, mirrored shades (indoors in the evening!), etc...and they proceeded to list their complaints about Regent (enrichment, wine selection, crew, food, etc.) and how everything was FAR superior on Crystal and "Why on earth anyone would EVER sail on Regent"... As they left, I wished them a nice remainder of their cruise and said how sorry I was that we'd never get to sail together again. I also moved Seabourn up to first alternative cruise line and let Crystal slip to the bottom. 🙂 I know, I know - not everyone who sails Crystal is like that...but c'mon...
  12. @Fortunate2 We haven't sailed Silversea but we did a TON of research before we booked our first luxury cruise (actually first cruise, period) back in 2009 and between that and also looking at other options over the years, I think your enjoyment of a Regent cruise will depend a lot on you and your approach. I think the major luxury cruise lines are more similar than different and if you keep an eye on the positives I'm sure you'd have a great experience. Where I see people having issues is when they dwell on the differences and get worked up about seemingly minor things. For example, Regent does a 'block party' on each cruise where the senior staff runs around the ship (literally) to meet with all the passengers. Wine and snacks are served and it's a fun diversion. Other lines don't do this...but if you sailed on Crystal or Silversea and expected this you might get miffed if it doesn't happen. But each of the other lines has their special things that you get used to, so I think it's all a matter of managing expectations. We haven't sailed on any of the other lux lines yet, but I always keep my eye on them in case I see a super itinerary that I'd like to try. I'm sure that any of them would make me happy - but between our familiarity, loyalty programs, and all around positive experiences I haven't quite been pulled away yet. But everything I've read leads me to believe that although we all have our favorite lines, any of them will take good care of you as long as you keep an open mind. Just my two cents. Happy travels, whatever you choose!
  13. I've never had an empty fridge on any Regent cruise. It's never even gotten low on any items - stocked daily, if not multiple times daily. And no, I don't believe the crew thinks any passengers are 'less important' - we received stellar service on our first few Regent cruises - that's what kept us coming back. I think it's just easier for them to meet your needs once they've determined your likes and wants.
  14. Count me in on this group, too - filling out the butler request on PH and above somewhat speeds things up, but our stewards have always been great about setting us up quickly. Hell, if there's a delay in getting your preferred libation while you're unpacking/unwinding, just call for cocktails or mosey to one of the bars. Lots of options...
  15. They usually have included tastings of the 'house' wines, but you can upcharge for some premium wine tastings and we've attended some of these that were absolutely phenomenal. Usually run something like $179/pp but they often have some real 'unicorn' wines in there...highly recommend getting friendly with the sommelier and reading Passages to keep abreast of the options.
  16. Yeah, but I could drive to Charleston real easy. 😁
  17. But not by DaveFr, who seemed to have good info. 🙂
  18. The one issue with this is that by the time Regent issues your itinerary it may be too late to get the actual flights you want. It's my understanding they only contract for a limited number of seats and when those are gone, they're gone. I think most people who are particular about their specific flights choose them early and just pay the deviation to make sure you get the routing you really want. Edited to add - might want to read through the 'Regent Air with and without Air Deviation' sticky. A ton of information in there...
  19. We've never had any problems dealing with Regent Air - I'm going to have to assume that any issues with travel arrangements can be directly attributed to Covid. But I agree - be that squeaky wheel. 🤪
  20. We've done Filipino and Indian and you can't go wrong with either one. As an aside, it's obvious there's not a contingent of crewmembers from Mexico as their Mexican food spread at the pool grill usually leaves a lot to be desired. 🙂 Don't get me wrong - I still eat it, but it would never fly out West.
  21. I would think they'd have to - I can't see how they can break even with half-full ships...these initial sailings have to be more of a 'proof-of-concept' rather than revenue generation for Regent.
  22. Maybe...but don't tell my wife! <rimshot> Actually, out of all of those adjectives, only 'graying' fits...but not slightly! (well, maybe kinda slightly)
  23. <gasp> Not a one of these has a review in Suite Guru. 😥
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