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  1. I too am a Florida resident and when I log into my disney experience it will only allow me three reservations for entrance to a park at one time. As soon as I use one another will be available. I don't even know how many years we have been annual pass holders. being a Florida native I can't tell you how many times we have been but it's the finances deal. Once a year would be more than enough for me!
  2. The biggest changes are only one park per day and you have to make reservations ahead of time to visit a park. You can only have three reservations at any one time.
  3. I was at Disney World two weeks ago and it is like a ghost town. Yes, there are guests, but everyone is so far apart. Most eateries are closed and staff everywhere wiping and reminding anyone that drops mask below their nose. It is so much different than in the past. When you park, you have to walk all of the way up to the monorails because the trams are not running. I will say wearing a mask in Florida heat is not a fun thing, and I can't see it being fun on a ship either!
  4. Since everyone is just guessing, and that is all we have done since the start of Covid I'm gonna guess cruises won't get started up before February 2021 at the earliest!
  5. Sail aways may be backed up till 6 or 7pm because of the extra time to get passengers on the ship. You may not be able to debark until 10 or 11 am because of distancing.
  6. Not until they can show me that they will survive. I'm not dangling my funds on a what if!
  7. If you expand the Port Everglades or port Miami page you can see all of the blue dots sitting out in the Atlantic Ocean. Move cursor over dots and it will give ships name.
  8. Carnival Corporation is selling off 18 ships. Fox News announced that a couple of days ago.
  9. I miss cruises a lot! The excitement of sail away and meeting new friends, but I just can't get excited about wearing a mask all day while on vacation. Hopefully one day we can return to the old normal!
  10. I've read posts where people were saying once the ship sails the mask is coming off and they can't make me wear it!
  11. Since we are speculating about everything cruises I say no cruises until summer2021
  12. I would get a refund of everything. I would wait until things get up and running before putting monies out on a hope and a prayer! Start dates are nothing but a guess, and once you decide to lift and shift a refund is no longer an option.
  13. Watched a rocket launch one year at night from a hotel at Canaveral the night before our cruise.
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