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  1. I love ready your posts Chief! So when do you think cruises from the US will start back up?
  2. They just announced on the news that the CDC has a No Sail order until November.
  3. So I doubt that the Adventure is going to be the only ship doing this. Probably 3 or 4 will be docked waiting for passengers after this gets started.
  4. I paid $50 for two people in a limo from the airport to downtown. And the limo picked us up at the cruise terminal and took us to the airport for $50, plus Seattle has port valet so you don't have to drag your luggage off of the ship. It is delivered to the airport and to your destination at no charge.
  5. That's exactly what I'm talking about. We're not talking about a big airport!
  6. And if you have to fly into Nassau like the night before, where are you gonna stay? Paradise Island! bring your wallet!
  7. The airport in Nassau will be a madhouse. I don't see them being prepared for an influx of flights and cruise passengers!
  8. It's gonna be cleaning chemicals that you will smell everywhere on the ship!
  9. I made the decision to not give any money to the cruise lines until they are up and running, and they can prove that the ship and it's passengers won't be quarantined again. I have only done about 35 cruises, and I love them as much as the next person but I'm not giving the cruise lines money for something that is still so uncertain!
  10. I was on that ship the week of the 29th. I think they shut it down one week later.
  11. How many cruises have you had booked at any one time?
  12. So sorry for your loss Bill. Me and my fiancé have met so many great people throughout the years of cruising, and it has been tough in many ways because of this covid thing, as you all know! Hopefully one day cruises will return and we can meet more wonderful people and have more good times! Stay safe and healthy everyone.
  13. What are the chances of any ships sailing this summer? It's sad to think of cruising this way, but do we see anything that is leading us to believe that cruises will return any time soon? I quit letting them hold any of my money until things get back underway.
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