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  1. Self debarkation will be first and you can probably be off the ship around 7.30. We always do this usually are off pretty early. Every cruise we cut down on the amount of luggage we bring so that this process is easier. Happy cruising!
  2. We arrived two days prior to our cruise and stayed at the Grand Hyatt on Pine st. downtown. $50 for the limo ride from Seatac to the hotel. Loved the location because we walked everywhere to see the sites. We paid around $500 for two nights. The hotel was very nice. We also love that Seattle has port valet service for everyone flying in to do a cruise. When you debark the ship your bags will meet you at your home airport at no extra charge!
  3. Couldn't wear mine. Made my wrist break out real bad.
  4. Four Roses small batch is also my favorite.
  5. I love the Wellers and the Buffalo Trace. Hope they have it on the Navigator in a couple of weeks. My supply ran out. Time for restocking!
  6. I think we had better food and better service on the smaller, older ships, but we prefer to go on the Oasis class ships because there is much more to do, and not because of food quality. That being said , our all time favorite was the Ovation!
  7. We have tried Chops and loved it. Tried Giovanni's and didn't care for it so I think our next venture may be Wonderland. I will try anything once!
  8. We used Already There Limo service in June and they were fine. I don't think they were any more expensive than a cab.
  9. We really loved the port valet service that is offered to all cruise ship guests flying back home. No dragging your luggage. Just fill out the info when you first board the ship and put your luggage outside of your cabin with your flight sticker and they take care of the rest!
  10. Hello, We stayed at the Grand Hyatt on Pine st. downtown Seattle. We walked everywhere and got plenty of exercise. Pike Place Market was our favorite place to visit but you need to get there early because it get's very crowded. Across the street from the market is a place called Beecher's. They sell cheese and also the best Mac n cheese I've ever had! If you like Starbucks no worries, they are on every street corner. We also walked to the Space Needle and it was pretty neat. Plenty of places downtown to grab a bite and a drink! We have been on all of the Oasis class ships and we really enjoyed the Ovation!
  11. I am a Prime casino member withRoyal. Will my status carry over to Celebrity?
  12. Our go to place for our 3 free drinks is always the Schooner Bar. Don't have to fight the crowd in the Diamond Lounge. 3 drinks before dinner is enough for us.
  13. I was on the Ovation in June and I also thought the casino was non smoking but there were several people playing slots near the bar that were smoking in that area every day.
  14. So each blade is mounted individually? That is amazing! I would love to go to a seminar just to hear how all of the propulsion system works. Watched a video once showing a crankshaft being swapped out on a Holland ship. They lifted the engine block up and then removed the crank.
  15. So would the bent prop(if that's the issue) Have a tendency to destroy bearings and other components related to it? So with that issue will they need to dry dock asap or can they just keep the rpm's down in hopes of no additional damage? Thank you for your wealth of knowledge Chief(and you too Bob)!
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