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  1. Then you will not cruise again!! The new normal will require this and to disembark in many countries. No vaccine will make you "the 21st century lepers" with very restricted choices in what you can do. Remember back to the 50's and iron lungs to fight polio which killed many, now with a vaccine almost erradicated. Lets get real no vaccine= no cruises, flights etc I don' t want to mix with super spreaders!!
  2. Note today's news in the UK that Qantas has said to fly with them you will have to have had a vaccination and certificates will be checked at the airport prior to embarkation.
  3. Well if they don't believe in vaccines- hard luck, you will not be cruising , going out, restaurants, hotels, the new "21st century lepers"- welcome to the real world post covid-19. Sorry to sound harsh, but time to get real, if I cruise I don't want to mix with super spreaders. No vaccination certificate- NO TRAVEL.
  4. I have said this before, but stand by it: Anyone who does not get vaccinated without medical reasons and cannot show a vaccination certificate will become "21st Century Lepers" unable to go anywhere or do anything be it travel, flights , cruises, restaurants, theatres, etc etc, other people will shun them!!!! Lets get real who wants to mix with a covid-19 spreader..........
  5. This is a total non-starter and if applied will mean Regent's demise. No way will this work plus no international passengers as well: they get the double whammy of then maybe having to self isolate when they return for 14 days from some locations like USA at present so a 2 week cruise becomes a 6 week expedition !!!
  6. Interesting how far ahead the recent mail shots are advertising ; late 2021, early 2022. Makes you think no cruises for at least 6 months?
  7. If you sail on Regent SSC then the answer is nothing , it's all included. Many other lines may appear cheap but you pay an arm and a leg to get off, including 18% tips on lots of items........
  8. With the news from the UK and much of Europe of a 2nd lockdown, this lacks REALISM: the ships will not be sailing in the next 6 months whatever the CDC states. Remember most cruises are not out of the US and the ships are all flagged and registered elsewhere - as flags of convenience so the US authorities have limited juristiction over them.
  9. If they don't get the vaccine if proven effective, they will become the ' new lepers of the 21st Century' , they will not be cruising or going anywhere. No vaccine- therefore a medical certificate, no flights, cruises, foreign travel. insurance, cinemas, theatres, restaurants...........etc. Up to you if you wish to make that decision. THIS WILL BE THE 'NEW NORMAL'
  10. The decisions on Shore will not be Regent's but the ports they are in and these Countries. It will be like Russian embarkation, at their discretion. Last year we were on the Navigator when we docked in Murmansk. We were in the middle of nowhere a wood yard. On the Quay were security officials (KGB?) , you could not even get on the gangplank without permission and would not have got 50m without arrest!! We were delayed in Murmansk by weather and did not go onto Archangel or the Solvensky Islands, the guys on the quay did not look friendly at all. There was an argument re: the crew painting the
  11. Can we have some REALITY !!!!! Cruising cannot and will not sail until Spring 2021 at the earliest. The ships are not in the US, they will take 60 days minimum to get ready How will the crew and international passengers get to embarkation? At present USA is off limits to Brits As to using Florida locations- REALITY re recent covid-19 figures People need to be more concerned that Regent will get through this and not go under , after a year with no sailings the ships will need a lot of TLC to get back to the standard expected. all those FCC's we have $40000 in this curr
  12. Tallinn in Estonia is magical. Really surprised by Bologna, little in most Italian guide books compared to the more popular cities like Venice, Florence, Rome. But the unexpected star find was Stockholm, a beautiful city overlooked by many and the sail in and out brilliant.
  13. In the UK the Sunday Times Travel Magazine has finished as well. The collapse of Travel advertising and uncertainty going forward from covid-19 were cited as reasons. The past few months reading glossy articles about destinations, you could not get to seemed more and more surreal !!
  14. Please bear in mind with covid-19 more and more places are not taking cash. When we return post-covid this trend will have accelerated rapidly and so CASH will no longer be king! Coffee shops for example are only taking card payments now and many places really do not want cash any more. We are not yet Sweden a cashless society, but it's going that way.
  15. Another miss was Niagara Falls, we found it tacky and commercial, the Maid of the Mist boat just gets you wet. Hard to see anything in the water and packed out ships. Better just to stand in the shower in a poncho and get your camera wet. Much preferred the Montmourcy Falls near Quebec in a more natural surroundings. Much of the town of Niagara is just a funfair/ shopping mall.
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