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  1. MrsMTC

    Keeping Cameras Charged All Day

    Thanks All! Extra batteries it is and we did stock up on memory cards during the specials over the Holidays!
  2. We are going to Europe and will be away from the ship all day on tours. Looking for the best way to keep cameras charged. Certainly don't want to miss out on that once in a lifetime photo due to dead batteries. Probably going to purchase extra batteries but also wondering which, if any, of the portable chargers work well. Thanks.....
  3. MrsMTC

    Port of Catania - Sicily Looking for Ideas

    Thanks for the info, I will check it out. I have posted on the roll call but it seems like it is just becoming more active lately.
  4. We want to see Mt Etna but not sure what else to do here, just two adults. Is there a safe, easy way to get to Mt Etna and back? Has anyone rented a car and driven themselves?
  5. MrsMTC

    Lost the faith

    I look for the best deal I can find on any cruise for the time I want to go. Reward programs can change or disappear I want a GREAT vacation at the time not the potential for something later down the road.
  6. MrsMTC

    Cruising to Healthy

    [quote name='brooklynfc']All I gotta say is be careful with those "free" fruits and veggies............but good luck!!!![/quote] Nothing is really "free"....in any part of life! ;)
  7. MrsMTC

    Cruising to Healthy

    Maybe better meal planning will help: B:Jimmy Deans D-lite breakfast sandwich L: Vegan taco salad snacks: apples or carrots Not yet sure about dinner gonna have to get better at planning ahead I know it will help with making better choices! Enjoy your day!
  8. MrsMTC

    Cruising to Healthy

    Happy New Years everyone! I've been gone way too long, I got a temp job and with the holidays the days flew by. Now time to get to business. I'm thinking of joining Weight Watchers On Line. I've done well on their program before and for some reason when I pay money I seem to make much better choices...I hate to throw money away! I hate the thought of paying for something I feel I should be able to do myself but it just isn't working and maybe it will get me on the right track. Just gotta make it, me, a priority...and remember how much better I feel when I make better choices. Here's to a great 2012! We can do it! ~Paula
  9. MrsMTC

    Cruising to Healthy

    How many calories do you burn standing in line at Walmart for 5 hours? :confused: Probably not as many that were in the pop I drank! :eek: New Kinnect game, more exercise!
  10. MrsMTC

    Cruising to Healthy

    Happy Thanksgiving! Just hubby and me, all done eating....not over stuffed and we didn't make a dessert. Time for a nap and then off to the shopping madness. :eek:
  11. MrsMTC

    Bed placements Oasis/Allure

    As it's our first time getting a balcony I never thought of until after booking. When I gave it some thought I really preferred balcony. If this is correct it looks like we got a bed by the balcony!!:D
  12. MrsMTC

    Cruising to Healthy

    [quote name='brooklynfc']You always talk about the most delicious things. I need to marry a chef........thats all there is too it. I'll never make it on my own fixing food, lol.[/quote] Before I met my hubby (I was 36) my food groups consisted of pizza, ice cream, sugar and fat! Hmmm, maybe that hasn't changed enough...:rolleyes: My hubby used to do all the cooking, and he's good at it too. Over the last couple years I have started cooking too. I'm home since I cannot find a perm job and we wanted to eat healthier. We've been eating out too much and now need to get back on track. Here's to a great day!
  13. MrsMTC

    Cruising to Healthy

    Down 3.5 pounds in 3 weeks....not a lot but at least it's in the right direction! I need to make changes that I can keep for life and not just lose a bunch of weight that I find at a later date. Enjoy! ~Paula
  14. MrsMTC

    Cruising to Healthy

    [quote name='brooklynfc']Portions are so hard, you just don't know how much something is nowadays. 8oz is normal for one burger now. Its silly. I had a burger the other night and I only ate half.[/quote] We went for Italian the other night....had it for two more meals! Party cuz there's so much and partly cuz I'm watching...that's the way to get your money's worth!
  15. MrsMTC

    Cruising to Healthy

    I've been doing much better at portion control and ordering iced tea instead of pop when we go out. Life is so much better when I limited sugar. My pants seem to be big and am fitting into a smaller size, although I really need to get on a scale. I have 3 or 4 sizes of jeans and it's nice not being in the largest size anymore. In this house we don't have a good place to keep a scale out and convenient. I think I do better when I weigh myself more often, gonna have to figure something out. Kim~ sorry to hear that your cruise was disappointing, glad Rick Springfield came through for you. Enjoy! ~Paula