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  1. If the OP does mean cruising the Seine in Paris, we’ve done this at dusk/night, it is not a dinner cruise but an enjoyable cruise to see the sights lit up at night. You can book online and get a discounted ticket. https://www.vedettesdupontneuf.com/home/
  2. We just returned from a mainstream cruise line, HAL, this was our 1st, last and only cruise we will do with them. We liked the itinerary and while it was nice to see different ports, for us, but it just wasn’t Viking. In our minds we constantly said, Viking wouldn’t do this or why did we choose this other cruise line? We felt we were constantly nickel and dimed to death, WiFi was ridiculously expensive and having read reviews we chose not to purchase, drink prices were higher tho we did have an included beverage package so that’s a moot point, we’re not into evening entertainment or gambling so while provided we didn’t do either, our choice. Shore excursions were very high, we did our own independent bookings and nothing thru the cruise line. We missed our included, get acquainted with the port walks from Viking, we hardly ever book optional excursions and prefer doing our own thing. Our actual cabin was quite nice however attention to detail wasn’t there, our sofa had stains which I felt was unacceptable and could have easily been cleaned even with a spray cleaner, the new and very nice large shower had mildew for 12 nights, on day 13 it was cleaned, just little nit-picky things. Having done 9 Viking river cruises and 3 Viking ocean we do realize Viking isn’t perfect but nearly is for our needs and interests. Sometimes change is good, you realize what you miss.
  3. Leaving today for Rome (Civitavecchia) sailing on the Koningsdam June 24. Yesterday we received an ‘offer’ for Club Orange, cost was $35 per person per day and no, not interested in taking them up on what I see as a money grab. At nearly $1000 more for our cruise I don’t see the benefit of it, we have the cabin we originally booked and selected, drink package included so No.
  4. pacmom, just looked at your itinerary, it looks wonderful. Very anxious to get your views on this river cruise, I see it in our future 🙂. Have a great time.
  5. We’ve done many river cruises, quite a few with Viking and several others on Uniworld, Avalon, etc but I will say I’ve never seen anyone look sloppy or unkempt at meals, and I’ve never seen men with sleeveless shirts in any dining venue, maybe my bar is set too low. That said, I do have a pet peeve about hats, namely baseball caps in the dining rooms during meals, we were taught manners and this is rude in my opinion. While I’ve seen it frequently on cruises it’s the same in our city and it does drive me nut.
  6. notamermaid, small world, we used to live in Stade and visited a few months ago.
  7. The video clearly shows Uniworld River Countess.
  8. Thanks, we’re taking our first HAL cruise in a few weeks and this will come in handy. Just printed it out.
  9. Glad you had a wonderful time! We did Imperial Jewels of China with Viking in 2010, it was also our first trip with them, Was incredible and exceeded our expectations, of course we didn’t quite know what to expect. Now 9 years later we’ve done 9 Viking river cruises, 3 viking ocean cruises and have #10 river cruise booked for April 2020. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Carnival! We’re getting ready to do a HAL cruise, first time with them and I’m sort of worried we won’t enjoy it, we’re not teenagers but certainly not the go to bed after dinner bunch either. We chose it for the itinerary so hopefully we’ll be busy enough and ready to settle down early.
  11. I’m thinking this is a joke, right? I don’t like noise and would have NEVER booked a Boardwalk cabin, no matter what limited inventory was available, that said, I think the OP is ridiculous, it was over at 11, not unreasonable in my eyes or ears in this case. Seriously you’re asking for compensation....good luck on that one.
  12. Are you asking about bringing scissors on the plane or on the cruise? If on the cruise, I’ve never heard of not being able to bring something like that onboard, I’d be sure it’s packed in my checked luggage tho. Maybe I’m missing something. I hope you enjoy your cruise before having your knee surgery.
  13. And here’s another one https://www.whatsinport.com/ it also gives good port info.
  14. Cruising-along & kazu, thanks for taking the time to respond. Will wait!
  15. cuagrad90, we have an annual medical travel policy with GeoBlue and have for the past 2 years since we are Medicare age. We haven’t had to use it, thankfully, but it does bring piece of mind, like you mentioned, we have good travel coverage from our credit card but no medical. We travel lots and this is an excellent way to go.
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