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  1. To those who were/are on the Sky or had family aboard, thank you for posts. I’m glad everyone is safe but sorry for those injured, I hope they’re receiving excellent medical care. For those with nautical knowledge, thank you for your explanations regarding what could have been the problem. As to all of the speculating and making asssumptions, I find it very distressing that so many ‘appear’ to have the correct answers or know exactly what happened. We weren’t there, we DO NOT know, all we can base it on is what we saw or read via the media, and we all know how reliable that is. Remember, they’re #1 objective is to sell advertising, if it’s not the lead story they lose. While this was a very unfortunate situation I feel Viking did all within their power to handle this, and apparently, with the help of the Norwegian rescue system many tragedies were averted. There are challenges ahead for the passengers, I can’t imagjne the terror they must have felt but for the most part they’re safe and hopefully homeward bound. We’ve traveled with Viking on 10 river cruises and 3 ocean cruises, two last year were on the Sky. We had to miss a port on each ocean cruise but these changes were made by the Captain due to weather conditions, we appreciated his expertise and concern, again, it shows that Viking cares about the safety of their passengers and crew. Kudos to the Viking Sky Captain and crew, we’re proud of you. This is only my opinion but I felt I had to add my positive feelings after so much negativity.
  2. We did this cruise 2 years ago and used PK Travel https://www.pktravelgreece.com/ for a private all day tour in Athens rather than doing any of the Viking tours. We were a group of 4 and were able to customize our stops to our liking with a private guide meeting us at the Acropolis. Everything was excellent and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend PK Travel. Husband and I also used PK for pick-up at the ship and transfer to the airport the following day. Enjoy your travels,
  3. amypete, we’re on this same cruise with you. We’re coming in a day prior and staying at Hotel Le Germain. My husband has a sister Amy & brother Pete 😄. Really looking forward to it.
  4. Perhaps if you explain ‘chair bed’ you’ll get responses. Maybe it’s just me but I’m not sure what you mean by this term.
  5. We used myeurotaxi.com in December and can’t say enough good things about them. We originally were doing a river cruise from Prague to Budapest but due to the water levels we were able to cancel last minute and used the above company. We used them to get from Prague to Nuremberg, 4 days later from Nuremberg to Vienna, 4 days later Vienna to Budapest. While, not inexpensive, service was excellent, on time each time, very personable drivers, comfortable Mercedes vans so more than enough room for the two of us. i wouldn’t hesitate to recommend myeurotaxi.com.
  6. Safe travels and have a wonderful time! I hope all is resolved and only smooth sailing for this one & all future cruises.
  7. Heidi13, we too have had some really weird GPS directions 😃, in Germany we ended up on a dirt rut-not a driveable road by any stretch of the imagination, we always refer to GPS oddities as brain bubbles. Hopefully all of the Viking issues will be taken care of and the next cruises continue without a hitch.
  8. There are two types of posters, Kenyatta (the glass is half full) and caviargal (the glass is half empty). Sharing info is one thing and appreciated but being negative without having anything to stand on, not! Caviargal, I’m afraid you’re so tainted with your booking experience with Viking that nothing is going to make you enjoy, I hope I’m wrong and your travels are amazing.
  9. misguy, I too have used the over the door shoe organizer and love it, you can see what’s in each pocket and it organizes and keeps items from cluttering the bathroom counter. Thanks for your hints and I agree, if something isn’t to your liking, why make remarks about what you’d never use or do. Not helpful in my opinion, just move along.
  10. Hi Jaquie We’re on the Koningsdam June 24-July 7, 2019 13 day Mediterrean Legends, first time with HAL
  11. We traveled with Avalon 3 years ago to Vietnam and Cambodia, this was land and a 7 night Mekong cruise, it was amazing. Very small group of 28, we loved everything about it. We’ve been itching to return and will do an independent land trip back to Vietnam later this year.
  12. Sorry but no way-no how. We also fly business and yes the crew works hard, sort of, but having spent $$$ I don’t feel the need to tip. As Americans, I feel we’re tip crazy, if people made a living wage this would be less encouraged. Call me cheap but this is nuts.
  13. While I can’t apeak on Vikings offerings, we used Alla for a comprehensive 2 day tour in St Petersburg and couldn’t have been happier. We had more than enough time to see everything we wanted and loved we were in a group of 14 rather than a bus load of people. The Fabrege museum is beautiful and just one of many highlights. Enjoy your travels.
  14. suspaul


    We travelled with Avalon Waterways 3 years ago on a land and Mekong river cruise in Vietnam and Cambodia which was fantastic, however it left us wanting more, so late this year we’re doing an Independent trip also. Really looking forward to seeing more of local life as we feel we saw the top sights on our first 3 week trip. Vietnam is an amazing country filled with kind people and beautiful scenery.
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