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  1. I’m thinking this is a joke, right? I don’t like noise and would have NEVER booked a Boardwalk cabin, no matter what limited inventory was available, that said, I think the OP is ridiculous, it was over at 11, not unreasonable in my eyes or ears in this case. Seriously you’re asking for compensation....good luck on that one.
  2. Are you asking about bringing scissors on the plane or on the cruise? If on the cruise, I’ve never heard of not being able to bring something like that onboard, I’d be sure it’s packed in my checked luggage tho. Maybe I’m missing something. I hope you enjoy your cruise before having your knee surgery.
  3. And here’s another one https://www.whatsinport.com/ it also gives good port info.
  4. Cruising-along & kazu, thanks for taking the time to respond. Will wait!
  5. cuagrad90, we have an annual medical travel policy with GeoBlue and have for the past 2 years since we are Medicare age. We haven’t had to use it, thankfully, but it does bring piece of mind, like you mentioned, we have good travel coverage from our credit card but no medical. We travel lots and this is an excellent way to go.
  6. AT&T has an international plan for $10 per 24 hr period, you only pay for the days you use this. It’s unlimited phone calls, texts etc. so, if you need to make phone calls this may be a better choice. If you’re only going to text and use a small amount of data maybe your phone plan is best.
  7. This is our first cruise with HAL, in looking online in my booking I only see the Premium Internet Package for $167.99 (13 days) or the one day for $23.99, no other choices. How do you find the other packages? Thanks in advance.
  8. We too travel frequently both independently and on cruises and have an annual medical policy - we’ve not had to make a claim against it but being on Medicare, it’s comforting to know we have this if needed.
  9. Hi Hoyaheel, we did the Mekong with Avalon 3 years ago and it was excellent. We did do the whole 9 yards pretty much from Hanoi to Siem Reap, I can’t say enough wonderful things about the entire experience. We too were on the Siem Reap ship, only had a total of 28 and met so many nice people. We so enjoyed Vietnam that we’re returning this November- mid December and doing an independent trip, visiting more of central Vietnam. We realize this is t the ‘best’ time of year for CV but it worked for our schedules. Enjoy your travels with Avalon and while in Siem Reap at the Park Hyatt there’s a great night market a few blocks away, we’ll worth a visit, especially to see the bug market, I’m way to squeamish to eat insects but it was interesting to see. Sorry if you’re already aware but your shoes must be taken off when you return to the ship for cleaning by crew members so I’d try to have a pair that were easily hosed down, I wore Keen H20 I think that’s the style, dried quickly and no need to put on wet shoes. Just a helpful hint. enjoy! Avalon does a great trip, nice hotels, great ship, guides, etc. oh and the cooking class was a blast.
  10. Rebel54, wondering how the rest of your travels were? If you have a chance and feel like it, please come back.
  11. While this isn’t cruise related, I just wanted to share - we were in a hotel in Berlin last week on Easter Sunday when an entire family in PJ’s got out of the elevator after having breakfast downstairs. Just call me old but can’t you take the time to get dressed before going to dine, anywhere, anytime?
  12. We've recently completed the Elegant Elbe on the Astrild, a mini-longship. We were on cabin 234, a French balcony and will never book a cabin that far back again. This was our 9th Viking river cruise and first time we've noticed the loud, constant noise, very annoying. The noise was so loud, we were glad to only be on the ship for 5 nights, as it made for restless sleep. As others have mentioned, the Emerald ship that Viking uses in China is NOT a Viking longship so there is no real comparison at all. i can definitely sympathize with the OP regarding noise issues, even tho we were not in an explorers suite it was unbelievely noisy.
  13. If we’re still talking shoes 🤣 I wear Fitflop sneakers (they don’t make my favorite style any longer) but I do have a pair of Ecco Soft 7 black leather Gore-tex that have become my new favorites. I need lots of arch support and these work for me. I wore them in Germany in February in rain, snow and ice and they’ll be my main walking shoes for a trip next week. If my feet hurt I’m not a happy camper!
  14. So glad to read your take on the ebikes. We will be in Prague in a few days and plan to take a ebike tour outside of Old Town as we’ve been there several times but I WAS concerned since it’s approximately 15 miles over 4-5 hours, now I’m confident it will be just fine. Thanks!
  15. Very much enjoyed traveling along with you and your final info and comments. Teeming sounds very much up our alley and will be looking closer at their offerings. Enjoy your next cruise too!
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