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  1. I’d say yes, you did get benefit from the 115% FCC, at least you have the extra $ to rebook a cruise next year. Even if it means using the extra 15% to cover the rise in costs you’ll still be able to book. With the losses the cruise industry is taking this year it’s no wonder that prices will increase and probably will be knocking some of us out of being able to cruise. Just my opinion.
  2. bbtondo, just wanted to throw something out there, it may/may not be a consideration for your upcoming cruise. If you DO make the final payment in June and the virus is still unresolved, as long as you cancel 120+ prior to your departure you would be eligible for a full refund less a $100 per person penalty. As I’m sure you know, after the 120 days out the penalties become steeper so maybe it’s something to check into and think about. We had a July 2020 Viking ocean cruise PIF however in late March we decided to pull the plug (at about 125 days out) and canceled 3.23. We received our refund back to our credit card by 4.13, less the $100 pp but Viking applied that to a FCV so essentially we’re not out anything, even if we had lost the $200 it was worth it to us. just a thought.
  3. We’ve cancelled our July Viking ocean cruise and rebooked for June 2021, had a Viking river in early May that was cancelled and don’t know when/if we’ll reschedule. We do have a mid December AMA river cruise with hotel stays in Switzerland pre-cruise and plan to spend New Years in Amsterdam. Not cancelling any of this until we see how the Covid19 situation stabilizes or not.
  4. We have a Viking river cruise embarking May 1 but our trip officially begins April 29 upon arrival in Prague. When I got in touch with Viking a few weeks back once they out out the new temporary policy I was told we did NOT fall under those guidelines since our ship embarkation date is May 1. Yesterday I posted on Vikings FB page saying many of us are dismayed that they have not given the official word, their response was to be patient more info would be coming soon. Really!!! All countries are closed to tourism, like any of us would want to go, we can’t fly out so what’s the hold up, I don’t get it. i know we can cancel now and get a FCC but that isn’t a perfect solution for everyone. And you can’t file on insurance since it’s not officially cancelled. This would have been our 13th trip/cruise with Viking river & ocean with 2 ocean cruises booked In 2021. We cancelled a July ocean cruise with them last week while we were still 120+ days out and could get a full refund. Please speak up.
  5. Coli, thanks for forwarding this information. Our river cruise is a long way out, December, so we’re going to wait and hope things clear up by then. This will be our first ama cruise and I will admit, I was disappointed and felt their policy was just another money grab. We’ve done 18+ river cruises with different companies and all are taking this seriously and trying to make it painless for customers already booked. In light of current events it looks like they’ve stepped up to the plate. Thanks again for posting.
  6. Hi AF-1, we’re scheduled on an AmaWaterways trip in December and received an email from our TA several days ago about the waiver that can be purchased. Here’s info from ama’s webpage. Personally I’m not too happy with it, just another money grab as I inquired about this waiver when we originally booked, at that time we were more concerned about water levels, how things change! Anyhow, even tho it’s Cancel for any reason, water levels were not a covered reason? I have a call in to our TA for more elaboration, I think this has to be booked by March 15th but I could be wrong. NEW TRAVEL WAIVER PLUSTravel With Peace of Mind In light of the recent global events and uncertainties around travel, we wish to offer our guests additional flexibility and peace of mind so they may continue to safeguard the wonderful plans they have made for their much-anticipated river cruise with AmaWaterways. As a result, we will offer for a limited time, special provisions which allow guests with new or existing reservations to purchase AmaWaterways Travel Waiver Plus*. AmaWaterways Travel Waiver Plusprovides cancellation for any reason, up to 24 hours prior to the start of their AmaWaterways booked services (cruise, pre-cruise land extensions, air etc.) Should you decide to cancel your cruise for any reason, AmaWaterways will provide a future cruise credit* covering cancellation penalties, and the balance will be refunded based on our standard cancellation policy for services purchased through AmaWaterways. Effective immediately, guests wishing to add Travel Waiver Plus are no longer required to purchase AmaWaterways Cruise Protection Plan. For all new or existing reservations, the Travel Waiver Plus may be purchased up to 48 hours prior to the start of AmaWaterways purchased services. Travel Waiver Plus price: $80 per person – for those who purchase AmaWaterways Cruise Protection Plan* $175 per person – if purchased without AmaWaterways Cruise Protection Plan* or if you have purchased travel protection independently To purchase AmaWaterways Travel Waiver Plus, contact your Travel Advisor or AmaWaterways at 1.800.626.0126. *AmaWaterways Travel Waiver Plus allows you to cancel your vacation for any reason up to 24 hours prior to the start of your AmaWaterways booked services. Waivers under the Travel Waiver Plus program provided by AmaWaterways will cover cancellation penalties (in the form of a Future Cruise Credit) for services purchased through AmaWaterways. Future cruise credit will cover cancellation penalties, and the balance will be refunded based on our standard cancellation policy for services purchased through AmaWaterways. Future cruise credit is valid for any sailings within 24 months from the day your cancellation was received. Travel Waiver Plus is not available for Africa Safaris and Wildlife Cruises. This program does not include any additional benefits. AmaWaterways Cruise Protection Plan can only be purchased prior to final payment. Travel Waiver Plus may be purchased up to 48 hours prior to the start of AmaWaterways purchased services. Cancellations must be received at least 24 hours prior to the start of your AmaWaterways booked services. This limited time offer with special provisions may be changed or withdrawn at any time. Other restrictions may apply. CST#2065452-20. What are your thoughts?
  7. This is a cut & paste from KHOU news in Houston, Tx All eight of the local positive and presumptive positive patients traveled to Egypt in February City of Houston Woman, age 60 to 70; traveled to Egypt last month; positive Man, age 60 to 70; traveled to Egypt last month; presumptive positive Harris County Woman from NW Harris County; age 60 to 70; works at Rice; traveled to Egypt; positive Man from NW Harris County; age 60 to 70; traveled to Egypt; positive Man from NW Harris County; age 60 to 70; traveled to Egypt; presumptive positive. Fort Bend County Woman in her 60s; traveled to Egypt; mild symptoms Woman in her 60s; traveled to Egypt; symptoms have resolved Stafford man; 70 years old; traveled to Egypt; presumptive positive. The five presumptive positive cases are waiting for final results from the CDC. All patients traveled to Egypt "All the cases in the Houston area have international travel in common and we've been actively monitoring these individuals since they were identified as being at-risk," Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said. "I encourage Houstonians to limit international travel for the time being and heed the advice of public health officials about healthy hygiene habits. If you are feeling sick, stay at home. But do not be paralyzed by fear."
  8. Hello. Take a look at https://myeurotaxi.com. I think you’ll be surprised and hopefully pleased at their costs for transfers. We used them December 2018 after we cancelled a river cruise due to low water. As we had booked our own air we flew in to Prague and out of Budapest so we wanted to keep that reservation. They provided excellent and always on time service, clean autos, English speaking and very friendly drivers - we’d not hesitate to recommend or use them in the future. This was our itinerary... Leg 1 They picked us up at our hotel in Prague and drove us to Nuremberg where we stayed several nights. Leg 2 They then picked us up in Nuremberg and drove us to Vienna where, again, we stayed 3 or 4 nights. Leg 3 Final transfer was from Vienna to Budapest where we stayed and flew home from. We were only two but they can accommodate larger groups and when you look at prices it will show the costs for different cars and number of passengers. IMHO it was much easier than schlepping our luggage off and on trains tho more costly and we liked the hotel to hotel service. I hope this helps. Enjoy!
  9. We just booked our first AMA river cruise on the new ship AmaSiena for December 2020. Very excited to give them a try.
  10. My choice would be Colmar, love the city and there are several markets throughout. Safe travels and enjoy!
  11. We recently completed our first cruise with HAL on the Koningsdam, yes it was inside, no life jackets required at the drill but it was the most chaotic and disorganized muster drill we’ve ever attended. So many people crowded into an area, chatting and not paying attention, You couldn’t hear the instructions and we were too far back to see the video, heaven forbid this was a real emergency.
  12. We returned last week from the Caribbean Princess and there are no type of stir sticks for drinks nor picks for olives, fruit, etc in drinks. Can’t speak for the bars but this was when I ordered a drink with dinner nightly. I asked for something to stir my vodka/tonic with and was given a coffee spoon, also the lime was floating in the drink. These may have already been phased out. **an aside....if your mixer is tonic I found they use the tonic from the gun, whatever you call the soda dispensers, it was really sweet and tasted like Sprite so I went to a grocery, bought small cans of tonic water and left them with our dinner waitstaff to mix my own drink at dinner.
  13. We were on the Koningsdam in July and also had the SBP, water, sodas, specialty coffees, etc were not included in the 15 per day. Guess it’s changed!
  14. Happened to us on a different cruise line, no notification sent to our TA or us just happened to find out by checking my personal cruise account. In our case it wasn’t an upgrade tho the cruise line thought so, it was to a higher class cabin but an ADA cabin so missing many of the amenities. We did not accept and had to be forceful in getting our booked cabin reinstated on arrival in a foreign port. We've now had our TA note NO upgrades. We always select the cabin class we want so it’s a moot point, no need to upgrade us.
  15. You're right and even with the crew manning all entrances into dining venues i noticed people completely ignore them and walk right in.....me me me people!
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