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  1. We are sailing the Encore Sunday and it’s been a couple years so have a couple questions. First, we have a group of 9, 5 different rooms. How does the group text chat work, I think it’s $10? We have both iPhones and android’s. Does it just go thru the NCL app? regarding dining in the regular sit down restaurants, do you have to make reservations? (Carnival you reserve thru their app) thanks!
  2. Where else can you get a chunk of ice thousands of years old? 🤣 I had a glacierita on the Tracy arm excursion, and the Glacier 🧊 tasted like water. 🤷‍♀️
  3. I’m surprised it’s allowed in the observation deck on the Alaska cruises. That’s not right. We leave in just over a week, 3rd time to Alaska, but glad we have an extra large balcony. Last time on the encore was right after covid and the ship was very empty. It’s going to be a very different cruise. Lol
  4. I was able to change in on her check in so one problem solved!
  5. I might try that when we board also. Checking in there wasn’t that option. Thanks!
  6. We’ve already inputted her debit card, but I guess we can just go have it removed and put cash on it when we board?
  7. I’m curious what time boarding out of Seattle has been starting. We have a 9:30 to 10:00 arrival time, just don’t want to be too early and sit. I know taxes are paid on the drink package but wondering if that stops as soon as we pull away from the dock or later? how much of a hold do they put on a debit card? My daughter doesn’t have a credit card and I want to make sure she has money to cover any holds.
  8. We usually take the carnival shuttle and have never had issues but the Manhattan terminal no one, including the bus driver, knew what was going on. They never did take our tickets. 🤣
  9. Personally, after taking the carnival bus from port to JFK, I would probably pay an extra few dollars and take a taxi back. It was a hot mess.
  10. Thank you! NCL sent us a letter a while back about the Mexico citizenship but then this new letter came and didn’t say anything about the Mexico citizenship, so it was confusing.
  11. A birth certificate is ok, and they sent a letter a while back about Mexican citizenship requirements. We don’t even plan to get off the ship for the short stop in Victoria.
  12. We have a large group cruising NCL in July and we all got a letter today from NCL as follows: On behalf of Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL), we thank you for your loyalty and for making us your vacation of choice. We have important information regarding your upcoming voyage. In advance of your cruise vacation, we want to ensure that you are fully aware of the local travel requirements for entry into Canada. If arriving to, or transiting through, Canada by plane many nationalities need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) or Visitor Visa that must be applied for in advance of arrival. For guests arriving to Canada by cruise ship, only a Visitor Visa is required of many nationalities. To check requirements for individual nationalities, and for further information, we strongly recommend all guests visit https://www.cic.gc.ca/english/visit/visas.asp as soon as possible, in order to allow enough time for any required applications. Failure to provide the required visas and documentation will result in denial of boarding for your cruise and the inability to extend any refund of your cruise fare. For more information on the required documentation to sail, please visit www.ncl.com/traveldocs. As a reminder it is your responsibility to ensure you have the necessary documentation and/or visas for your itinerary. (END) Most of us have passports but a couple in our group are using their government ID and birth certificate. I’ve looked at the website and am totally confused. We are all US citizens. A couple years ago it was the ArriveCAN and now this letter. Do we need a travel visa? When I put in the info it asks what doc we are using for travel and BC isn’t listed. We leave July 21 so exactly 2 months out.
  13. The one on W 48th street. The Venezia was about 2 blocks away. Super close and easy to walk to. The hotel has very small rooms, but it is NYC.
  14. We cruised the Venezia in October and flew in two days before, and picked JFK as it was the least expensive with flights that fit us best. We stayed at the comfort inn which was about a two minute walk to the ship. We were able to walk to Central Park and Times Square the day before and did a harbor lights cruise. We had never been to NYC before so did the touristy stuff. We took the carnival shuttle back got the airport after the cruise. It was a bit of a 💩 show at port as that poor bus driver was totally overwhelmed and had no one to help him, but we made it back just fine. We had a later flight.
  15. Thanks everyone. I called the group specialists this morning and spoke to a different person who seemed to know more and was more helpful. He checked and of course there was nothing left. He said to keep checking in case something opens up, but I’m not counting on that. He did explain to me to have one reservation book a 4 top and another book a 5 top and they will combine them. I wish the first person had told me that. We will just book as soon as we are on the ship and hope for the best.
  16. I’ve only cruised a couple times with NCL and we have a group cruising Alaska in July. Specialty dining opened up 5 minutes ago and everything is just about gone except super late. Is that the norm? We have 5 cabins booked so I’ll try calling that department tomorrow and hopefully they can help us, as we we want to dine together as it’s a family vacation. There are 9 passengers so I couldn’t do it online anyway, I had to call tomorrow when the group NCL people are open. I was just checking to see what was available. I guess i don’t understand why they advertise the cruise with the free at sea and then you don’t end up getting the specialty dining????
  17. We cruise Sunday on the Pride, and had an inside on deck 8 booked. I was worried because I wasn’t thinking when I booked and it’s right under pool area, so I was worried about the noise when they move chairs. I Got a call yesterday for an extended balcony on deck 8 for $300. I took it!
  18. I was getting terrific casino offers, but they are sadly gone. I think they are sailing at capacity now, since covid over, and the amount of offers have dwindled. I’m not a big gambler, maybe a couple hundred per cruise, but sailed 2x with free offers last year. Been a year since I’ve received a decent offer.
  19. We booked it thru Carnival. It was 4-5 hours. I really don’t remember the cost.
  20. https://caymanresident.com/live/transportation/public-buses
  21. We did a Havana cabana on the Vista. Loved the Havana area but thought the cabana was kinda waste of money. I’d definitely do an interior in the Havana area if there is a next time on that ship. But I probably wouldn’t book on the ships without a pool area.
  22. Thank you for the bus link Vettebuff! We will be there in a couple weeks and this is super helpful. Do they announce stops? I’m thinking we might go to Hell (🤣) first and then back to public beach for the rest of the day. Or would Governors Beach be better? We would like somewhere where we can get something to drink, (soda water maybe a beer). Knowing we want the yellow bus makes it less worrisome.
  23. I’ll tell you why. Because I’m 62 and sitting on the sand would just plain hurt. I got off the ship, grabbed a cab and knew exactly where I was going and knew I would have a front row seat. Worth every single penny we paid. And there you have it.
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