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  1. According to Google Maps, yes. Looks like a nice assortment.
  2. Forum rules do not allow us to name/discuss travel agents. The only advice is to do your research and make sure you know what you are getting.
  3. Just as long as you are prepared to declare and pay, you should be OK. If you try to smuggle and they find you out, good luck. I think at this point, they know what's bought ahead of time and can decide whether or not you need to pay extra. All shipboard purchases are forwarded ahead of time. I would imagine that the duty free stores also prepare such a list.
  4. Yes, at some point developers need to switch to new SDKs that remove support for older, unsupported, versions of Android. Apps might work, but they might not be getting updated. Now, whether or not the phones couldn't support the newer versions, that's a discussion for another day.
  5. If your phone is old enough that the app won't load, it means its probably not even supported anymore. Might be time for a new phone, unfortunately.
  6. I don't know about the rules in New Zealand, but I do know that in Australia, once you board you can't get off again. Not sure if New Zealand has a similar rule.
  7. You have mistakenly posted on the board for those requiring assistance with the boards. You might get a better response on the Cozumel ports of call board.
  8. Again, as previously stated none of these hotels are normally recommended. And it's a good thing your car was parked right in front of the hotel entrance. Not an area I would be comfortable leaving my car for a long term.
  9. Possibly. 1. There needs to be a berth in the room for the additional person. 2. There needs to be room in the lifeboats for the additional person.
  10. While I don't know for sure on the Symphony, I wouldn't expect the pay restaurants to be open on a port day for lunch.
  11. All the options on Lido are open: the buffet, Guys, Blue Iguana, the Deli, etc. No MDR is open for lunch.
  12. If you've already bought the airfare, take the cruise money and get a nice hotel. Maybe a flight to Maui from Oahu?
  13. I would agree. If you aren't going to live on soda, just buy the occasional can.
  14. Assume the ship will be close to full. Prices will drop enough to fill the cabins.
  15. You might get a better response on the Canada/New England ports of call board.
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