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  1. The "count" information on the roll call finder is broken. Don't worry about it. The fact that you can actually find your roll call using it is a miracle.
  2. You would be better served asking this question on the East Coast Departures board.
  3. That's a good plan. Personally, I'd welcome some time at Penn Station to grab a slice or two 🙂
  4. I would be sweating up a storm until I was sitting at the gate trying for a flight that early.
  5. Keep in mind that by then the number of options is limited as most of the ships have repositioned back for Caribbean cruises.
  6. This is a weird one. Normally, this would probably be a no, but I wonder if Key West is the first US port after the Caribbean ports. In which case, immigration has to happen anyways, so this might actually be possible. Best answer is from Celebrity themselves.
  7. I think you meant to post this to your roll call.
  8. The one time I rented a tux (versus wearing a suit) I rented from Men's Wearhouse for the week. Picked up in the port city, and dropped off the same.
  9. The port agent is not a NCL contact. They are a third party contracted by NCL to provide services. While I doubt anyone on the ship will stop you, you need permission from the home office to do this. Worst case scenario is that your son gets blacklisted from cruising with NCL.
  10. Unless you are coming in on a flight that gets you in close to cutoff, I would cancel the transfer and take a taxi.
  11. Hotels in NYC don't provide shuttles. Not to mention, they would have no place to park them if they did. NYC is a very walkable town, has decent public transit, and plenty of taxis.
  12. You might want to ask on the Florida Departures board.
  13. My guess is that you will be expected to park where you embark, with a shuttle to provide you back to your car when you return.
  14. My understanding is that only Carnival is changing, not all the lines under the corp umbrella. Though who knows what the future holds once the individual lines have their contracts expire.
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