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  1. Doesn't matter, you go up and you come down.
  2. The MDR should be fine. At the buffet, ask for someone to walk with you through it. Skip Guys. They use peanut oil for the fries.
  3. Disadvantages of start/end of the season is that you might not get into the inlets for glacier viewing. Even late May can be too early. I think June/July are ideal because you also get a good chance for wildlife.
  4. Since the news can't differentiate between cruise line and corporation, the ships being sold are across the corporation, not just a single line.
  5. The media screwed up and said Carnival Cruise Lines versus Carnival Corporation. P&O, a division of Carnival Corporation (as is Carnival Cruise Lines) has suspended more cruises.
  6. As previously stated, nothing has been formally announced. Anything you read right now is pure speculation.
  7. I don't see a roll call, so go ahead and start one. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/2459-virgin-voyages-roll-calls/
  8. There has never been a section for each ship, just the ability to search for ships with a link.
  9. I'm sure there will be an announcement once the decision is made. Until then, any guess is pure speculation.
  10. I've booked Concierge, mainly because I like the cabin location. The double points is nice, as is the embarkation lunch. Otherwise, that's the only reason I book it.
  11. Its possible the thread was removed by the mods.
  12. What is closed today might not be closed on November 1. I would not plan until then.
  13. Two years ago we ate in Chops one evening, and were seated by a wedding party that had a young girl (appeared to be daughter of the bride). Someone went to get her pizza for dinner. She was better behaved than a gentleman (if I had to guess father of the bride) who ended up storming out.
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