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  1. 1025cruise

    Costa Maya and Cozumel Excursions

    I would do Costa Maya over Cozumel so you don't need to worry about the ferry. But, you still will be spending a ton of time on a bus to get there.
  2. 1025cruise

    Do they swap ships after reservations are open?

    While it's possible they will swap ships around after reservations open, I doubt they will swap another type of ship for the San Juan run.
  3. 1025cruise

    Flights from Fort Lauderdale

    I wouldn't try for an 8:00 flight. Check Southwest, there should be a few options for flights from FLL to MCO.
  4. At this time, only Tapatalk is supported (and that is only in the past month or so). I believe they are working on the "official" app, but no ETA has been announced.
  5. New law in NY? Its possible that NYS has a new law that contradicts the Royal policy.
  6. 1025cruise

    Solo cruise to Alaska?

    Keep in mind that the 4 day relocation cruise will probably have a different "feel" than a 7 day Alaska cruise.
  7. 1025cruise

    Carnival Dream time of departure change

    The only answer as to the time change is "Operational Reasons".
  8. 1025cruise

    Message icon

    Regardless of your position on the issue, the powers that be on this board have decided that there will be no messaging. Their house, their rules. If you wish to communicate outside of the system, you will need to post an email. Really, its a simple answer to the issue. IMHO, I won't communicate outside of these boards. The point is to share the knowledge/wealth with people. Going outside means everyone won't benefit from your posting.
  9. 1025cruise

    MS ROTTERDAM, APRIL 29, 2019

    Have you checked under the roll call threads? The roll call tool is broken so you would need to look manually.
  10. 1025cruise

    Solstice vs. Serenade of the Seas Opinion Please

    What about those 2 itineraries attracts you? Personally, I'd be looking at Princess since they go to Glacier Bay.
  11. 1025cruise

    Summit Revolution

    My guess it was more cost effective to have her sail back to Florida to take on the dry dock supplies than it was to ship to San Juan or Freeport.
  12. 1025cruise

    Miffed about Power strips and towels

    I normally agree, but it was nice to be able to have my phone charging at the bed (to use as an alarm clock or whatever). Unfortunately, as a CPAP user, at night the one plug gets used for the extension cord to power that. And if you leave stuff plugged in during the day, the cabin steward will normally unplug it. I think its time to invest in some USB "condoms".
  13. Not all ships have self-serve laundry. And a lot have switched to using your cruise card. I wouldn't even plan to venture off on my own into more depressed areas. But, I only bring ashore what I need.
  14. 1025cruise

    2:00am arrival in Anchorage, no hotel?

    I'd try to find a hotel, even if it is just for a few hours.
  15. 1025cruise

    Looking for Seattle hotel recommendations

    Are you planning to do any sightseeing while in Seattle? If so, look downtown. Just a place to crash, there are plenty of airport hotels that are fine. Just note that there really isn't much by the airport in terms of food.