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  1. Going to Canada, you will do Customs before getting your luggage. Time depends on how many passengers, how many agents, etc. If you are flying back from Canada, you will preclear US Customs/Immigration prior to clearing airport security.
  2. I don't think it extended that far.
  3. You might get a better response on the Florida Departure's board.
  4. You might want to post on the individual ports of call boards.
  5. I always park in Central parking. Yes, I know its expensive, but its convenient to not have to worry about getting back to my car.
  6. slidergirl, while the description is greatly appreciated, I believe it is accepted that yes, Kosher meals are readily available on a cruise ship, but they are frozen prepared meals, not "fresh". There is a TA that plans cruises where they do bring a Rabbi on to Kosher a galley, and bring their own plates/glasses/etc so they can make meals. Obviously, the costs of these cruises is quite a bit higher. With regards to the OP, if your friends wish to cruise, the best thing they can do is call NCL ASAP and make sure they are still within the window to request Kosher meals.
  7. There's always the popular whiteboard and marker. Or preplanning.
  8. I believe this has already been discussed.
  9. I can't answer questions on the lead time. I always thought it was 6-8 weeks. My understanding is that they aren't that "glorious". I've only seen them once. While I don't keep Kosher, my father in law does. When we go out, he just eats fish, versus worrying if its Kosher or not. Not sure if that's an option for your friends. My only advise is if they need Kosher meals, they should book and order ASAP.
  10. All cruise lines will be able to accommodate Kosher meals. They will be frozen "TV dinners", that must be requested in advance. It would surprise me if the different lines didn't use the same supplier. They will be served still wrapped on a paper plate with appropriately wrapped plastic ware.
  11. I have a small TENS that uses batteries.
  12. With all due respect, if the cruise lines wanted these email addresses known, they would be published somewhere.
  13. Considering the Sun is also "all inclusive", plus a 3 day, I'd expect a bit of a party atmosphere that cruise.
  14. Did you go searching? The roll call finder is currently broken.
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