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  1. Unfortunately, this is not a Cruise Critic issue. Its a bad ad from the ad network.
  2. The best place to ask this is the Florida Departures Board.
  3. Carnival opted to not bring a ship up from Australia, or something like that, so they cancelled all of those cruises.
  4. Charters are a different animal. You need to discuss with the company that chartered the ship. Carnival has nothing to do with it since you booked your cruise through the charter.
  5. Carnival cancelled all cruises from San Francisco, so if your cruise was one from there, yes, its cancelled.
  6. I've never seen a 5 day cruise to Alaska. In all honesty, it would be way too short. I would also agree with the suggestion of finding a reputable TA to work with.
  7. Everyone has their own preferences. Based on the generality of your question, my suggestion would be to discuss with a travel agent who can discuss your options.
  8. Go for it. People cruise with infants all the time.
  9. Just stop posting. There is no mechanism to delete.
  10. Unfortunately, this is one of those things that would need to be arranged on board.
  11. I believe this topic has already been discussed.
  12. Nothing official yet, but most likely delayed again.
  13. There usually aren't summer Hawaii cruises, since the same ships do Alaska.
  14. Personal preference. Considering the amount of screaming there was when it disappeared, I'm surprised there has been no official announcement.
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