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  1. Hello The Glass House always looks very nice & seems quite popular however, I’m not a drinker so not best placed to answer your question. That said I popped there this evening & have taken some photos of the venue & drinks menu, which I will upload to Flickr on Saturday when I get home & post the link as I’m struggling to upload on here. Hope this will help. joan
  2. Big Foot


    Thank you to everyone who replied to this thread. just to let you know that we were unable to dock at Heraklion due to high winds. Apparently whilst we could have docked, there was concern that we might not be able to push off the berth & therefore become stranded. As such, it was arranged that Azura would make a maiden call to Souda Bay, which is on the other side of the island. Joan
  3. Hello, Currently sat in Venezia restaurant having breakfast & all the round table booths have been taped off. Two workmen have just come in & have dismantled to seats & have taken them away to be repaired. Joan
  4. Hello, yes he is & has been great. In fact has just delivered dinner so we can eat on our balcony
  5. I haven’t been in the Blue Bar so cannot comment on that. However, I can’t say I’ve noticed a smell around the atrium. That said there is a smell by the mid ship lifts on deck 15, but again it’s not Impacting in my cruise. Theres been various notes in the Horizon regarding the fact that they are cleaning the tanks, whatever they may be & there may be a residual smell. We too are in a (aft) suite & if I really wanted to find fault with it I could, but overall I’m having a great time.
  6. Hi Sue, To give you an idea of the sort of things I have seen .... Went in the Oasis pool this afternoon & there is a bit of the wooden plinth broken off underneath the statue. Not great, but did it stop me from enjoying my swim ... no. Also the ‘endless pool’ doesn’t seem to be working. However, it wasn’t last year either so not sure if it’s broken & due to be fixed in the refit or if they simply don’t use it anymore? Some of the carpets are a bit tried in places but given the amount of people who walk over them on a daily basis I’m not surprised! There are a couple of seats in the ‘booths’ in the buffet restaurant which are torn & have got masking tape over them. Again not great, but has it stopped my enjoying my breakfast ... no. Not saying for one minute its got anything to do with the kids, but apparently last week there were 750 on board & this week only 5. At present the self service wine machines in the buffet are out of order. As I don’t drink this isn’t an issue for me, but appreciate it might be for some. However, I do wonder if this has got anything to do with the new drinks packages? The TV’s do need replacing / updating as the picture quality isn’t great, but then again (personally) I haven’t come away to watch TV. Hope this gives you an idea of the type of ‘issues’ I’ve seen. Joan
  7. I guess it depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for faults / wear & tear then yes you will find them. However, if you’re on board to have a holiday / relax haven’t seen anything that would prevent you from doing so. If you’re comparing P&O to the new TV cruise programme re Silver Sea then you’ll be disappointed. The ship certainly isn’t falling apart! Joan
  8. Big Foot


    We haven’t (yet) been advised that we won’t be visiting Santorini. It’ll be a shame if we can’t as we are looking forward to it, however, no one can control the weather & safety comes first.
  9. Big Foot


    Currently on board Azura & Captain has just announced that due to high winds, that are not expected to decrease, we will not be calling At Mykonos on Thursday as it’s not safe to tender ashore. As such, P&O have secured a berth At Heraklion in Crete. we are due to get details of Shore Excursions delivered to our cabin this evening, however, wondered if anyone has any recommendations? Thank You. Joan
  10. Hello Graham, They’ve been using iPads for drinks for a while on Azura & so far we have always been given a receipt & haven’t had to ask. Joan
  11. Hello, i am currently on board Azura, having a wonderful time, food, staff, entertainment great. if anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask & I will do my best to try and find the answers. Joan
  12. Hello, That's good to know! Thank you Joan
  13. Hello, It means that the excursion is fully booked. Depending on where & what the excursion is P&O might lay on extra coaches etc if demand warrants. Alternatively, you might just have to wait & see if someone cancels, hence you’re on a waitlist. if this happens you’ll receive an email & have a short period of time in which to confirm your booking. Hope this helps. joan
  14. The Butler will definitely receive a tip. My main concern is that we board on the Monday & Hubby's Birthday is the following day so no doubt he will be extremely busy on embarkation day. It's a shame that P&O don't offer a concierge service whereby I could arrange this prior to embarkation. Therefore, I think I will write a note & hand it to him & try and have a quiet word, without Hubby lingering. Wow the toffee apples look amazing.
  15. Thank you; that's good to know.
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