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  1. Just out of curiosity, if I booked a 7 day cruise out for Miami for October 2020, can I use lift and shift to move that cruise to a 7 day cruise out of New Jersey instead? Just trying to understand what you can and cannot do with lift and shift. I understand you can lift and shift to a different ship, but what about a different departure port?
  2. Okay, so OP here, that is all correct. They originally sent me an email saying they need to move me, and gave us the same stateroom as to where they are moving us. They then sent the email above saying they do need to move us, but the original email was wrong, its not the same stateroom. I'm currently booked in an Oceanview Balcony on deck 8, category 3D. It is me, my wife, and our daughter ( who will be 1), so she gets a pack and play. I have already called and they couldn't help me since the person I spoke to didn't have any info and advised me to wait for RC to call me. We are currently booked in an adjoining stateroom, but its only us, so I wonder if that has anything to do with it. That's all the info I have at the moment.
  3. Hi, I recieved this email earlier today and I was wondering if anyone has had this happen to them? If so, what room did they switch you to?
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