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  1. Good to know. My husband and I caught a cold near the end of our Rhine River Cruise. We went to a pharmacy in Amsterdam and learned we could not buy decongestant over the counter like in the U.S. I will be packing extra cold medication on our next trip!
  2. @bubbulz Thank you for the recommendation! Our cruise offers a tour of Český Krumlov, so we are good to go.
  3. We received a Free Air offer via email. There was a link to the Viking website that showed the sailings that offered free air. We called Viking, gave them the emailed offer code, and booked our cruise with free air. This was just two weeks ago. We also paid for Viking Air Plus, and we already picked our flights. No issues what so ever.
  4. Thank you, @Iamthesea, for the suggestion!
  5. We are ending a river cruise in Passau and would like to hire a private transfer to Prague. I’m looking for any other suggestions anyone might have. Prague Airport Transfers has good reviews, but I’ve found two different websites with this name. Prague-Airport-Transfers.com and Prague-Airport-Transfers.co.uk I’m hoping someone can shed some light on which is the company with great reviews or give me some recommendations. Thanks.
  6. Thanks! I’m definitely getting those hooks!
  7. @Hoyaheel This is a fantastic idea! Amazon shows 3 different size hooks. Which size of hook did you purchase?
  8. Thank you, notamermaid! You are correct in your assumption. People have mentioned the 2018 low water levels as if it were commonplace. I have several months to peruse Cruise Critic boards to gather information, but I’m patient and can roll with change. Only 196 days to embarkation...not that I’m counting! LOL
  9. I just discovered this thread, and THANK YOU! My husband and I will be taking our first river cruise in October, B - A. Since we booked, people have mentioned the water level problems of 2018. I will follow these boards, remain optimistic, and hope for a wonderful trip! 🤞😊
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