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  1. We usually have two bags and tip $5
  2. I booked a cruise for next spring and then realized that it was listed when that 20% offer a few months ago appeared. NCL adjusted the price easily. I was happy because it was a great savings. Yesterday I decided to check just out of curiosity and it had gone down another $160pp in other words $320 for the two of us. I was unsure (I am still before final payment) if they would adjust it again. And they did! It was enough to pay for the port charges. Just wanted to let people know that even if you got the 20% sale price it still might go down more and if it is before final payment you can get an adjustment.
  3. I learned the hard way to look at the times on the itinerary. Sometimes you have to search really hard to get the information. Advertising is going to put the best spin on things.
  4. One of our first cruises was on a ship that assigned you a deck chair. It had your name on it. For some reason we lucked out and got one by the pool. I don't remember all this anxiety surrounding chairs. In any event at some point in time cruise ships changed and now we have the situation with competition and chair hogging. This is not the way to treat customers. In some ways I blame the cruise lines more than the passengers for not providing an adequate product.
  5. We have had good butlers on NCL except for one. He got off the ship at the end of our cruise for what I hope was a long R and R. He hid the whole week and we didn't even get our coffee/tea restocked and he skipped the snacks a few nights. That said, the worst we had was on the Celebrity Mercury. But not in the way you would think. He kept bugging us for some reason to go to the Captain's dinner and we weren't planning on going. Finally when he wouldn't take no for an answer I said that we had nothing proper to wear. He pushed past me, opened my husband's closet and started putting together an outfit for him. Yeah, not cool. I prefer being ignored to that! LOL And we didn't go, just stayed in our cabin.
  6. There are things that might compensate for what you point our are very valid concerns. The observation lounge would be perfect for your parents. Comfy seating, snacks and a beautiful view. Unless your parents are swimmers there will be acceptable areas to sit out in the sun on other decks like the waterfront. Save your swim/beach time for St. Thomas.We are close to your parent's age and are booked. It will still be fun.
  7. When we sailed RCCL Liberty of the Seas the deck space and pools were amazing. So much room and the ability to accommodate lots of people in the pools. That said.....NCL had better food and suites and friendlier crew on all of our sailings.At least comparing it to that one ship. I guess nothing is ever 100%. I am worried about the pool deck but will probably find lots of other things to compensate.
  8. My sister uses the lactaid pills when traveling so she can eat and not worry.
  9. There was a woman on one of our cruises that had her portable "butler" phone with her and was also at guest services. She was making some kind of request of the guest services person. The answer was a very nice"'not possible". I think it was something that is against policy like can her friend who lives in the port we are stopping at come onboard and have lunch with her.This person said nevermind I will ask my butler he will say yes or something along those lines. And walked away while dialing. That person should tip more and someone like me that didn't even know there was a butler phone should tip less. LOL But then again maybe she won't tip at all because her requests were not within the scope of what a butler can do. I don't think the concierge can waive rules either so that was probably her next call after her butler.
  10. You are right it is so important to cruise with people who are similar in what they like to spend on vacation. It can make for some awkward compromises and then neither party is happy. I know of several couples who came home upset that they felt that they would have been better off traveling by themselves. This was both those who like to travel inexpensively and those who would have liked a more upscale experience but felt they had to fall in line with their traveling companions.We also like to get good value for our vacation dollar and this does not translate all the time into what is the cheapest. I divide our friends/family in this way. (land vacation)1.Those who like on vacation to go to a food store and make sandwiches in their room 2. The taco bell McDonald crowd 3. The chain restaurant crowd ( Outback) and the upscale crowd. We are in the chain restaurant crowd with one or two upscale meals like Anthony at the Pier in Seattle. All choices are valid but make sure who you are traveling with is similar.
  11. Is it possible to walk to the Botanic garden from the cruise ship dock and if yes how long of a walk? Thanks.
  12. When we became empty nesters and wanted to resume cruising I checked the Pearl to Alaska in the lowest cost cabin I would feel comfortable in (it did include a balcony) and then priced airfare. Didn't have the money. So I told my husband that I would start clipping grocery coupons again and put what I saved aside in an envelope for our Cruise fund. It took over two years but I made my goal. So I know what you are saying.
  13. I was wondering if there is a beach right there that we can go to. It shows one in the promotional pictures but wasn't sure. Thank you.
  14. We tip $140 per cabin for a 7 day cruise if we don't utilize the butler for anything extra. We once tipped $200 total for the week when we had the butler set up a small party in our room. For a 16 day cruise if the butler is a good one I would tip more. Only once when our butler did a disappearing act did I tip less. Aprox. $50. for a 7 day Alaska cruise.
  15. Is there any way to get an earlier tour? We once had our taxi break down in Curacao (not Bonaire but I have been to Bonaire and am familiar with it). If you are talking about the 1 hour Tuk Tuk tour of the main town no problem. If you are talking about something further out I would try not to cut it so close.
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