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  1. I have traveled in the Haven with non-Haven family. The issue is that the keycards you are given are kept in the concierge area before you get on making for a seamless experience. If you bring non-Haven family into the lounge they won't be able to check in because their cards are not there. I have seen people check in at the Haven then go to the regular area and get on with family and also have heard about people that arranged ahead of time for this so the non-Haven people's cards are there. I would call ahead.
  2. I have sailed in owner's suites on both NCL Jewell class ships and RCCL Liberty of the seas. There are differences. NCL had 1 1/2 baths and RCCL only 1 bath. NCL brought mid afternoon snacks to your room and provided you with 3 bottles of liquor. RCL had a concierge lounge to go for snacks and free cocktails around 5 p.m. The snacks were better on RCCL as they were hot selections too. NCL had two balconies one looking forward. RCCL only had a side balcony. NCL were multiple rooms while RCCL was one big square room. To my husband even though the RCCL owner's suite had less square footage it seemed much larger due to the open floor plan. No butler on RCCL but that might have changed. The cleanliness of the room on Liberty of the Seas was not that great and the fold out couch not really usable while the fold out couch on NCL was great. However.....RCCL has beautiful ships and I don't think you can go wrong with either but for an owner's suite I think NCL has an edge.
  3. If they fit through the scanners yes. On our last Jade cruise people could check their bags in at the Bliss lounge and walk around suitcase free until the cabins were ready. It was very secure with receipts given and checked and someone guarding them at all times.
  4. We were not charged when we were docked in Bermuda. This was on RCCL Liberty of the Seas and NCL Gem. Might have changed.
  5. The way it was explained to us ( a couple of times in different ports) that at the embarkation lunch in Cagneys even though we had the beverage package we had to pay local taxes (not sure if it was taxes or a port charge but it was something).Problem was cruising out of New Orleans it was a LOOONG time before that extra charge (whatever it is) was not charged. Hours. I thought I read somewhere that cruising out of the Texas ports the cruiselines were actually only allowed to sell certain items until in International waters. What I was told is that whatever is being charged goes back to the local area and NCL does not keep it.
  6. My only suggestion is you are an individual and organize a group cruise and you have enough cabins for two people(you and your spouse or friend) to cruise free is to make sure everyone else knows and is onboard with that. I was not on this cruise but those that did said that they didn't realize that the organizers got to cruise for free and they did not average the savings among the group. Oops. Some people would be fine with it but it is not worth losing friends over like this couple did.
  7. I am assuming the private islands of the different cruise lines are basically safe since they were not mentioned. Of course petty theft can happen anywhere.
  8. It depends on what you like to snack on during the day. Normally the butler will bring the normal snacks mid-afternoon. We have asked for BLT sandwiches if we are going on an excursion and think we will be hungry when we get back. We have asked for pub mix to go with our pre-dinner cocktails in the room. If you have a sweet tooth (like me) there are large cookies available and m and m's and gummy bears.
  9. If the snacks are just the normal stuff provided by the butlers (cheese and crackers, pub mix, candy, etc.) I don't think there will be a charge. We had our butler provide snacks for a party and there was no charge but we did tip her very well at the end. However we were in an owner's suite and used our included liquor. She just provided extra glasses and ice. If you want something fancy like shrimp cocktail, hot appetizers, etc. there probably will be some type of charge but since I have never done anything like that don't know what it would be.
  10. They probably do cover for illness. Right now we need coverage for other activities of daily living type issues. Like if we can't find someone to cover for us for non illness type activities (driving, runs to the bank, etc.) Glad your Mom recovered.
  11. I buy NCL Platinum (the higher level) insurance every trip. Our health insurance does not cover us out of the country so we buy it for that. Also with aging parents we need to "cancel for any reason". One time I was the one sick and had to cancel and they paid very promptly. Are there cheaper and possibly better plans out there? Possibly. However it has worked for us in the past and we decided to stick with it.
  12. To me there is a difference between those who post negative stuff without giving information that might be helpful and those that post stuff that is. For example the posts about being near a noisy venue and no sleep and to double check your location or the menu in LaCucina doesn't have lasagna or meatballs anymore I think is helpful. Those who just rant (and they may be justified but it is hard to know) might feel better but they are not helping other people which I think is the purpose of this community.
  13. We were told it was the same as a discount not actually money that can be refunded or converted to OBC. This was when booking but I did not try onboard to get it converted.
  14. On our next cruise the air with the promo would have been $685pp. We can fly either coach for $350 on our own or first class for $710 on our own. We are opting for just doing it ourselves.
  15. Over the years we have found that dining at the specialty restaurants to be hit or miss. So we only go to one if we can use our platinum vouchers and then just eat at the complimentary restaurants after that. Yes, the food at the specialty restaurants can be great but all too often we have had disappointing meals. In Cagneys our favorite dish was not offered the last two times(grilled shrimp with asparagus spears) and LeBistro has such small portions that we are still hungry when we left. On our last cruise we picked Cagneys and LaCucina as our two meals. The food was OK in Cagneys but there were a few tables of screaming toddlers which I wish they hadd done something about and all our favorites at LaCucina were missing. Of course others have had great experiences just we haven't. As for the mac and cheese I think they served you the mac and cheese from the kiddie menu as that is how it looked for my grandaughters. The picture with the way it should have looked is for the adults.
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