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  1. You would be cutting it close anyway if you got into LaGuardia at 11:30 am. Depending on what is going on with construction you might have to take a shuttle to the taxi pick up area (can be a long wait and confusing) making it an ever tighter connection. Have a wonderful cruise! Just re-read your post and it would have been an NCL transfer but if for some reason you had to take a taxi instead it is not that easy.
  2. Out of all the cruises I have been on the coolest thing (in my opinion) was standing on the pool deck of the Norwegian Gem and looking up to see this bridge overhead.
  3. I booked a balcony guarantee on a Celebrity ship and was given a sky suite... sounds great but it was so near the pool deck that our balcony was not quiet enough to be able to relax. Ever since then I pick my own cabin. I do realize that neighbors can have a lot to do with noise too so I just focus on known trouble spots and avoid them if I can.
  4. I always look at it as a discount rather than a credit. Because basically that is what it is. Sometimes it is a good value like booking two Cocoa Beach transfers which when applied made them free. Sometimes it is worthless as when booking a shore excursion to see a Flamenco show in Puerto Rico is $79 pp when you can just go there yourself and pay $20pp.
  5. Just for curiosity (because I like the cabin I have now) I clicked on the upgrade now button. I did it one other time and the minimum bid was $750 pp. It is now showing $0 pp. Does this mean they want all bids of any type? Seems a bit strange if it is not an error.
  6. Unless you are tendering you can just walk off the ship at your lesisure. We usually head down to the gangway about 30 min or so after the announcement. We have never really had to wait.
  7. If this is the finished product I think someone was trying to be different and "artsy". I will reserve judgement until I see it but for now....let's just say it doesn't look attractive in the pictures.
  8. People have to make their own choices based on personal circumstances. For most people in the United States on medicare (over 65 years old) there is no coverage out of the country. For some, medigap policies (supplemental to medicare) there is a lifetime limit of $50,000. On the other hand when we had health insurance when working we had coverage outside of the United States including evacuation. Check your health insurance policy and plan accordingly.
  9. Pick up boxes of cereal, a bowl, spoon and small cartons of milk from the buffet every few days and keep in your cabin. Then you can watch the news while eating your breakfast and not have to get dressed a few of the days. No need to order room service.
  10. And it is a hard and expensive lesson too. I was sitting at LGA one day and a family was sitting across from me in tears. Mother, Father and a tween daughter. They were flying down day of to Miami to pick up an NCL ship and thought they were fine with a 6 a.m. flight. It was now 10:30. They had been delayed twice and were obviously going to miss the ship. They did not have insurance and said they can't absorb the cost of flying to the next destination to pick up the ship so they were going home. Very sorry for them as they lost a ton of money and a good lesson for all of us.
  11. Just wanted to thank the Encore transatlantic passengers that posted here about their experiences this week. I won't name specific people for fear of leaving someone out but you know who you are. For those of us who are past final payment and didn't have any concrete information and were wondering what to expect Thank you Thank you. And I am sorry about the stormy weather when you left and the immigration issue you are facing tonight. It does seem however that you all had a great time and the ship is beautiful Safe travels home!
  12. In addition to travel insurance here is something I learned when talking to a cab driver in the Bahamas a few years ago. There are public hospitals and there are private hospitals (and I am assuming this is true other places as well). If you get sick as a traveler and want to go to the private hospital (I am assuming shorter lines and a larger variety of services) just to be seen you have to give them CASH. The amount was either $300 or $500. I can't remember. Anyway that was just to get in the door. So ever since then I make sure I have some extra cash with me just as INSURANCE. It gets put in a separate envelope and is never touched. Luckily since I started doing this there are the same US dollars in there never touched.And he said they might let you put part of your bill on a credit card but don't assume they will. This might have changed but was in place when we cruised there a couple of years ago. Also if I travel where only local currency will be accepted I add to my emergency money local currency too.
  13. NCL would have had to know about the customs issue way beforehand. At least if they told people ahead then people could have made arrangements ahead instead of scrambling to decide what to do. For example as I mentioned in an earlier response I would have made my hotel reservations at the airport I was flying home from ahead of time and perhaps pack a little lighter since I would be handling my own luggage.
  14. So am I to understand that this was just announced unexpectedly and it wasn't communicated to the passengers until the very end? I don't like those kind of surprises and would have gotten an airport hotel after going through customs. But NY hotels are expensive and not everyone has the funds or the ability to figure out where to stay.
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