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  1. My refund for the deposit was posted separately from the cruise refund. Perhaps it is still coming.
  2. Thank you. That's what I was thinking. It's a lot of money to risk.
  3. So I was thrilled to get my refund this week. It was a 12 night Southern Caribbean cruise on the Pearl all in with insurance, fees, gratuities for free at sea, pre paid service charge aprox $11,000 for 2 in an owner's suite. Today I went to try to book something similar for 2022. Without the insurance, etc. it was $9200 pp!!! And that was for an 11 night cruise. Needless to say I am not reserving. Let's see if I had a FCC for 125% and a 20% discount it might be with a couple of thousand dollars. But I lost out LOL
  4. Thank you to all who answered. Your answers were really helpful.
  5. I am interested in sailing on the Viking Mississippi in April of 2023. When I called they said final payment was Dec.31, 2020. When I asked if this could be changed to one year before sailing they said they might be able to to Feb. 2021. Is this normal? It seems much different from other cruiselines I have been on where it was anywhere from 90-120 days. They gave me 72 hours to think about it.Thank you.
  6. Received the refund on my credit card this morning and it included the NCL insurance. So relieved. It was for a May 11 cruise which I applied for a refund for on April 20.
  7. Day 67 today for me. Refund showed up on my credit card!! It was all there including my insurance. Thanks Norwegian.
  8. I just received an email that my refund has been processed. It is day 65 for me. They said it will take 7-10 days to see it. Very happy but still won't be totally happy until it posts.
  9. That is the same email I received. As for the FCC it was listed in MyNCL under account details.
  10. I hope you are able to travel soon especially since your livelihood depends on it. As for a Route 66 road trip we have done that. Lots of fun especially the part that goes through Joplin, Missouri.
  11. Our cruise was to leave May 11. I put in for a refund on the first day I could which was April 20. Over the weekend my FCC disappeared . Hoping it comes through this week. Today is day 63.
  12. We are looking at cruises that the ports are primarily in the US (our home country) rather than our other cruises that we took that hit several countries. In fact the only cruise we have definitely decided on is the Viking Mississippi that will sail only to US ports. I just don't want to take the chance of border closures and getting stuck out of the country for any length of time. We still have people who are stuck in our town that were on a business trip when the lockdown started and now a 2 week business trip has turned into months. That's not going to be me.
  13. I can only go by when we traveled pre-covid. I made my dining reservations first and then attempted to make my show reservations. If they are doing shows, each one are on multiple nights and at different times so it worked out. I believe I could book Choir of Man ahead of time but only by calling the reservation number. Prohibition, we booked when we boarded but we could have waited as there were lots of empty seats and everyone on the stand by line made it in. Maybe they need to see if the music and dance troops are able to practice before they are set to perform. I know that for us no Broadway touring shows at our local arts center are happening probably until the late fall due to them not having rehearsals, etc. That's a round about way of saying book your restaurant reservations now so you have them.
  14. I received double latitude points for my cancelled cruise. I am just going to assume it was a mistake and NCL will reverse them when they get caught up with everything else. I don't have the time to sit on the phone to notify them however if I re-book I will mention it.
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