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  1. The last time we cruised i believe there was a way to contribute to a crew fund in addition to the gratuities. Is Norwegian accepting donations for the crew during this time? I am thinking of our butler on the Encore who is from Eastern Europe who most assuredly is stuck on the ship because his contract wasn't ending until June and there would be no flights back home. This type of scenario bothers me so much that I was wondering if Norwegian has any way of taking contributions from people who are not on the ship.
  2. Thank you. My family has helped me out when I was in dire circumstances and was hoping to return the favor. Yes I found the financials and really couldn't tell anything since I am not a financial person except to say that by reading the stock price and analyst write ups it doesn't look so good.
  3. We would like to use the money we have tied up in a May cruise to help family members in the NYC area weather the storm. Does NCL publish their financials so I can get an idea if they will be in a position to honor the refunds?
  4. Surely you jest. More likely vaccination forms, temperature checks and a doctor's note.
  5. All of my extended family is in the NY/NJ area so I am very aware of the dangers of this virus. Right now I live in the middle of the country where people are just not taking it that seriously since our numbers are probably in the single digits. I fear a real outbreak here. It only takes one person to be infected. Churches and some restaurants near me are open and I am not talking take out either. I am staying home. Please people protect yourselves. This thing is not to be trifled with. A friend of my brother's who was 68 caught it and died almost immediately. Not wanting to scare people just help those not in a hot spot realize the reality.
  6. We never got Godivas. It was Andes candies which stopped a few years ago.
  7. This is only fair but a cash refund would be nicer if the cruise is cancelled.
  8. Probably never. We have been steadily cruising since the 1980's and each one was more fun than the last. However the last two were very unenjoyable due to various reasons. Lack of table manners, loud obnoxious drunk behavior, kids running amok. Also relaxed attitudes about courtesy, locals not wanting passengers there for the most part, etc. I have to say that this is not just in cruising. Just travel in general. We did a road trip to the Grand Canyon and the tour groups totally took over the park and acted in a very rude way. I think we will do smaller closer to home trips by car so we are able to be flexible if things turn unpleasant. I wish people would be cognizant of the effect they have on others when they are on vacation.
  9. Well in my case it is a repositioning cruise that disembarks in NYC. This is where they are sending at least one hospital ship due to the coronavirus so I highly doubt they would be sending a hospital ship if it is going to be there for only a short time.
  10. I know they had to send them out since the cruise is not cancelled yet. They could save money not mailing them to people over the next few months and put it towards their bottom line.
  11. You are right most haven't but a few have. Crystal has one of their ships cancelled through May 24, Princess all of their ships through May 11, Silversea has one as late as June 7.
  12. As a retired medical professional I hear what you are saying. Under normal circumstances I worried about bringing things home to my family. This must be so stressful for them. We recently attended a funeral (before the churches closed) and everyone kept their distance except for a few that were persistent that it was OK to hug and kiss. What fools.
  13. I have been checking the NCL website to see if there is any update on an extension to the cruise cancellation date. We cruise in May and our port to disembark is NYC. Just don't see that happening. Any thoughts on when they will announce what they are doing? My thoughts are with everyone especially those in highly populated area (my whole extended family being in that category). Stay safe and well everyone.
  14. We had a death in the family this week. A lot of my family is in the New York area. I asked them to just stay home and just make a condolence visit when all of this is over. They felt badly but are not coming. I am so worried about them cycling through the NY airports for their own sake mostly. A couple of them have asthma and wouldn't do well with the coronavirus. Plus spreading it to elderly people here. I also worry that they would get caught up in an Italy type containment situation where they could get stuck somewhere. I am not saying what your decision should be only that this is what we did.
  15. My cruise is in May 2020. If I cancel now (March 2020) the certificate is good until next March 2021? And if I wait until May 2020 it is good until next May 2021 ? Here is what I don't understand...do I need to book by that time or take a cruise by that time. For example if my My FCC expires May 15, 2021 do I need to take my cruise by then or just book a cruise and take it by December 2022. Sorry for the question I don't have the time to wait on hold to ask. Thank you!!
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