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  1. Another often heard fantasy. The tips are not pooled on MSC or most other lines either. Sometimes bartenders might pool together by temporary agreement.
  2. Perhaps you missed the OP’s original statement. He states he is paying for 2 people. His question is valid. We know the answer will be no...but he does have the right to ask the Concierge.
  3. OP states that/she is paying for two people. If that is the case then I would pose the case to the Concierge for a final ruling. It never hurts to ask.
  4. This is a great question. You are paying for a second person. You might be able to present your case to the Concierge...
  5. Dear Pettums, SHHHHHH😉 You do realize that the execs from MSC read these posts religiously. While all of us who are YC aficionados know what you are saying is true...why wave the red flag in front of the bull?? Mums the word...or should I say, Mumms the word??😋
  6. Quite a few negative reviews center around pax who find themselves out of their comfort zones of Carnival, NCL, etc. They were expecting those experiences and got something that was not similar. There are also those pax who have one problem and it affects everything else about their cruise. Rest assured those people are extremely vocal. What you are not hearing are the thousands of others who took the same cruise and had a great time but just do not report it here on CC. Bottom line: Take the harsh comments with a grain of salt. Go on your cruise and let us know what you think. Chances are you will have a great time.
  7. Preziosa is a Fantasia Class ship...really beautiful and it has the YC. Keep checking and you’ll find an available YC cabin eventually. Reservations are dropped everyday.
  8. It all depends what ship you are looking at. Some MSC ships do not have the Yacht Club. With MSC you get what you pay for. The Fantastica experience is a good value for what you pay. Don’t expect it to be like RCI...it is different...more European. The Yacht Club blows everything away...better than RCI...better than the other MCI experiences. What ship are you looking at?
  9. The Yacht Club is a separate part of the ship. It is a private enclave on the top decks forward and it is an experience as well. You have Bella, Fantastica, Aurea and Yacht Club experiences on most MSC ships.
  10. Dear Rat, Are you sure this isn’t like a Henny Youngman retirement performance???
  11. Why not take your time and enjoy the entire YC experience. It drives me nuts when I hear of YC pax arriving at 10:00 AM trying to storm the tent. Usually they end up waiting for the butlers to set up and are then rushed through to board the ship. Try arriving around 11:00 - 11:30 AM and go through without rushing...sit in the lounge for a few minutes and have a glass of Prosecco and relax. The YC is all about receiving the service as planned...and not trying to be the first to board.
  12. Hi Rat, The way you tip you are going to need the OBC’s!! MERRY CHRISTMAS to you Rattan and to all of you on this thread! CGT
  13. That’s the beauty of grilling...uses very little butter...one pat for two halves. Then put a weight on top...like a tea kettle. 🙂
  14. I’m moving in! Please pass the popcorn and pour the claret!
  15. Ahhh...Chateau Thames Embankment...superb! How we miss Leo McKern. Give me an English muffin grilled with butter...just as good as a crumpet.
  16. And what a wonderful way to end a fantastic voyage. I predict you will be sailing again in the YC...sooner than later.
  17. We await your further revelations! ”She who must be obeyed”...Horace Rumpole...priceless!
  18. Great review...really enjoyed it all the way through. Thanks so much!
  19. Hello JK, It sounds like you are ready to book MSC. You are a perfect fit. If I were you...I would book Seaside...find a deal...and then upgrade from easy package. If you want faster service at any bar...simply make friends $$ with the bartender. Happy sailing.
  20. No they are not...contrary to other stories in circulation.
  21. Nice of you to do that PS. They usually conduct the tour mid morning when the TS Lounge is quiet. The YC is so secluded that most pax don’t even realize it’s there. It’s a good way to show off the ship and increase future bookings.
  22. Unless you intend to show up in the dining room wearing shorts, t-shirt and flip flops you really have nothing to worry about. If you show up in the dining room or Top Sail dressed neatly I seriously think you will not raise any eyebrows or upset those of us who decide to dress more traditionally. It’s not like the YC is black tie or anything close. I think you will find the YC to be warm and friendly. There is no reason why you can’t dine in the dining room on formal night.
  23. We have an old saying...”It all comes out in the wash”. If one butler delivers for another and receives a gratuity what’s to say that your butler isn’t doing the same for another butler. I very much enjoy the way MSC butlers cover for each other. Their system works very well. Tipping is a personal decision. What might seem excessive to us could be quite normal to others. I once talked to a Maitre D’ on the old SS France who told me about one passenger who routinely handed out $100 Dollar bills for any mundane service...and this was in the 1960’s when $100 really meant something! I really don’t get concerned about how much others are tipping as long as I know my conscience feels right when dealing with personal service rendered by the crew.
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