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  1. It costs less to send them home than keeping them on the payroll.
  2. Mediterranean Shipping Company
  3. What great memories of meals gone by. I remember the excitement when the fledgling Celebrity announced Michel Roux as the head of their culinary division. As stated above, the meals were exemplary and outstanding. I saved many of those menus and placed them in my ocean liner memorabilia collection. They are classics.
  4. We were notified by the City Govt. last night. Intensive cleaning and quarantine are being enforced. We feel safe.
  5. I wonder if there are any transatlantic ships that will be affected? I feel sorry for all the European travelers that had plans to come here. It is a bold move but totally necessary. We are already seeing the CVirus in my neighborhood.
  6. Hi All, Take a lot of Handi Wipes, Clorox Wipes or Lysol Wipes and enjoy your cruise. If you are in good health you will have a great time.
  7. Hi Matt, There is so much speculation on this subject. I would boil it down to: Are you and your mate in good health? If so you should go. You should also be aware that you might need to spend a few weeks in quarantine if things don’t go your way. If you feel that you are not physically up to it then canceling would be right except you are now 13 days away and they want 50% more on top! If you have the wherewithal to be quarantined for an extra two or three weeks then I would say Go!
  8. Ate’ you are correct. In my last conversation with an MSC Hotel Director it was confirmed...the DSC goes to the crew. To do otherwise would create a financial scandal that would ruin the company.
  9. Still a great deal! Those discounted YC cabins are a thing of the past. You would still be saving $2,000 per couple! I’d do it in a heartbeat.
  10. $980 In a YC balcony is a no-brainer compared to your original Fantastica deal.
  11. This is exactly what I warned the OP about. This is why the Hotel Director needs to be brought into the conversation. Sometimes silence can be more damaging than speaking out.
  12. Sorry you had a bad experience. I find it strange that thousands of other pax had a perfectly delightful time on the same cruise. Perhaps you need to start your own post that relates to your “appalling” cruise. I can understand your frustration to vent but this is the wrong forum for you since it centers on the Yacht Club experience. Welcome to Cruise Critics.
  13. Yes there are those times where things just don’t pan out in the galley-kitchen. Sorry your experience in the MDR wasn’t up to your expectations. You probably won’t be returning to MSC. There are, however, thousands of other pax who were and are very satisfied with the MSC product. Since the OP is inquiring about the Yacht Club dining and quality of the food I think you might want to post your own complaints on another thread more suitable to your own experience.
  14. They do have a three dinner package but many have found that the YC dining is just as good. Your wife will love the YC. BTW...the hamburger that they serve in the YC is outstanding!
  15. Hi DG, The food in the YC is very good. You can take a look at the menus in the threads above. The complaints come mostly from pax who are expecting food that is similar to Carnival, NCL etc. MSC had teething problems when it entered the US market...there were justifiable complaints. Those days are behind us as MSC has steadily improved. The food appeals to the European pax who are the majority of the pax onboard with an accent towards Italian. If you take the time to wade through recent reviews here on the MSC site you will find some nuggets of information.
  16. You will love that suite...even though it is the smaller middle one. You will not be forgotten. We had one of the best butlers in the MSC fleet...Mevin. If we needed anything we would simply pick up the phone and call Mevin or the Concierge. It seemed like we no sooner hung up the phone and there would be a knock at the door! We loved the fact that our suite was nestled at the front of the ship and not in the main YC area...like a hideaway. The other cabins around us had no clue that we were YC...and we liked that. We could come and go with quick access to the rest of the ship. Getting up to the YC was easy with the elevator bypass card. We never had the sensation that we were entering the YC like interlopers. Our Divina experience in the YC was First Class all the way. Believe me...we have been on some of the greatest ships that ever sailed and the Divina YC was right up there with the best!
  17. The 12001 and 12004 are two room suites that are bigger than the Royal Suite. They have floor to ceiling windows and no balcony access. This did not bother us at all. You have the entire pool deck to relax on. We thought 12001 was the best suite on Divina...loved it. The views over the bow are super. The bathroom is to die for!
  18. Hi RK, We really enjoyed going out at night and taking in all the entertainment. We also did a late lunch in the buffet...pizza and draft beer...great! We never had any problem ordering at any of the bars. Divina gave us one of the best cruises we ever had!
  19. Agreed...I think the walk to Le Muse was no problem. If you are physically incapable the butler will take you in a wheelchair. We rather enjoyed the nightly routine of walking the ship while going to dinner. Some pax never leave the YC. We loved the vibes and music throughout the ship in the evening.
  20. You have to walk outside on Deck 13.
  21. So...if someone robs you at gunpoint on the streets of NY you wouldn’t report it because “he really needs the money” and you wouldn’t want to judge him?? Doesn’t it occur to you that this CS is cheating his fellow crew members as well as putting the OP in a very uncomfortable position? If the OP weren’t conflicted by this he would not have put it out here.
  22. I agree...management will take this very seriously and they will do everything they can to resolve this issue. MSC really does read this stuff. The OP means well and I can certainly sympathize with his situation but it will be out of his hands. “Let the chips fall where they may.”
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